Cardinal Court Alzheimer's Special Care Center - Strongsville, OH

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Customer Reviews


Beware. This facility writes down on daily log they are doing tasks for loved ones that never happen. Follow up ...follow up ...follow up. Staffing is not good and senior management doesn’t want to be bothered. You as a family member are the problem not the staff. If your loved one is in the beginning stages of dimentia find another facility. Serious problem with residents wandering and going into other residents rooms. Tell you that they provide snacks nightly but they only provide if your out by the main lobby residents in rooms never given any. They have so many patients with major health issues and not staffed to handle. If your loved one can get around they are left alone the staff has no time for them and they get lost.

Be very careful it is known in the industry that this facility is having major issues. I have never seen rude nursing staff. But you will find it here. You can ask question and they won’t even look at you and talk to you. I hate to generalize but some of the nursing staff are better off not to ask
I get that they are understaffed and they are busy. It feels like most of the staff including the director have been in the industry and really hate being in the service industry and think that a family member advocating for their loved one is a bad thing. Their customer service once you sign up goes down 100%. I actually was told most family members don’t want to be bothered and because I did I was the problem. FIND ANOTHER FACILITY IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONE. I wish their had been reviews when I went here it would have made me stop. The truth is there are problems with all of these facilities but how they handle them makes a difference

New, clean, well staffed, engaged residents, competitively priced all inclusive. No pendants but motion sensors in rooms. $1000 community fee. Personal rating #2 of 4 visited so far.

Caring and attentive staff

My Mother-in-law lives here and things seem to be going well. The attention the staff gives her, for the care that she needs, is really good. The staff is able to answer our questions if we have any and if anything goes wrong, they’re good about telling me. Overall, she seems happy. The food is okay, it’s not bad. The options are pretty good and if the residents don’t like what’s being served then there are other things they can choose. Every time I’m there she cleans her plate, so she must like it a lot. They offer arts and crafts, exercise, and sometimes they’ll let them participate in cooking. It seems like there’s plenty of activities for everyone to participate in. I would absolutely recommend them.

We liked Cardinal Court best of all the places we toured. The staff was very engaged with residents, the facility made me feel like I was in a mountain resort on vacation. Even the decor in the hallways was well thought out to engage the memory care residents.

They have a good thing going...

I liked Cardinal Court Alzheimer's Special Care when I toured. It seemed like a good choice. The staff seems to be very much into the care of the patients. Also, they have facilities all over and they all look the same. So if you have to move your loved one to another state, they could move into a similar place and it won't be too much change.