The Sanctuary of West St. Paul - West Saint Paul, MN

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I toured this community

I went on a tour here and the staff was nice and answered all of my questions. This was a lovely place. This is a great place for a still very able bodied. They had multiple entertainment rooms. They were income based so that was great but they had a waiting list. I would recommend families tour several options before making a decision.

The Sanctuary of West St Paul

We tried to get my mother in here. Completed all paperwork and were told they were in a move-in-freeze, which when we called the parent company they knew nothing about it. About a month later we get an email and all of a sudden now she can move in. Very poor communication, disorganization and unprofessional in our opinion. Thank goodness we found my mother a much better place and she loves it. Don't be impressed by the newness of this facility. These people don't have a clue, after what we went through I'd be scared to death to have a loved one living here! Keep looking - don't bother with this place! Definitely NOT a positive experience for our family!