Carescope In-Home Care - Sacramento, CA

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Customer Reviews

Carescope has been so much help in taking care of my wife.

They have sent a couple of caregivers in the beginning and was not the right match.

Communicating with the office staff helped and we were able to find the right match.

The caregiver and office staff cared when she went to the hospital by calling us and checking in.

I would recommend Carescope to anyone looking for in home care for their loved one.

The caregiver they sent us is wonderful

I’m using this agency to care for my mom so we can get help with socialization and keeping her company. Everything is going good so far. They’ve sent us 1 caregiver and she’s real patient, creative, and sensitive with my Mother. She’s really knowledgeable about the type of care that my mom needs, too. She comes once a week and it’s usually about 8 hours for the day. While she’s there, she makes light breakfast and lunch and really encourages her to eat. They do exercises together and even color. The girl they sent us is really good at engaging in communication with my mom as well and she’s good at keeping her work area tidy. Overall, we’ve been happy and I would recommend them.

Care and Comfort

I am very happy with the staff for getting us help when needed. They are always caring and helpful to our needs. We like that the caretaker comes on time and helps with a lot of the personal care that is needed. I like knowing that there is someone to help with some of the other household responsibilities. We would recommend this service and the respectable caretaker that we have to assistance.

Would not hire

they did not deliver as promised, We had 15 different providers in just 3 months. We paid $1.350 deposit and they are still trying to bill us. The people they sent [Removed], ate our food and we found out my husbands credit card is missing. One of their providers ransacked our home. I would not recommend them to even take care of my pets. This company needs to train the providers much better than they do. They don't deliver as promised. They are not worth what they charge and 15 different providers in just 2 1/2 months is way too many!!!!!! I wouldn't trust them to take care of my pets, let alone my husband.

Excellent caregiver but lacking in other aspects.

The caregiver was excellent. When we interviewed the first time they told us an administrator would come for the first visit but they did not. We are also waiting on a refund from them. My recommendation of them would depend on if they compensate me for that.

They were great!

They were great! Everyone was excellent and very helpful. I have been very happy with their service. I would give them the highest score possible.

I very much think they have done a great job.

I very much think they have done a great job. They have been both helpful and reliable. We have been very pleased with their service, and would definitely give them a positive score!