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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided

Customer Reviews

Wonderful care at Cerenity!

My mother was recently at Cerenity Care Center for transitional care after a minor stroke. I was very impressed by the friendly and conscientious staff. I was especially grateful for the little extras they would offer, such as warm blankets for her afternoon nap. They were very attentive with PT and OT and as a result she was able to go home after only 3 weeks. My mom got great care at Cerenity and I would gladly recommend their services.

Please do your research before deciding on this facility

The management is not good with the residents at all. The residents are there and the management acts like it’s an inconvenience for them. The entire time my Mom was with them, if something went wrong, they tried to blame me or her. The staff and management don’t take responsibility for anything. They would only give my mom a Styrofoam cup to put her dentures in at night and I believe they wound up throwing it away and then blaming her saying it was because she was forgetful. She has to be on a gluten free diet and we talked with them about that and it took them 4 years to finally feed her food she could actually have. I would buy my mom rice cakes and they took them away from her, saying it was because she was trying to give them to others. One evening I went to visit my mother She was hungry and asked for a cookie/rice cake. I found one of the staff members watching TV and texting on her phone. I asked her about getting her some rice cakes for my mom and she told me “she doesn’t need any rice cakes, she’s had enough to eat.” I told her that her job was to get my mom what she wanted if she was hungry and she wound up complaining about me, saying that I shouted at her when I absolutely didn’t. I even got an email saying that I shouldn’t be shouting at their staff, but they never mentioned that person’s lack of initiative to take care of my Mom’s needs. My mom would have the newspaper delivered and most of the time it would come by in the morning, but she was lucky if she got it by the afternoon, if at all. She had an accident once while sitting on a couch in her room and when they found out she had soiled the cushions, they did nothing about it. They didn’t even tell me that it had happened, We found it the day we were moving her out. They would give her stool softeners and would cause her to have accidents in the middle of the night because of it. I asked them not to do that, but they continued. I did her laundry so the staff did not need to do it. They started doing her laundry on their own. I found the reason was she had accidents in the night where she would mess her bed. They did not tell me about it. I found out because I found her comforter had feces on it from the accidents she was having, due to the medication they were giving her. Her sheets and clothes disappeared and I often found other peoples clothes in her room which I would put back in their laundry area.. At one point, Mom’s legs were swollen and bruised and I found out they had been like that for over 2 weeks before they ever told me anything. There was little to no communication. They made me feel like I was totally undeserving of them telling me anything. I could go over so many instances where they were [Removed] of their residents. You’d get treated better if you were in a prison.