Cairn Park 4 - Cape Coral, FL

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Customer Reviews

More attention to how the house looks, then actual care of the residents

The Cairn Park house on Academy Blvd looks very nice and they talk a good game. They are more concerned about "looking good" they quality care of the residents.

3 residents have passed away in 3 months.

I believe it is due to residents not being stimulated and lack of proper care of the residents. There is also a rash which some say is scabies, which Cairn Park denies. However, it looks like scabies and the residents were treated for scabies. Two of the three people (out of 5) who contracted the rash have died within 2 months of each other. The third person who passed away did not contract the rash because her daughter washed her cloths and got her her own personal chair, so the resident was not exposed to the others, who did have the rash

There are no activities and the residents mostly sit around. If they do get up, they are told to "sit down". They have had - 3 managers in less than a year.

The house on 30th Terr has been empty for a long time.

This is a custom facility that uses single family homes with no more than 6 residents. Seems like the right place for folks that don't want to interact with others. Not right for my folks.