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Customer Reviews

We were late to our appointment and the lady giving the tour was still very polite and accommodating. The prices and accommodations were reasonable and the site was very neat and clean.

Not exactly an assisted living

Mixed Review, depends on patients/residents needs.
This is more of a retirement/independent living facility, not an actual assisted living. Basically for elderly who need very minimal help. For them it is quite lovely. My father however needed assisted living, we even paid for the mid-level assisted living care as well as for laundry on top of the regular monthly rent. He needed much prompting to use toilet as he is incontinent with no urge to urinate so should have had hourly-ish cueing. He wasn't assisted in changing his disposable underwear though when he was prompted, he would be told to do it even though it was listed in his ADL's to have bladder management assistance. I believe the only actual ADL he was provided any assistance with was showering twice a week. His bowel movements weren't even monitored, even though he took medication for constipation daily, so when he didn't go for several days, he did end up many times clogging the toilet, i was told once if he continued to clog the toilet I would be charged a outside plumber's fee. Seemed to me they should have been monitoring his medicals daily and realized if he might have needed something extra to call the doctor about to get him regular on weeks there may have been a problem. Deliveries would not be put away for him, but rather just left in the entry to his room making the actual space to go through a tight squeeze to navigate with his walker. I contacted nursing several times requesting health updates and never received info (I live in a different state). I was never informed his incontinence had gotten worse, nor about his vision getting worse (he is legally blind in one eye due to Macular degeneration. Upon reviewing his recent doctor notes, i saw nothing regarding either. I didn't see any nursing notes by staff given to the doctor outlining his health changes either. My father received the newspaper daily and apparently at some point within last several months living there he stopped reading them. This was a major behavioral change and it apparently wasn't noted anywhere in his records. I am fairly certain when he would visit the doctor (who did visit on site so that was nice) the doctor probably asked him how was he doing, and my father who has short term memory loss and mild cognitive impairment would say fine, and the discussion ended. The nursing staff does not assist with shaving, and they do have a 'beauty shop' but it is more aimed at woman needing their hair done, so we had to consistently take my father to get shaves at the barber shop. Again it is a lovely place for Independent elderly, but it is far from an assisted living facility and it does not allow for aging in place.
Oh, almost forgot, his ankles were raw with scratching which also wasn't noted in any medical notes given to me (he is diabetic with Neuropathy and was supposedly seeing the podiatrist regularly as well, but ...?), and his new doctor prescribed cream which is now applied daily and his ankles are smooth and fine within a week.
He is doing much better now, getting changed on a regular basis, going to see a urologist again to seek more help, has seen the neurologist for the increased short term memory loss, as well as will be seeing a retina specialist to determine why the vision loss has dramatically increased and if there is anything we can do to rectify it.

Excellent Facility

My sister is at Excellence for over a year,. I find the staff extremely helpful and caring, my sister would not be there if [Name removed], Executive Director, had not taken a personal interest in communicating with her almost on a daily basis when she first arrived. She made my sister very much a part of a family unit, she went out of her way to make sure my sister felt at home there. The place is beautiful, the food in excellent, and the service is way above normal ALF expectancy. Thanks for all you have done. This is a great home away from home.

Tour for our mom

We went to have a tour of the building and couldn't get a room on the first floor we was told that rooms had no air conditioning. Nurses have ignored us and my mom is using a walker and can't walk up and down very dissapointed in the whole experience. Activities room looked very nice but there is no transportation to doctors appointments or outings. Also my mom couldn't use the gym to get physical therapy which is very important for her beeing active . We ate lunch which was pleasent but our food came cold we had to wait . After the whole experience we will pass just because our mom was not comfortable.

Very uncomfortable place

Not caring place

My mother is doing extremely well since moving here. She really likes it and I'm so happy for her. The place is brand new smells and looks extremely clean. The housekeeping comes in on a regular basis. The staff has been extremely friendly and kind and they kept me informed has to how mom is doing if I ask.
Mom loves the food and she has participated in some acitives since she has been there. In fact they have taken her out a few times shopping which she enjoys. What really impressed me was that when we toured the community it has just opended so there was very little residents there which was nice and they had offered us a move in special which helped with the price. The response we got from them compared to other communities I reachd out too was wonderful they were so quick in responding back to me I was surprised.

Would not consider this place for Mom. One bedroom, without living space in apartment. Kitchenette only, no ability to cook. She would not be happy here.

Excellent Community for great care

We like this community. The care from the staff is outstanding. The community is very nice and beautiful. The menu is nice and I like knowing that she is happy with the menu. They have great activities that she is enjoying a lot what is offered. I like that she is making friends. The staff are so nice and friendly and care about the residents and it shows a lot. The is a newer community and we would recommend this community to other families.

Amazing place !

My Grandmother stayed for respite care and I couldn't have been more comfortable and at ease leaving her in the staff's capable and caring hands! The facility is gorgeous and all brand new, she enjoyed the cuisine and activities. This was such a better option than hiring a stranger to come into my home while I was away, I don't think I'd have been able to enjoy my vacation. We will be back for sure!

Great staff, food and lots of activities!

Excellence ALF has so much to do! They have done a phenomenal job and I have no complaints. The food is amazing! It's restaurant style and so good!