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Customer Reviews

Uncaring, insensitive, hidden agenda

I have never been treated more poorly when speaking to the lady that gave me the tour. She was curt, insensitive and clearly had a hidden agenda when trying to tell me what my mother's needs were. I felt pushed, rushed and generally got the impression she could care less about my mother's wellbeing, only in filling up "her beds". I chose NHC for my mother and it was all because I could tell that their people truly care about their patients and you can genuinely feel the love. With the [name removed]lady, I felt unwanted and NEVER would I want my mother to feel this way. I would never choose Deane hill.

I would not recommend Dean Hill Place. The rooms are in many different small buildings spread out in a campus fashion. The meals are prepared in 1 building and then have to be taken to all the other campus buildings. There are not enough med techs/nurses to get all the medications passed out to all residents in a timely manner.

Shea clearly understands the geriatric set of behavior and she responds appropriately to their needs. I am grateful for the caring and professional way she has interfaced with mom. The distance between Tennessee and California is ten fold when your mom requires assistance. I appreciate the care and compassion [name removed] with Deane Hill Place has taken to support mom and lends me and my siblings to have peace of mind. Grateful!

School cafeteria Food, Childish recreational activities, Short Staffed

My parent resides at Dean Hill. The rooms are designed very well, windows in every room with bright sunlight and an emergency call button in every room. The cottages create an atmosphere like home, it is comfortable and clean. The staff is very friendly and caring, although the administration seem more concerned about proffit. The Problems don't seem to improve despite numerous requests and discussions with administrative personnel.
Meals: Residents including my parent have made numerous complaints about the food. They use commodity foods that are not the least bit appetizing, unappealing to the eye, bland and tasteless. My parent orders delivery food frequently and prefers a frozen TV dinner to their food. Very disappointing.
Activities: Geared toward Children NOT ADULTS, My parent and other residents are insulted by the lack of effort to provide a variety of activities that would be of interest to them. Little to no effort to improve their activity options.
Car Sales Mentality: Very disappointed in the tactic they used to collect a $3,000 "Community fee" from us as we are admitting our parent for the first time into an assisted living facility. As we are all crying as we signed the paperwork on the day of admission they spring on us this fee, never discussed before. Being in the vulnerable state we were in, we felt we had no choice but to pay it. Poor Taste Dean Hill.
Level of Care/24-Hour Nurse: Staff often short handed, because they can't seem to retain qualified personnel. (The LPN's & CNA's have to set the tables, serve the residents meals, and clean the kitchen area, which prevents them from responding very quickly to residents needs during and near mealtimes) The majority of the staffing problems are during night shift, the LPN on shift can be responsible for 3-5 Cottages (especially on weekends), not one nurse per cottage. The CNA's on weekend nights are often spread between several cottages too, so residents are left in a cottage without any care providers. One particular weekend this happened and the residents emergency call buttons didn't work either, the staff informed administration on a Friday, they did not correct the problem until Monday. Hope this helps loved ones as they make this decision.

Helpful Staff, Immaculate Community

Overall, I feel our experience at Deane Hill Place has been good, but there are some things I feel need improvement. Their line of sight as far as the needs of the residents needs does not quite fit. Everyone has different needs, and they sort of use a one-size-fits-all idea. They also have a community fee, which is quite excessive. We were not told about this fee in the beginning. Their website, while beautiful, gives the idea that what you see is what you get. However, it does not say that the rooms come unfurnished. We had to supply our own. Overall though, the community is immaculate with no smell, the residents are well groomed, the food is very good, and the staff is helpful, despite the large turnover rate.

Staff is very proactive in my care

When I first started looking at communities for myself, I needed something that was close to my wife and in our price range. This facility is absolutely outstanding. The nursing staff has all been kind and friendly. When I first moved in, everyone was so welcoming and contentious. When I’m walking around outside and they pass by, they come up to me and ask me how I’m doing. They actually seek me out to see if they can help with anything. All of the staff members are proactive in my care. This community meets and exceeds my expectations. Everything was clean, neat, and it was just a great fit. I highly recommend this facility to anyone.

We are super pleased

This has been a great community for mom so far. The staff are accommodating and attentive. Mom had to go to skilled nursing and the caregivers have been visiting her. They are keeping up with her progress so they can meet her needs when she returns to this community. The community is on an old golf course and it is beautiful. The community is made up of cottages and it is a low key place. The food is so so. I would highly recommend this community.

Memory Care at Deane Hill

My mother has been at Deane Hill for three years. It has undergone ownership with associated changes but the care has always been there. I am grateful to the care and patience of the staff as my mother has progressed with Alzheimer's. We love the garden and screened porches. I had visited a number of memory care facilities and access to outdoors was always a locked door. At Deane Hill it feels more like a residence with access to outdoors and a warm living room where residents can watch tv together and participate in activities.

Good Assisted Living Portion

Unfortunately my father shortly after moving into this community, but my mother is still here in this facility. My mother is currently living in the assisted living portion of the community. She is safe, and they are taking good care of her. I will the memory care portion of the community could use some improvement. The community is really nice overall, but I would only recommend the assisted living portion.

Dean Hill Is The Place!

Dean Hill Place is professionally managed with tons of loving care for each resident. When looking for a place, I visited many locations in Knoxville, Maryville, and the surrounding areas. None were as good as Dean Hill. I highly recommend it.

A happy review

My father has been in this facility for over 2 years. When he entered it was owned by Brookdale and ownership changed hands in the late summer/early fall of 2016. We were a little apprehensive when the sale occurred because the new owners did not appear to have many memory care units in their system. We were told things would get much better and they have. My wife visits 3-4 times per week and I do twice per week. We have watched first hand as service and care have improved and remain so. To us, there are two big positives. We love the courtyard and my dad's ability to get out in the courtyard. Even more important to us is the staff, especially the nurses and the aids. They truly have a heart for their residents and care for them. to say that we are very pleased would be putting it mildly.

Dean Hill PLace

The staff & management are super friendly & knowledgeable. They are also well trained with memory care for dementia & alzhiemers families. Recently hired new chef so food is pretty good. Rooms are clean. No smells or odors. Nurses are friendly & experienced. They had discounted fees for June which our family appreciates as other options were MUCH more expensive. Renovations to flooring, lighting & grounds are currently ongoing. A little noise at times but end result will be much newer looking cottages. Assistants, nurses & directors all seem to really care about my Mom. They are in communication with me when I need to know anything about her there. More than anything else they care & have an obvious love of families going through this process which all of us face sooner or later. The entertainment & activity schedule is great. Live music weekly or other things to help keep life interesting. We are impressed with the place & the people. Mom seems to be transitioning well into this caring environment that is 10 minutes from our house.

Compassion – from move in day to her final resting place

It’s never an easy decision to move a loved one, especially one so fiercely independent, into an assisted living facility. My Mom moved in to Deane Hill Place late 2014 with an understandable apprehension. It’s a scary time in one’s life transitioning from self-sufficiency to reliance of others, but mom was willing to give it a try.

Initial uneasiness quickly eased, primarily due to the staff at Deane Hill Place. The small relaxed cottages allowed for heartwarming personal attention from caring individuals whom truly care. And although not every aspect of the operation was perfect, they delivered on the most important key principles of elder care; compassion, respect and friendship.

As mom neared her natural passing, her wishes were to rest peacefully in her room at Deane Hill Place, surrounded by loving caretakers, friends and family. The staff assured us her comfort to the end, and they delivered on their promise, providing strength and support to the entire family.

If you have a loved one requiring attentive elder care, please check out Deane Hill Place. Spend some time talking to residents, staff and management. Then decide for yourself. My mom would be glad you did!

I had a good tour!

One of the places that I toured was Deane Hill Place. The tour guide took me around the kitchen area, hallways, in common areas and everything seemed pretty clean. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful, but it was not what we were looking for.

New and Pleased

My mother has been a resident for 6 months and we (including her) are very satisfied. There is truly a caring attitude throughout the property. Every staff person seems to know every resident, not just their name, but them personally.
The facility is extremely clean and comfortable. My mothers room is of adequate size and she has french doors that open to her own 'mini' backyard. There are two other comfortable outdoor sitting areas in her building.
Nursing care is excellent and personable; always smiling and interacting with the residents.
The major difference in this property and others is the separate buildings (3); this is good and it can be not so good. The good: it's quite, peaceful, personal and homey. The not so good: the separate buildings cause food to be prepared at a common area and transported to the buildings. The food is good, but this arrangement creates challenges. The same with social activities; you might have to go to another building to participate in an activity. All in all we really like the 3 separate building arrangement.
Bottom line; we are extremely pleased with our choice of Deane Hill Place. Very comfortable, clean and safe place for my mother.

An ok priced community

This was a nice community when I visited it. The staff I met were nice and helpful, however I did not get the homey feel we were looking for. This community allows pets and can accommodate different dietary needs.

If Resources are Limited, Dean Hill Place is Worth Consideration

My husband resides here. The best features of Deane Hill Place are the really spacious rooms and the pleasant garden. Mediocrity noted in the following: activities and meals. Negative rating: Laundry and Level of Care:
I wish to clarify the above rating.
Level of Care: I believe this would improve if the facility made an effort to retain the better-qualified personnel, reduced the number of floaters/Agency temporary personnel who often distributes medications and does not know the residents' medical history and medicine, and finally, released from duty those employees who have no real calling for this type of services.
Meals: For the first month of my husband's residence here, water was not offered. Residents had a choice of juice, tea, or coffee. I addressed this with the manager of Memory Care. Now water is offered to all residents, at all meals. This is especially important for residents whose immune system is delicate, need regular infusions, and, in general, because good hydration fosters better health. Desserts are always offered, not fresh fruit. Mechanical meals, special thickening for juices, finger food, or regular meals are served according to residents' needs. Hot meals are well balanced.
Activities: There is an effort to present a variety activities, but these are not geared towards the less able residents.
Laundry: This is a problem because items are lost. Some residents have chosen to pay for a private laundry service.
P.S.: There is a non-refundable entrance fee of $1,500.

My Thought Of The Tour

This community was undergoing a transition of owners when we visited. I did not like the way this community was set up. They have many small pods that hold about twenty people. They shared a common area and you spend all day with these people including at meal time. It had a nice atmosphere, however we were looking for a place where she could have her own apartment.

Try Elsewhere First

Not happy at all with facility or staff. They operate as if it is a mental institution - not an assisted living facility. No desire to work with family to ensure residents are well taken care of.

Really liked the smaller feel of individual cottages, and their attention to the individual person.