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Customer Reviews

Never recommend

Worst services I have ever dealt with.

[Name removed] is the aide and has been told what to do by me and her supervisor, [name removed]. It is not being done.

I was assured that she would not return several days ago by [name removed] and she would contact me. She never did. Imagine my shock when I came in today and saw [name removed].

Called [name removed] and she called my brother, the guardian.

I called [name removed] again and she told me that my brother is the guardian and all things have to go through him to switch the care givers. I told her that we were the care givers by definition and that this was my house and it overrides what he wants in the way of who the exact aide is in the house.

I also told her I would continue to take care of her if they did not get someone by this weekend, which she acknowledged.

She hung up on me. I also asked to hear from [name removed], the owner.

I would not recommend them to anybody who is spending their hard-earned money and even if insurance pays for it.

If you want decent service do not use Fairfield Family Care.

Compassionate care to the fullest!!

I can't say enough good things about fairfield family care! They were so kind and accommodating. [Removed] is an absolute angel! She went above and beyond to make my father comfortable and feel good in such a distressing time. She made us feel very comfortable and confident that we were choosing the right agency for our dad. We got to meet a couple of the girls before they started and they were very nice. They even came to the nursing home to introduce themselves before my dad got out. The woman we wound up using was supposed to be a fill in for the weekend but my dad liked her so much we wound up sticking with her. I'd feel comfortable using any of the girls they selected for us.
I'd highly recommend fairfield family care. They hand pick the right person for the case.
Thank you so much! My dad is doing amazing because of you! You brought peace back into my family's lives. ❤️

Disappointed son

Nice caregivers but the owner is a[Removed]. He's not licensed in NY, and still sees people here. He lies about background checks and the citizenship of his employees. They are not all legal. The three girls in the office are lovely. The controller is a pawn of his, he is in on his lies. People have no consistency, and are lied to. Further more, he hires [Removed] and drinkers too, and the senior houses he runs are scams too. The hold music even offers false information. This whole "franchise" should not see clients.

thank you

Fairfield Family Care was the caregiver for my mom, Sylvia, who just pasted away. I only had 2 caregivers for 3 1/2 years. They dressed well and attended to my moms needs everyday without question. I cannot thank FFC enough for extending moms life through their kind efforts.
Also, the office staff was very kind, gracious, warm and held my hand through the process.

Follow through is not their strong point!

When I went to set up the service I made sure they knew where my mom lived and they said it would no be a problem coming out. Twice when I asked for them to come out they called me at the last minute and said they couldn't make it.

Everything has been good so far.

Everything has been good so far. No major complaints.

Wonderful caregiver

I thought it was great. Kim was a wonderful caregiver. She was caring, attentive and very professional. I give the level of care and Kim five stars. Thank you.

Pleased with the service

Our experience with Fairfield Family Care has been a good one overall. They've been very reliable in terms of consistency of service, and all of the caregivers have been very attentive to the needs of my loved one.

Nice place, overall

Overall I thought Fairfield Family Care did a good job in terms of reliability and the care that they provided. However, I felt it was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the personalities of the caregivers. Some of them could have put a bit more effort into being personable.

Friendly and professional

Overall our experience with Fairfield Family Care has been a good one. They people they've sent have all been very nice, friendly, and professional. We've used them for in-home care, as well as scheduling drivers to take a loved one in for doctors appointments.

Fairfield Family Care provides in-home care. Over the past several weeks there have been six or seven different people. So, I couldn't tell you about specifics, but as far as I can tell, they have been very clean. My mother broke her hip and had a hip replacement and walks with walker. So, she doesn't really need much help, until this accident. she is very independent and only acquire their services so she is not alone. They are more like a companion in case there is a problem. So, I don't really know. She complains about the weekly person, because she doesn't talk much to her. But she like the weekend person.

This is a home care provider

This is a home care provider agency. But all the care providers have been great. They are more like campanions to her. My mother can be a little demanding at times. Administration could do better in sending the type of person we request for my mother. It seems that we still can't get the type of person that we would like even though we have asked.

Some of the caregivers are good some are not as great.

Some of the caregivers are good some are not as great. They have been quite unrealiable. There is not enough communication when there is some kind of schedule or personnel change. The caregivers haven't been told by the agency what is expected of them, if they need to drive or something. They are far more reasonable in price than others I have used. I have had worse experiences by far.

I think they were very irresponsible and they are best at billing.

I have very mixed feelings about it we are on our third person, the first person was maybe my fault a little, I didn't tell my brother about them and he wasn't happy to have someone there. The second person I don't think was vetted very well and he didn't get my brother to his psycology appointment. When I spoke to the agency they said they thought the guy forgot to take some kind of anti-psychotic medication. He would do weird things like ask my brother if he wanted dinner after they already ate, and he was sleeping and wouldn't wake up until noon. They didn't find this alarming and I did. The guy who is there now is quite good I think. I wish he was a little stronger, my brother pushes him around. They weren't very helpful when the second guy was acting weird they didn't offer to compensate for those days financially. They are wildly expensive, I have to also pay for rent and meals and gas and mileage and those things. I think they were very irresponsible and I think they are best at billing.

It seems to be going very well.

We are using them for my parents and it seems to be going very well. One girl started out but had to leave the company for personal reasons and they got a new girl right away, and my parents like her a lot. Mom hasn't complained about anything and she is a complainer so it seems to be going very well. We chose them because we were in a little bit of a bind and needed to find something very quickly and they made themselves available right away.

From the Provider

Whether due to a temporary situation such as recovering from illness, injury or hospitalization or something longer-term such as the challenges of aging or a disability, including senior, elder or respite home care, Assisting Hands® will individualize its "in home care" plan to meet your needs in the location you prefer – excellent senior - elder - elderly respite care.

* Our mission is to offer our clients, your loved ones, the very finest personalized non-medical care, allowing them to live safely and comfortably in their homes.

* We provide those vital, senior companion respite home care services to the elderly client, your loved one. Our "senior helpers" assist those who are plagued with chronic illnesses, those ladies with high risk pregnancies, cancer recovery, rehabilitation recovery, pre/post surgery, dementia care and seniors facing the challenges of aging.

* We strive to support the individual's choices and preferences in order to maintain their dignity and independence.

* We assist clients in a spirit of true concern for their welfare, gaining satisfaction and a sense of pride for the value that we add to their lives.

# We send carefully selected caregivers to the home to help with everything from bathing and dressing, to meal preparation and light housekeeping. But mostly, we bring a ray of sunshine into our client's day, and a sense of comfort to their families.