Plantation Oaks at Orange Blossom - Orlando, FL

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews


November 7, 2018

Mom is 78 years old and has Diabetes and Liver Disease which causes confusion and balance issues. She needed to live in an Assistant Living Facility since she could no longer be independent. Plantation Oaks was our ONLY choice because it was the ONLY facility that was in Mom's price range. She paid $3000 a month for a Studio Apartment with the lowest level of care (called the Bronze Care) - she only needed assistance with taking her medications. Mom moved in on 10/27/17.

One year later, 10/27/18, Mom moved out.

I, being her only daughter and power of attorney, live 60 miles away close to Cocoa Beach. I would visit her at least 2x per month and take her to all her Medical Appointments. I started noticing a lot of issues so I documented everything and emailed the Nurse and CC'd the Director several times a month.
This went on for the whole year!
What bothered me the most is that the same things kept happening over and over!

The icing on the cake was in August 2018, a Memo was sent out stating the Water was Contaminated and a Health Risk for Legionnaires Disease, and that Residents could NOT use their water but that they could go to the building next door to take a shower. (what an inconvenience).
After 2 months, they STILL could not use their showers so I said "that's it, this is ridiculous!"

The Residents wear a Pendant Necklace and when they need something they are supposed to press it and someone should tend to them within 10 minutes (that's actually the state law which I was told). I witnessed on 3 occasions of my Mom pushing this Pendant and 20 minutes went by an NOBODY came to Mom's room. I had to call the front desk and THEN somebody came. I was told it was because they were "understaffed and the Med Tech on duty was working multiple floors".
So what if I did NOT call? How much longer would they have taken?
What if my Mom was on the floor in pain and needed help?
Mom told me this was ALWAYS an issue no matter when she pushed it.
Sorry, but this is UNACCEPTABLE!

I have witnessed Med Techs giving Mom the wrong doses, not ordering refills in time and Mom has missed medications, up to a week's worth!, One time my Mom was in EXTREME back pain and walked down the hall looking for a Med Tech around 11:00pm and wanted help and this Med Tech said "GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM!" a VERY RUDE TONE.....didn't even notify Mom's primary care doctor because I called her PCP the next day and they said "nobody from Plantation Oaks called us". My poor mother called me at 7:00am the next morning crying hysterically telling me the story and how much pain she was still in! 3 days later my Mom ends up in the Hospital via Ambulance because of confusion but I KNOW in my heart that the STRESS from this Med Tech that night contributed to her health issue. When Mom was discharged from the Hospital (Dr. Phillips) they could not release her because there was NO NURSE on duty at Plantation Oaks (Sunday) so Mom had to stay ANOTHER DAY in the Hospital! (now WHO is paying for that??)

Plantation Oaks has a HIGH turnaround of staff which Mom and I did NOT like. Every time I went there, there was always a new Med Tech and when I asked what happened to so and so, they replied, "oh she quit or she was fired". (not good)

Some of the Med Techs that work there should NOT be working there, period! They do NOT have the right personality, the compassion, nor the skill to deal with the Elderly. I have worked in Healthcare for almost 30 years and would NEVER have hired some of them.

Don’t be fooled by the staff's smiling faces.

The New Management Team seems way too busy.

My Mother had A LOT of friends there and most of them told Mom they were NOT HAPPY but have nowhere else to go. (that is sad)

Take your loved one somewhere else…….trust me!!!

Mom is now in a NEW ALF and when I mention she moved from Plantation Oaks, NOBODY has anything good to say about there.

The tour went very well. All of the accommodations and activities provided seemed wonderful. Everyone was very nice.


Plantation Oaks is a spectacular community. It is a gorgeous, brand new community, and the people I did meet during my tour were extremely helpful and accommodating. My only issue with the community is its location. It isn’t in a good part of town, and I worried about my loved one’s safety. It would have been a perfect fit for her had it not been for the location

This a new facility. They had huge murals on the walls which I thought were really great. The rooms and dining area were very nice. The only thing I didn't like was the closet was located in the bathroom and was small. I really liked this place, however, since my mother has to have thickened liquids, and there is not a 24 hour nurse, they cannot accommodate her.

The memory area at plantation oaks is beautiful. It is brand new and the rooms and set ups are very nice. [Removed] was very informative. I would like to visit at least 2 more communities before making a final decision.

Option. Has all senior care needs. Older facility. An hour away (50mls) Ask about Respit. Has 1&2 Need prices, levels cost.

She participates here and there in activities. The one thing she doesn't like is the food. They could improve it by adding more flavor, it is very bland.We chose Plantation Oaks because she felt comfortable here. It had a good value compared to most of the communities we toured and we liked the location.

The staff is a five, they are great.

The staff is a five, they are great. It's a really good value. They have lots of activities. The one thing they don't do is weigh you and take the blood pressure, not even once a month. They were the most reasonable in price. They did everything to help me get her in, DeMarco, was really helpful and did everything he could to help get her in and set up. There are no phones in the room, you have to pay extra for that, there are hook ups but no phones. I do want to add that when Mom was touring they showed her a gorgeous pool, but that pool hasn’t been open all summer due to maintenance issues!

From our first contact all the way th...

From our first contact all the way through move in and beyond the staff at Plantation Oaks have been wonderful. They were with us every step of the way making the process of placing my grandfather in Memory Care a seamless process.

A safe place

I just find it’s a very safe place for my loved one. The people are really, really nice to work with. There is enough parking. They are very friendly and easy to work with - it’s a good place. I haven’t had any trouble finding parking when visiting.

Shop around

They definitely have to make sure they understand what they’re paying for – make sure they’re giving you everything you expected. Do a lot of research before selecting a community – comparison shop. It’s an expensive place. The food looked great. There is enough parking.

Patient staff

They’re easy to work with. From what I’ve seen and I’ve eaten there twice eat and it’s good food. This place is secure place, which is really important to my family. My loved one is adjusting to the community. They’re really patient with my loved one.

It's a great place, best place I've seen yet.

It's a great place, best place I've seen yet. They really care about you, they care about what your needs are. They keep the residents involved. They are great value price wise. We love Plantation Oaks, they have been fantastic. We didn't get to be there long due to family dynamics, but when the time comes, we'll be back.

Perfect Plantation Oaks!

The staff at Plantation Oaks are fabulous! The caring, experienced, knowledgable and professional staff are so kind & welcoming to residents and their families. I can highly recomend this clean, well maintained and well equipped facility.

Plantation Oaks, Orlando, FL

My mother is happy...that means a lot.

He's having a wonderful time.

He's having a wonderful time. he has not had any complaints he is absolutely deleriously happy there. They have accommodated his limited diet, and he was surpised. He is so enthralled. He could have a dog here. They didn't question his condition and seemed to know exactly what to do. They had a putting green and some amenities that were specifically great for him. They played it as well as I expected they would when he came to visit. It's such a horrific thing to have to do, to take your family away from their home and all they know, even when it's needed, but as soon as he got there he said that it was just like walking into a grand hotel. That immediately paved the way and they were so glad to have him and show him around. He was able to stay there for a month and get the feel and see if it was acceptable. He is one happy camper.

We had a very good experience with them and plan on using them again in the future.

We had a very good experience with them and plan on using them again in the future. I was very, very happy with the arrangement. All the positive remarks you can think of.

It was very pleasant everyone was helpful.

It was very pleasant everyone was helpful. I thought it was wonderful and she has certainly settled in. Everybody from the place was extremely helpful with any concerns my mother in law had. I thought it was very reasonable in price. There's been some problem with if she calls for help them taking a little longer than we hoped, but I think this has been addressed. It was beautiful and we didn't find any others that matched our needs.

They're fantastic!

They're fantastic! Their nurse Tara, is great they are in constant contact with me giving me updates, and they are working with us too. They have been very cooperative. It's immaculate. It's cleaner than the last place she was in. Everybody speaks clearly and are easy to understand.

They are really making an effort to keep everybody happy...

They are really making an effort to keep everybody happy, it has improved a lot since we moved in. They've gotten more help and they now have a plan, they have changed the heirarchy around, in 2014 I think they are really going to get down to business. The nursing help is marvelous. The people who clean and bring you the pills and stuff like that are wonderful! There are a lot of people who complain that there's not enough to do and then they plan something and no one comes. A lot of people go to their rooms and just stay there. But if you do the activities that are here,, there aren't that many but they really try. They have really improved. The food is ok. They give you two main dishes at each meal to choose from and there is always something other that you can eat if you don't want that, they do have an ongoing menu, the food is improving a lot. I think they have a memory care now. We chose this place because when my husband walked in his eyes lit up, he really wanted to be here, and the accommodations are really beautiful. It's a little out of the way for everything. Where they are situated is the problem, I think, they do take you to appointments but only so many a month and they do have a taxi service that they use. The grounds are very spacious. It's in a commercial area mostly.

Great option to a traditional assisted living

i had to find an immediate option for mom. She has memory loss and i didnt want to put her in an asstd lvg that looked like a medical facility. The place is like a hotel for seniors with asstd lvg amenities. Nora was great to work with. She Helped me in the middle of the night when i needed to find something asap. Melissa (director) has been my lifesaver. I live in NY, yet moms in FL. They help me keep in contact and update me constantly. I am thankful i found this place.

Wonderful facility, marvelous staff

My wife has been a resident in this facility for two months. The staff has been very helpful in helping her adapt to her new surroundings. The rooms are nice and the food is excellent. I highly recommend Plantation Oaks.

Very nice stay

Recently we used this facility for our aunt for a week of respite care, while we went on a short vacation. She was treated very well, and the one time she accidentally set off her lifeline the response was immediate. Meals were fine, except a couple of times she needed or wanted something else and the wait staff did not return to the table. We were extremely happy with the care she received and will use the facility again in the future.

This seems a little institu...

This seems a little institutional to me. Golden Age seems to offer more individual attention to the residents. I only saw two patients viewable in the memory care unit, and they were being attended from a central nursing station. One of the patients had difficulty speaking, and the other one was quite friendly to us but didn't seem to have any activities going on..just sitting in a lobby on the floor with the other person. It was clean, but not very inviting.

Nora was a very positive, f...

Nora was a very positive, friendly, and honest guide. She provided information about the remodeling efforts going on and showed us two different apartment options. Her suggestion that being in the main building would probably result in greater involvement in the community struck a chord for Mom. Mom liked the windows and layout of the larger apartment upstairs. Not as impressed with the grounds and view.

another nice place, outside...

another nice place, outside appearance is ok, looks like a large hotel, renovations is a good thing, did not see many staff, must have been busy.

Hotel Atmosphere

It seems more like a hotel then an assisted living community. It has a very good atmosphere. One thing they could do better is better communication during the move in process. They could have had someone there to meet us and answer any questions that would arise. Overall we are happy that our loved one is in Plantation Oaks.

a bit on the expensive...

a bit on the expensive side but really love it.

Took a tour of this one. W...

Took a tour of this one. Within Dad's budget, first one we toured. Studio and 1 bedroom were on 4th and 5th floors. No pets allowed. Affordable on Dad's budget.

Nora was extremely friendly...

Nora was extremely friendly and very informative. She answered all our questions and showed us the entire property. We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility as well as all the amenities that would be provided. This facility would definitely fit our needs.

Plantation Oaks

They are headed in the right direction but not quite where they need to be. They need to be more proactive versus reactive. Rooms should be ready for immediate occupancy, there should be no issues with the room after move in. The details should be taken care before move in. The common areas are beautiful.

No memory care facility..

No memory care facility..

Very nice facility and staff. Residen...

Very nice facility and staff. Residents appeared very happy and engaged.