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Customer Reviews

Valuables stolen, shame on Cathedral Village!

Cathedral Village is touted as a “luxury” elder care facility in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. Based on the cost, clearly a facility for the privileged. Our family felt secure in trusting this facility with our mother. She had lived there for approximately nine years. Sadly, in her last months, her decline compelled the caretakers to move her to the hospital facility “Bishop White” also on the Cathedral Village campus. She remained in a single hospital room for about six months, until she passed. At that time, our family engaged in the sad task of removing her furnishings and personal belongings from her assisted living apartment. We were horrified to discover that almost all of her valuable jewelry collection was GONE! We had previously known that some items had mysteriously gone missing, but were shocked and apalled to see the final loss. To be specific, at least $350,000 to $400,000 worth of high-end jewelry from Cartier, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany and Co., Harry Winston, Bailey Banks and Biddle. All gifts from her adoring late husband of many years. Even more tragically, antique, family heirlooms were also gone. She was lucky to have retained a large gemstone and gold ring from her late husband, which she wore on her finger in her last bedridden months. Imagine everyone’s surprise when within her last few months, it also mysteriously disappeared from her finger while she declined in her single room at “Bishop White”. It’s estimated worth was $8000. Keep in mind this was an individual who could not independently walk, easily use her hands and was often confused and vulnerable.
Our mother essentially had given all her money to the Cathedral Village facility. This is part of the “care deal” agreement. This has meant that we, her children, would not be receiving any monetary inheritance in exchange for her lifetime care. However, we were hopeful to receive her very valuable jewelry collection, containing many family heirloom pieces, all of which were designated in writing to her daughters and grandchildren.
Cathedral Village has not been responsive to complaints of these losses and has time and time again blamed any loss on the patients carelessness. CV advised us (rather scolded) that we should have taken her valuables from her for safe keeping. To her children, this sounded like an unreasonable request and a punishment for the patient, therefore we never confiscated the jewelry that she enjoyed, held precious and symbolic. We the family are convinced that she had been gradually robbed by the employees of this facility. She even believed that her apartment had been burglarized on two occasions. When we, her children, requested loss compensation, the director of the facility refused to continue our discussion and forwarded us to their lawyers. It is clear to us that jewelry theft is a lucrative industry at this facility, known to cater to wealthy clientele. While freely entering and exiting her apartment to clear it out, it became apparent to we children that there were no true security measures in place to protect these residents or their apartments.
We are absolutely horrified by this form of elder abuse and are hoping it will not continue to be ignored by these facilities. This epidemic of elder theft is absolutely shameful. And shame on Cathedral Village where it is expected! It is ultimately the responsibility of this facility, Cathedral Village to protect their customer and a very vulnerable demographic.
The Family

Stephen Juliano

Local Representative

A priority of Presbyterian Senior Living is to work tirelessly to ensure a safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment for all of the residents that we serve.

Because of our commitment to protect the privacy of all residents we cannot address the specifics of this situation. However, we work closely with all residents to assist them with recovery of lost items when reported on a timely basis. In the unusual event where theft is suspected we work with the resident to report it to law enforcement officials. Presbyterian Senior Living policy calls for the immediate termination of any employee who has been proven to be guilty of theft of resident property. Independent living residents at our communities are free to have visitors and private workers over which we have limited control.

I would welcome any additional communication that you wish to have regarding this concern. Please contact my office at your earliest convenience to arrange a meeting.

Charles Gergits
Interim Executive Director
Cathedral Village

A Little Pricier

We looked at Cathedral Village. It was a little pricier and I guess that really dictated things. I think it's reasonable for assisted living. It's not home but I don't think that's really an issue with the place. The people were nice. Nobody was mean or anything like that. I think my in-laws were not happy with the change, leaving home at all, so they were not amenable to anything.

Really Nice!

That was a real nice place but it's just too expensive. My mother really liked it!

VERY expensive and they don't tell you that up front

I liked it very much. The one thing that I think was in terrible taste is that they get people very interested and then they suddenly told you the financial expectation on their part which was really horrible. It basically said that you would need a half a million dollars for ever and ever and ever. I think that's a terrible thing to do. They get you interested and they don't talk about the money until they have you packing up to go there.

It's a beautiful place but what happens if you run out money? It was very unsettling. They only provided one meal and if you wanted more meals you can have them but you have to pay for them. Very handsome place though.

From the Community

At Cathedral Village, you have the flexibility to create your own experience. All of our senior living services are available as you need them, from our Independent Living, At-Home Services for in home support, Personal Care, or Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.Outstanding dining options, an extraordinary Fitness and Aquatic Center, state-of-the-art greenhouse, blooming gardens, courtyards, wooded areas and rolling landscape are only a few examples of our commitment to purposeful living and well-being. In addition, our on-site Village College is the ideal venue to pursue a wide range of topics from literature and politics to creative arts.In addition, you will also be invited to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Design Specialist to talk about how you might want to design your new home with custom closets, colors, and other special details that matter to you.There is no other senior living Continuing Care Retirement Community like Cathedral Village. It's as distinctive as each of the individuals living here.

City Info

Cathedral Village is located in northwest Philadelphia, minutes away from Wissahickon Valley Park where seniors can enjoy nature at their doorstep while still being close to all amenities and resources they may need.

- Walkability Score: 60/100. This means that while some errands can be accomplished on foot, a car would be beneficial in order to access the majority of Roxborough and Great Philadelphia's resources. The Downtown Philly core can be reached in about 25 minutes by car.

- The average age of residents in The Woodlands is 36.1.

- # of Senior Housing Facilities in the area: 14 in Roxborough, and dozens more in the Greater Philadelphia area.

- # Veteran Facilities in the area: 1, the VA Philadelphia Regional Benefit Office is only 13 minutes away by car.

- Weather in Roxborough ranges from warm and sometimes humid in summer with temperatures on average ranging from 69-87 degrees Fahrenheit and winter from 26-40 degrees, though it certainly can be hotter or cooler.


Roxborough has excellent public transportation options and residents can easily get around town on the public buses, trains and trolleys. Seniors may take advantage of heavily discounted and even free rides on public transportation.

- The Roxborough town website has useful information for getting around town. Residents over age 65 are eligible for Free or Reduced Fare, and simply need to fill out a PA Senior Transit Application.
- Roxborough has numerous taxi services to choose from: Zerit's Taxi Cab, Best Taxi, JLJ Transportation.
- Uber and Lyft ride share services are available in Roxborough. Seniors can easily find a ride by downloading either of these apps on their phone.

Health and Safety

With an award-winning community hospital just a few minutes from Cathedral Village, plus nearby world-class facilities in the Philadelphia area, seniors and their families never have to worry about not having access to care.

- A sampling of hospitals in the area: Roxborough Memorial Hospital, a community hospital offering both acute and chronic care to patients; nearby Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center is a world leader in non-invasive procedures and was one of the first hospitals in the country to establish a coronary care unit; Thomas Jefferson University Hospital nationally ranked in 11 specialties and has been especially recognized for its Ear, Nose and Throat department.

- Roxborough has a relatively low crime rate, and 27% below the national average so residents can feel comfortable living there.

Sports and Leisure

Philadelphia has a number of professional and semi-professional sports teams for residents to support! Additionally, there are many opportunities for seniors to get active and involved in their community through local programs and events.

- Residents can enjoy live performances by the Delaware Valley Opera Company, a partner of the Philadephia Parks and Rec Department. It even offers free shows in the fall! The Roxborough Orchestra is another symphony orchestra that residents can enjoy, often performing at local churches.

- VividSeats is a useful website for people who want to enjoy a live sports game in Philly.

- The Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center (MRAC) offers adult art classes such as drawing, painting, mixed-media and photography. They are great ways for seniors to get creative and stay connected to their community.

- The Schulkill Center is a great resource for seniors who want to get out in nature and connect with other's while enjoying meaningful activities.

Shopping and Entertainment

Roxborough residents can easily access all their retail, food, and pharmacy needs locally, or can travel the short distance to downtown Philly for more options.

- Malls: Andorra Shopping Center, Ivy Ridge Shopping Center, ShopRite.
- Residents can enjoy the local Regal Cinema that offer senior discounts.
- Roxborough area has two libraries: William B. Stephens Library and the Roxborough Branch Free Library. It offers many fun activities targeted towards seniors such as book clubs, Author Hour and computer classes where seniors are supported while learning basic computer skills.

Religious Facilities

Roxborough and the Greater Philadelphia area offers numerous places of worship for religious or spiritual practitioners of all sorts.

- The Roxborough town website conveniently lists dozens of churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of of worship so residents can find a community they feel serves their needs.