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Customer Reviews


if this is your ONLY choice, then you better not want to have a life outside of this place. you NEED to be there, daily or several times daily to ensure care is given not just TALKED of being given. bathrm shared by 4 people, questionable if cleaned DAILY or sanitized properly as the cleaning staff does NOT have proper SANITIZING information ( i have ASKED and they look at me like its a foreign concept) much less proper chemicals to SANITIZE even the sinks much less toilets. ROOM floors are rarely cleaned properly and sheets are only changed when obvious wet/soiled. FOOD quality is non existent because it is ALL frozen or canned , NO FRESH FRUITS or VEGETABLES ever. MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, food is served in Styrofoam containers/plastic forks because of continuous problems w KITCHEN EQUIPMENT or staffing problems. SHARED ROOM $6000 and believe me, its such a rip off. IF we could find a decent nursing home IN MADISON COUNTY, in a heartbeat, we would remove our family member. we DO consistently search for available space within our affordability but so far, in OVER A YEAR, have found nothing much better. the only reason family member is still there, they have become adjusted to the routine and staff. we DO have to be there daily, vary our hours of 'visiting' to see exactly what family member condition IS and what staff is doing. A LOT OF GATHERING BY STAFF at nurse station, just chatting away or texting in patient rooms when they think no one is paying attention. VERY SAD place....VERY POOR CARE and most of night/weekend staff is EXTREMELY NEGLIGENT in duties. Also, MAJOR CHANGES OF STAFF in the past year, seems its a rotating door policy of nurses. GOOD caring staff leaves once they realize their efforts are NOT welcome by administration/owners. the ONLY consistent faces are of the CNA's and thats because the hours are steady, NOT because the conditions are so good. 'staff doctors' are a joke as well, as in ALL NURSING HOME type facilities...they do only what they HAVE to , to justify the weekly charges. AT BEST, its a head poked in the door and 'how are we today' question to patient. NO ONE at anytime, can tell you ANY specifics of YOUR family member no matter what their condition is. IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW PLACES IN THE COUNTY THAT WILL EVENTUALLY ACCEPT MEDICARE PAYMENT (when private payments run out) our family member would NOT BE HERE AT ALL. we cannot do care ourselves at home, or even with private hired CNA on 24 hr basis, we have tried that and it became a nitemare JUST trying to do the screening process much less having to continually stay on them to be sure they didn't spend all their time on their phones or sleeping. this is by far NOT the 'care' we were is NOTHING like the happy, professional, CARING and healthy picture painted by admin. when family member was admitted.

From the Community

Brookshire Healthcare Center is recognized as a premier provider of post-acute care. We have wide ranging services from short term rehabilitation for individuals recovering from an injury or illness, to memory care programs in our Lighthouse units for those residents needing longer term care.