The Sanctuary of West St. Paul - West Saint Paul, MN

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Customer Reviews

My friend loves it here

My friend lives here. I enjoy coming into the building because it is so pretty when you first enter, and the rest of the place is as well. The double-story lobby with fireplace is super cozy and I can see why a lot of people like to visit right there. The staff seems very helpful. I hear sometimes some grumblings about this and that, but I'm guessing that is in any community-you can't make everyone happy! My impression is that it's a happy place overall, residents seems to be enjoying themselves and they seem to all have friends. My friend likes the food and restaurant type dining and activities, has invited me to happy hour but I haven't had the time to participate yet. My friend likes the caregivers, she said some are very friendly and talkative, and others are polite but not necessarily chatty. Nurses are busy, but I understand there are some changes in staff and I heard they are really good from my friend, she likes the direction she sees everything going.


Beautiful building. Everyone I encountered was engaging and sincere. I'm looking for a place for my mother and was very impressed

Great community!

Beautiful building! Friendly staff! Warm environment! Would definitely recommend!

Care going down hill fast.

Currently my mother resides there. The building is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and this would be a great place if they truly catered to senior citizens! New management took over in July 2018, and the turnover rate of staff is horrible! They do not cater to Senior food needs, no low sodium, no diabetic just high fat high sugar processed meals. Nursing staff turnover very high, medication can get screwed up at times which could be very scary if they are dependent on their medication to live. This place is all about turning a high profit now versus truly caring for senior citizens. That is why my low rating. If you’re elderly love one needs any type of special care this is not the place.

A Great Place for Senior Living at the Sanctuary

This facility is a great place for older adults to live who are searching for a safe and welcoming place to fit their needs--a "Sanctuary."
This is a place that heeds true to its name. It really is one of the safest, most beneficial choices to find living in.
Some of the residents at this facility may beg to differ with the value that's pointed out in this statement. However, these residents may not need a Sanctuary for their assisted living service needs. Do not let this discourage anyone who is interested in trying it out at the Sanctuary.
The care staff is amazing in the way that they spend their hours taking care of their residents in the best way that they can. Every day they improve their methods, but that is ultimately beneficial for the residents needing the care.
Nothing is fancy, but this place sure is. And if you disagree with that, I would like to see you show for yourself something fancier. One thing about this place is that the Aides who provide direct care for the residents only do what is helpful mostly for you. The rest is simply respectful treatment in the sense that you are not overwhelmed by the feeling of someone else being in your business.
The dining room, however, is a problem for most, including the wait staff who have a tendency to mistreat people including the CNAs. However, the food staff comes below the direct care providers in terms of importance in this building, The CNAs and TMAs are there to run the show as they support you and all else in our building.

I toured this community

I went on a tour here and the staff was nice and answered all of my questions. This was a lovely place. This is a great place for a still very able bodied. They had multiple entertainment rooms. They were income based so that was great but they had a waiting list. I would recommend families tour several options before making a decision.

The Sanctuary of West St Paul

We tried to get my mother in here. Completed all paperwork and were told they were in a move-in-freeze, which when we called the parent company they knew nothing about it. About a month later we get an email and all of a sudden now she can move in. Very poor communication, disorganization and unprofessional in our opinion. Thank goodness we found my mother a much better place and she loves it. Don't be impressed by the newness of this facility. These people don't have a clue, after what we went through I'd be scared to death to have a loved one living here! Keep looking - don't bother with this place! Definitely NOT a positive experience for our family!