Casa Del Sol - Anaheim Hills, CA

Casa Del Sol - Anaheim Hills, CA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Enjoyed owner. Knowledgeable. House was well done, well decorated, clean and organized. Rooms very small and house was designed strangely. Going through one bathroom to get to another bathroom. Saw another house 3blocks away much nicer, nice rooms one with private bath but very expensive $7k mo.

I went at the time you scheduled, they would not show us the property said that my time was 4:30 and to come back. They didn't even try to accommodate us and since my mom is 89, we didn't go back.

I'm happy with everything

Everything is going well for my love one. The staff team fed him better than the previous facility. He is being taken care of; he seems to be adjusting well, and I’m happy with everything. The staff is very responsive; if I have questions I can talk with someone very quickly and retrieve answers. Even though the facility itself is a house it is well decorated, spacious, and it looks like a business type of home opposed to just dropping off a loved one in a vacant room in a house.