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My mother, [Removed], 81 years old, had been staying there a little over a year. She fell a lot and we could not let her live alone. She wanted to stay close to home. She said that her requests were often ignored. There were no activities for her because she was one of two who could communicate and didn't have dementia. She was a diabetic and had high blood pressure but otherwise in good health.
Before noon on Nov 2, 2017, she was not feeling well and the Carrington House called an ambulance for her. They failed to do two things. 1) They did not call me. 2) They did not give the medical mandate (DNR) to the paramedics. Around 2:30 pm, a good friend called me to say my mom was taken to the hospital. I called the hospital and was informed that her heart stopped beating and that they had to perform CPR. They were able to get her heart to beat again [Removed]. They called me back as my mom's heart stopped again asking if I had the authority to determine whether to resuscitate or not. They called me a third time to say my mom's heart had started up again on its own. My mom passed away. I called Carrington to ask why I had not been notified and said I wanted answers the when I stopped by the following morning. I live over three hours away. Carrington said, "It was our fault we did not call you. We dropped the ball." My complaint is with a timely phone call and if the medical mandate had been given to the medics, I may have been able to be by my mom's bedside.