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Residential Care Home in Colorado

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States do not get much more picturesque than Colorado. This land of some 5.4 million residents is most famously dominated by the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, and the lush forestry and brilliant bodies of water - including the eponymous river - allow its residents to enjoy breathtaking vistas at practically every turn. This natural beauty provides the background for a state that is known for a strong business sense, a progressive attitude, and a vibe that seamlessly blends bucolic living with the speed of modern city dwelling through cities such as its state capital, Denver. It is a prime state for seniors to live in, and this is especially the case when the vast number of senior living facilities in Colorado is considered.

Colorado in Brief

Colorado is known as the Centennial State because it was passed into statehood in 1876, 100 years after the country was born. The state's economy was almost immediately bolstered by mining and agriculture; while the latter industry is still a big player in the state's economy, it enjoys a diverse and modern economy that is strong enough to be considered one of the top states for business in the country. It is also a key player in the country's military landscape, as it is home to both the United States Air Force Academy and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

While Colorado's main geographic claim to fame is the Rockies, the state enjoys a surprisingly diverse topography. The western edge of the Great Plains starts in Colorado, and the southern part of the state is home to large desert lands with large sand dunes and rock outcroppings that are akin to what one may see in the American Southwest. The eclectic nature of the landscape is celebrated through the state's bevy of national parks, from Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado to Estes Park at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The diverse landscape also creates a unique climate; one in which the southern part of the state is not always warmer than the northern part of the state.

Colorado is also known for being a pioneering state of sorts. It granted women the right to vote 27 years before women's suffrage was passed on a national level. It also voted to turn over Prohibition a year before the national government did. And it has traditionally been at the forefront of the national health movement - something that may be assisted by the abundance of outdoor activities that are found throughout the city. Indeed, several studies have concluded that state residents have the lowest obesity rate in the country. This adherence to health may provide golden agers with the assurance that living here will be organically conducive to living an active lifestyle.

What Makes Senior Living Communities in Colorado So Great

Colorado's vast network of assisted living facilities works terrifically in part because they encourage seniors to live full lives that are driven by self-reliance and independence. These facilities will not randomly intrude upon the lives of their golden age residents unless it becomes imperative for them to do so, such as in the event of a medical emergency. In other words, golden agers can all feel free to go about their business as freely as their mind and body will allow them to.

With that being said, these fully accredited senior living communities are not totally removed from the seniors' lives. If anything, one of the primary strengths of these special facilities is to act as a conduit for peer-to-peer connection. They do this by cobbling together a daily slate of activities that are specifically designed to help simplify the process of like-minded seniors being able to connect with each other in an safe, secure environment. Ultimately, these connections can lead to the formation of friendships and the cultivation of bonds - elements that can make it easier for them to live a life of fullness.

Living a Lively Life in Colorado

The sheer beauty of Colorado as a whole makes it rather easy for people of any age to live an active lifestyle. Whether its residents live near the Rockies, near the desert, or in a big city like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Boulder, the state provides plenty of reasons to step away from being sedentary. And for golden agers that decide to live in Colorado, they can take comfort in knowing that the network of senior living communities that are located throughout the state will do their part to help them experience these reasons to the fullest extent.

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