Celebration Senior Living - Federal Way, WA

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Customer Reviews

Brand new unit!!

My mother has recently moved into this community and she is loving her new apartment. She was lucky enough to get a brand new unit that is very clean and has a lot of great amenities available to her. It is spacious and has a beautiful view outside of her window for her to enjoy. They also have a common activity center for all of the residents to enjoy a social environment together.

WARNING: Do not attempt to go here unless you are 100% sure you make WELL UNDER the income limit of $37,900 for a single person, this includes all assets. My mother has tried to get in twice, living well below her means for 3 months just to qualify, waiting for an approval. She filled out the application, received a move in date and moved out of her current apartment (TWICE) to move into these apartments. She put down a $300 holding fee (TWICE), intending to move in, with a move in date, which kept getting changed. She has lost that holding fee both times, since it is non refundable. That is $600 and for a senior looking to move into senior housing to save money, this is a huge burden on her. She was under the impression that she was approved to move in both times, as both times she had a move in date. Within days of supposedly moving into SHAG, she was notified that she did not meet the income limit, which they will not get back to her to tell her how they arrived at this conclusion. She is now forced to look for another apartment, while living with a friend. SHAG has made her practically homeless for 3 months...twice. She now has storage fee costs, multiple moving fees and will have to go to small claims court to try to retrieve this money back.