Canvas Valley Forge - King of Prussia, PA

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I have been living at Canvas for the past three months, and I believe it offers a superlative experience. Like many couples, we were "downsizing" from a large home, which was hard in some ways, and Canvas made the adjustment as smooth as possible, offering financial advantages and by being accommodating and supportive.
The apartments are bright and lovely with various choices. If you are an active older adult with passions and interests, this is a great place for you. They offer classes on-site classes in art, yoga, a gym with personal trainer, multiple cultural trips to museums and plays, and have demonstrations from some of the many nearby restaurants.
There are many ways to be socially connected and a monthly meeting in which they want your feedback!

CanvasValleyForge is beautiful and I love it here. I love everything about it. Great apartments, different layout choices, and beautifully designed. The best parts are the staff, who are very kind and accommodating, and the great sense of community. There are many activities throughout the week. Something for everyone. Close to many restaurants, valley forge park, movie theaters, and tons of retail stores. So happy to be here.

Empty. Don't bother! Too Much $$$ for unit$!

Nice location, but right next to the VERY NOISY Rt. 422, and you look across a the "milennial hangout" Indigo with the holiday lights year round, blow up sports mascots and other flotsam on the balconies. I left my license in my vehicle and wasn't allowed to look without one, too bad - I might have thought it about it before moving in the very nice Hanover across the street. CANVAS - well, It's barely sold, practially empty in real estate standards. The under building parking garage has just a few cars in it at night. The units are overpriced for people 55 and up. You can go elsewhere for that price or have a mortgage for the prices they ask on a nice home or condo - including HOA fees! So, now about the 55+ thing - one of you must be 55. Silly folks, they should know that people 50+ are pretty much the same as 55+, perhaps they will eventually lower the age - not like it will be overrun with college kids - -even if they lower the age to 40! Little dogs. Little dogs everywhere. Barking. Using the landscaping as a bathroom. Don't bother, little dogs are a nuisance, and they are very hard to shut up at night and early in the AM. Pass on this one.

Canvas is brand new, and hasn’t officially opened yet. However, it is in a really convenient location right next to grocery stores and other shopping. The room sizes at the community are nice and the amenities are really good. They have two courtyards, and many activities such as exercise classes, a maker’s workshop, outings, and an in-house beauty salon. They also supply a continental breakfast for the residents and transportation to appointments. Overall, we’re off to a good start, and it seems that our experience will be a good one.