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I trusted my mother to the care of Danbury in Brunswick, Ohio for 1 week of respite care while I had to be out of the country on business. Biggest mistake I could have made. We met with the nursing director before we signed, and was assured of basic assistance for simple things such as suitcase lifting, checking on her while she showered, even the time she would be awakened in the morning, and meals. The facility is severely understaffed; more than once they completely forgot to check or order her a meal so she had to argue to get any food - yes, they actually told her that they forgot her -- and the meals she ordered were commonly incomplete (she was told more than once that they had run out); Two nights she could only have a hamburger for dinner because they had run out of meals; we were told items would be available from the kitchen for small snacks other than at regular meal times such as for a bedtime snack- when she asked for one, she was told the kitchen was closed. They give you a pendant to push when you need help - it commonly took 20-30 minutes to get a response....aids, including males, will walk in the door without knocking, which is disturbing to an elderly lady; the time she asked to be awakened every morning was not honored once, but rather the aids would come in earlier; she told an associate that she was not feeling well one day, and this was never addressed; I called and talked to the nurse in charge asking her vitals to be checked and was promised a call back -- it never happened. She never received any offer of help for basic activities as had been promised. Her room was never cleaned, and to get help to get the bed made, she had to ask every morning. They had planned to put her in a single sized bed; I had to pay an extra $75 for the labor charge, the day BEFORE we arrived, to have what was supposed to be a queen sized bed put into her room - the bed we found upon arrival was smaller than a full sized bed.
This is only a brief glimpse of what she experienced during her week -- things got so bad that I had to return home early from Europe to remove her from the facility. Needless to say, nobody from Danbury ever called to talk to us about her leaving early, nor was any money refunded for the time she had left (you pre-pay the entire amount at the start of the stay). My mother was in worse shape than when I left her in the care of Danbury -- and I hope this review will prevent it from happening to another family. Please do not trust the care of a loved one to this facility. All of the horrors you hear about nursing homes was proven true from our experience.

New, clean, appeared understaffed(and not introduced to other important staff members), No memory care director hired yet. Very impressive amenities(recreation opportunities) and layout. $1000 refundable community fee. Huge selection of room layouts and sizes. Respite room offered. Bedside floor mat sensors for fallers. Still adding small improvements to outdoor patios. Competitively priced and pets allowed.