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Customer Reviews

Don’t rush to any decision on a Skilled Nursing place

I can’t detail everything that created a very unhappy, unnecessary situation. I can say we recently discharged and moved to another more permanent situation and the change in our family member is nothing short of a miracle. Most important thing is she’s out of bed. After a couple months at Grace in bed with no one with any interest to get her out, she is out of her room and interacting with everyone around her. Remember, you have time and options when deciding on a Skilled Nursing facility.

very unhappy

The care at this place is horrible. My mother has been there a little over 2 years and it has gotten worse than I have ever seen it.
My mother walks around with a wet diaper all day, sometimes some poop. Every time I am in there I have to change her. ( Or she has poop all over her and they don't clean her up. ). I can't believe they are getting away with this. And all you here is we are short staff. Why don't people do there jobs instead of sitting their complaining about it.
No one knows how to put in a honest days work anymore.

Not the best experience....

When my father was in Grace Care it was a horrible experience. They did not follow through and take care of my father the way they promised. We ended up moving him out of there.

Best Rehab Facility in Area

Grace Care Center is an exceptionally well-staffed and an excellent rehab facility. I have been here over 30 days rehabilitating from a total hip replacement, and I have had nothing but good experiences. They have the best Physical and Occupational Therapy departments I have encountered both in my work history in pain care clinics and in my own residential treatments. The staff is caring and concerned with each individual and their comfort. Of the four facilities I have resided in and visited, Grace Care Center Cypress is number one !!

It was horrible, they treat people terrible.

It was horrible, they treat people terrible. They complained about being short staffed. My mother was scared, and we felt neglected, she was wet, and there were medication errors. A friend lived here too, and she fell, and they never called the ambulance. They just picked her up and put her back in bed with her head bleeding and a broken leg. There are a few people that were good. Clothes went missing, and even the people that ran the place were rude. It looks nice in the interior and exterior, but the care is awful. One day we were there and the state came in, other families have had problems and called as well, and it smelled so good, and people were hustling and bustling, but as soon as the state left, they went right back to where they were before. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!

Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!!!!!!

I can't say much as we are taking this facility to arbitration due to the extreme neglect of my father. Do NOT under any certain terms take your loved one to this facility. If I could give zero stars I would, but I guess I have to give half star!

Grace Care Cypress lacks a lot! I Do not recommend it.

My husband was there for two months. He went because it was recommended to me for rehab. IF he got any rehab, he made no progress there. In fact, he became weaker and less able to assist in his transfers. I give this facility a complete thumbs down for rehab.

My husband was not kept clean while there; when he came home he smelled bad. He had fecal matter embedded in his pubic hair. There is no telling how long it had been there. He was not clean from the last bm. A number of times I had to find someone to care (not an easy job since they were so short on staff) for him 9 after bowel movements. Although they have to ask patients if they want a bath and they say no; then they are not supposed to give them a bath. I told caregivers and the manager that due to his Alzheimer's, he could not give consent and should have a bath every other day like other patients. I'm not sure how many he got, but I doubt he had more than one a week---and that was when I asked when he had had a bath. Caregivers and other personnel seemed to give the minimum of attention to each patient; had a distant attitude; but were kind to patients in all of my observations.

The new manager seemed to be trying to set a more friendly and caring atmosphere, however, she has a steep learning curve ahead. Other personnel need to be encouraged to follow her lead. Management means more than being friendly in the dining room. I consider it grossly understaffed and very impersonal.

I would never put anyone there again.

The rehab is great!

I had been there, and it was not okay for me. I didn't like it. But I used them for rehab for my husband and it worked out great. They have a new manager since I was there, and they have a memory care unit. They did a great job getting him rehabbed. They had him walking within 6 weeks. It was clean and the staff was friendly. The food was good too.


Everyone is so fragile there, but they have … they must have a lot of turnover in the staff. They don’t seem go that extra step. The parking is okay. The food is okay.