Accent Care - Sacramento, CA

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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

We have not been here long, but so far the staff seems pleasant and helpful and the facility is clean when we have visited.

Do you really want this company to take care of your

Had Accent Care for my mom for over a year now. For first 6 months she had great caregivers. I started getting calls from my mom saying no one showed up or they were late. I would stop in and see someone sitting on my mom's nice sofa eating her dinner watching TV. Go check on her medications in her room noticed that she had not been taking her med's. Bedroom stunk as they never cleaned up after my mom had a BM. Looked in trash can it was full!!. On her care plan is does state to remind her to take her med's. My family members would visit and noticed bathrooms were filthy, bed was not made and they never washed her sheets. We have gone through numerous caregivers over the past 6 months. One caregiver who has been with my mom for 5 months would inform me that certain caregivers were not doing there job. I called was assured that they would resolve the problem. When we first signed on with Accent Care I had asked do they do un-anonsed supervisor visits. I as assured be Accent Care that they do. Well asked them to show me the dates that they have gone out to see my mom a month ago and twice since. Still have not seen a report. Yes they do have some great caregivers but very few. Well again the person that was suppose to be there was not. Time to look for another agency

great peace of mind - would highly recommend!

Jeff Dyer was the contact with Accent Care that came out to the house to speak with us. He is just incredible! We had interviewed a couple other care providers, but he impressed us the most. They have really turned themselves inside out to accommodate us. The primary caregiver, Pam, is equally wonderful. Any time my sister and I can't be there at home with mom, Pam is there to step in and has been very successful in winning mom over (which is not an easy task) and taking care of her. They have really given us great peace of mind. I would highly recommend them!

Jennifer was in charge and very good.

They came in and cooked and cleaned, but the girls were very young. Jennifer was in charge and very good. It was hard to get a good match, but they really tried. There was one girl that did a really good job. The others mostly just wanted to sit and watch t.v.

Low Quality of Care

I used Accent Care for my aunt and I just did not get the quality of care I was paying for. One girl, I came over and I found her sleeping. They wouldn't take my aunt anywhere, wouldn't take her to her doctor's appointments and things. They were not feeding her right. There were a lot of issues with Accent Care and it was more than one caregiver so it's not like it was just one person that wasn't working. I would not recommend them to anyone.

From the Provider

AccentCare is a national leader in post-acute home healthcare services, providing comprehensive care, guidance and support for a wide variety of needs, including short-term, complex and chronic conditions.It’s an honor to serve our patients and their families with exceptional care and service. We are very proud of our clinical accomplishments, but clients’ praise is our highest reward.