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My mother is now dying because of their neglect

To whom it may concern,
My mother was sent home from a nursing rehabilitation center on [date removed].
She is in need of 24/7 care. She cannot move, she cannot walk. She is in a briefs and needs to be changed frequently.
The next call I receive, is from the emergency room, asking me why my mother was found in soil, covered in fecal matter, severely dehydrated, now has a urinary tract infection, now has body ulcers that are now infected. She was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia.
They did not have adequate enough care set up by the facility. She was not provided the care she needed.
Why on Earth would a place send a patient home to this situation???
Now, she is dying because of this. Her body is shutting down.
This weekend she has been moved to Hospice care and is not doing so well.
I need to be with my momma while she is passing.
Any help is/would be greatly appreciated. Spread the word! This shouldn't happen to anyone! Thank you.