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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place

Customer Reviews

Perfection is a goal, not an end

I am giving Franciscan Place a 5 star, not because "everything" is perfect, that would be realistically impossible. However, they do take very good care of my mom and they strive to do their best. My mom has been in their care for one year. She came in on Rehab and it was determined after returning home for a very short time that she needed to be in LTC. She returned to Fran as a full time resident in May of 2018.
I was hesitating whether or not to name caregivers who my mom talks about and whom I've witnessed give exceptional care, I really don't want the others to feel they are in anyway less appreciated. You all are a great team! Having said that, [name removed] has been a Godsend. I work in an assisted living/memory care facility myself and I witness this young man just do so much right! He comes into her room and the 1st thing he does is get down to her level to talk to her. My mom has hallucinations and gets very scared and upset. She knows when [name removed] is on, she is safe. He will take a moment to pray with her, to chase away whatever she is seeing and never ever laugh or make fun of her. ...and he always brings her fresh water (which she tell me about too).
Then there is [name removed], one of her day nurses...Mom loves her "[name removed]" as she calls her. "She's the only one who knows how to put my hearing aids in right" according to mom :-)
And [name removed], the evening nurse. When she is on, mom tells me "My Mother" is on tonight. That is not a bad thing! Mom says I can't make a move without her coming in to see if I'm alright.....Ummm, Mom, that's a good, attentive nurse. If she hears something fall she does run into the room, I've been there when she has done so. I'm convinced that woman can hear a pin drop.
I also appreciate all the activity workers making sure she gets out and stays involved!
So BRAVO Franciscan Place!
[Name removed]

Nothing but a place to park someone. Absolute minimal care. Dirty, loud, ever changing staff. State should close this place down. Seems the norm to leave residents urine soaked and alone


Family member there.....stay away...for a CATHOLIC place it is bad, bad, left on a toilet asleep for an hour...called for help and still left her on toilet...without anything in front of her in case she fell....drugged up way too much...crazy! Pills all over the floor....poops on the floor and I had to clean up....and ladies and gentlemen I am not even writing the worst...and all this for $10,000.00 a month...what a deal! Good Lord help us.