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HORRIBLE !!! DON"T BRING ANYONE YOU LOVE HERE. PLEASE READ FIRST !!! They quote you one price & bill you another. They have your blank check for auto withdraw so your kinda forced to pay whatever amt. they decide to take out. My dad was there for 20 days. Gave a written notice I was pulling him out & Brookdale of West Melbourne & they charged & took over $9600- for my dad being there 31 days.They forgot to order his meds & ran out. They say housekeeping but they only vacuum. They give out sleep meds at 7 pm & they have to see them swallow it. i asked 5 times NOT to give till 9 pm, didn't happen. After two weeks they changed his meds he'd been on for years seeing specialist. They NEVER once called me to discuss. They will return calls BEFORE your parent moves in. Once they're in & contract is signed... good luck getting a return call. They are told where to sit in the dining as if they are children. They claim entertainment but its really only Bingo & one resident who cant communicate at all plays the piano every night. That' the entertainment ! MY dad was a high functioning but has Alzheimer's. UNLESS YOUR PARENT IS COMATOSE & LOADED DON'T BRING THEM HERE ! My dad could still talk to people BUT there was no one for him to talk to because They're residents should be in Memory Care NOT Assisted Living. They make more money if your parent is in AL than Memory Care so, they keep them there

Amber Pedretti

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We would like to assure you the safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority, and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure this. We are aware the executive director has explained our care and billing processes, and will share your additional feedback with our management team.

A tour

The staff we met at this community were friendly. This community allows pets and seems to offer some nice activities. The community looked nice and well taken care of.

So Far Very Pleased

My husband hasn't been here for very long a little over a month or so but overall it has been a positive experience. He seems to have settled in nicely and is starting to make friends and socialize. The staff is friendly and very nice.
The housekeeping staff does a wonderful job of keeping the facility clean and well maintained.
I am assuming that he likes the food there I have not had any complaints so far. Overall we are pleased with what we have experienced so far and hope it continues.


I'm very happy with the friendliness and everyone being so helpful. My mother seems happy there.

Not Very Secure

I was not impressed with my tour of this community. From what they showed the community didn't appeared to be very secure. That was concerning to me. I would not feel comfortable with my father living at this community.


My mom is now in the memory care unit since there were not enough nurses to care for her in assisted living. The staff is very friendly and helpful but if your parent is not completely self sufficient (does not need coaxing for meds, showering, escort to meals or activities) you will be charged for every single thing they do, bit by bit by bit. Memory care is more expensive but all inclusive.
We were too rushed in this important decision and got ourselves feeling cornered to make a quick move. I really think my mom will be happy and well taken care of but I would want to do more research.

Money grabbing Facility

Brookdale Alzheimers Facility is a nightmare. My husband was drugged so badly he could not walk without help and consequently fell several times and was badly bruised. His legs swelled and sores appeared and were not treated. The floor of his bathroom was extremely dirty, smelled horrible, the toilet was plugged and no one knew what to do. He was there 20 days and was treated like garbage. The food was terrible, the "Locked facility" was a joke and he got out 5 times. I was then given the ultimatum to remove him or hire around the clock care. That bill was over $3000 for a week. I paid over $3000 when he went in and a few days after he left, received another bill for over $7000. It is a money grabbling company with minimum help but lots of administrative executives floating around.

Overall a good experience, some issues to work on

Overall I think they do a good job at Brookdale West Melbourne. It's a nice looking facility, the rooms are a good size for the price, and they've got a lot to offer the residents in terms of activities and amenities. They do a particularly good job with the food, the spread is always impressive! The staff is friendly and professional, they're always ready to help with any questions or concerns you might have. All that being said, I do think they could improve their cleaning service. My loved one's bathroom doesn't get as much attention as we'd like, and I would also like to see them be a bit more thorough when it comes to her personal cleanliness as well.

Activities Could Use Improvement

They can improve on the activities. My experience overall would be that the workers are very nice and helpful and informative. It seems to me that they are understaffed, which is why they can't do as many activities. Other than that, I would say that they are okay.

They are a very friendly group, but it would be my guess they are short staffed because of corporate guidelines. Daytime care services good, night time it drops off (short staffing)

Witnessed very disinterested staff with patients. A lot of dark rooms and people alone. Just not sure mom would thrive there, but someone very independent might be just fine.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are committed to continuous quality service and care and will share your feedback with our management team.

They are doing very well.

They are doing very well. It's very clean there. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. There could be more activities, they are trying to change things and add things on. I love that place, and some places are too social, but a little more social would be good. The food is very bland, other than that they like the variety and the quality of the food. A little gravy or sauce on the rice would be good, it just needs a little oomph. There really isn't anything that needs to be improved or done better, other than that.

Provided good service, if a bit expensive

This is the only senior community I've had any experience with, but overall I thought they did a good job in terms of the care they provided my loved one. The facility itself was well kept and clean, and for the most part the staff were friendly. They did seem a bit understaffed, but they worked very hard. The biggest issue we had was the way they handled their pricing. They tacked on quite a few additional fees for extra services my loved one needed, but as understaffed as they were I'm not sure they were able to perform these extra duties to a degree that would justify the cost. I did not like that the first time they mentioned the $2,000 "community fee" was when we were sitting down to sign the move-in paperwork.

Very good

The care services were good. I think it’s a good value for the money. We checked out a lot of different memory care homes. This place is clean, newer, refurbished, freshly painted… My loved one liked the food.

Sterling House II medium

Food is sometimes excellent, mostly average, sometimes pretty lousy. They seem to have chicken every other day. Veggies and fruits are mostly canned and taste like the can. There are not enough fruits served at all. The monthly menu has nothing to do with what they actually get. Same for the activities. What is listed is not exactly what happens. There is only one person providing the activities with no backup if she is absent for any reason. There is no one after 11pm to provide medications needed during the night. I'm not sure anyone actually checks on the residents after the nurse leaves at 11pm. However, most of the people who work there, especially during the daytime, are quite wonderful. They are understaffed and overworked due to corporate greediness.

Highly recommend for a loved one

Excellent Assisted Living Facility.
Good ratio of staff to patients.
Clean and well maintained.

Excellent Care

Very clean, exceptionally friendly, and a very good value. We had experience with another facility that had less services for more money, so we are delighted with the value for the attention and care services. My mom is very elderly and has had different falls and needs a lot of care getting from spot to spot, and she never has to wait very long. They have Bingo a couple times a week as well as crafts and word games. It is a small place, though, and it would be nice to see more activities for the people who are not as mentally challenged. My mom has all her marbles and it seems like she is bored by some of the activities. We moved her there because they have a license for a very high level of care in assisted living. The health care is excellent; whenever there is any change in her status they call me right away.

Keep Families Involved

They try and get family involved as much as possible. It's very important so that the residents doesn't feel left out or like they've just been "dropped off." They have invited us for lunch several times, and it's very inexpensive to eat there. They have a regular newsletter for the families to keep everyone up to date, and there's a calendar of events posted so that all of the residents know what is going on. Sterling house invited me back for a couple of other seminars that they were having before my mom moved in. They didn't have to do that, and I thought that it was very nice. One was about talking to loved ones when it comes time to move them into assisted living, and that was a big help to me. They also invited me back with my mother and a friend to come take a tour and stay and have lunch. They really bent over backwards to help. It was very, very good. My mother loves it there.

Trustworthy Staff

I know it will be more money later on, but it is something that we can afford. She only gets help with her laundry, eating, and meds right now. They do have activities, she just went to a play. Sometimes they take them out to dinner. The initial process and all the paperwork needs to be smoothed out, I had to fill out papers two and three times. They have been really nice, and my mother likes the staff. They are very good and take what she says seriously. She has an RN that she really trusts.

Not Happy At All

We didn't like it at all. They had CNA's cooking the food when the cook didn't show up. Then they had maintenance men doing the cooking. My aunt was not very happy there at all. I voiced my opinion and got her out of there. Everything was a la carte, you had to pay for a shower. She was in a Brookdale community in Rhode Island, and this was 10 steps down from that one. The people were very old and she couldn't interact with them. We picked it because there was a $2500 community fee, and she didn't have to pay it again since she was coming from another Brookdale.

My parents did not like thi...

My parents did not like this place. It was small and dark. No staff spoke to us except for the woman giving the tour. Residents looked vacant, sad or angry. Dining hall quiet - no conversations.

Residential Area

We chose this community because we looked at four different ones and the level of care at Sterling House was the only one that was adequate. The community is located in a residential area so it is really quiet.

From the Community

Brookdale West Melbourne we know that memory losses due to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are progressive and residents' needs are continually changing. We provide balance in our residents' capabilities, personalities and preferences to create daily routines that enhance their spirits and increase their sense of purpose. We believe the amount of satisfaction our residents receive from the tasks that fill their days goes a long way to maintaining their sense of purpose and overall satisfaction with life. An Integral part of this is our promise to encourage each resident to find Daily Moments of Success. To help our residents achieve these moments, our associates receive the tools and training needed in such key areas as specialized dining and the ongoing monitoring of healthcare and behavioral needs, to name a few.

Clare Bridge provides Alzheimer’s and dementia care residents with the lifestyle, housing and services they need in comfortable surroundings combined with the amenities, programs and care they need to help stimulate recognition, recall and wellness in a safe environment. Through years of caring for individuals with dementia we have learned how to create optimal surroundings and approaches to care. Familiar environments that our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives are recreated to help them feel reassured and comfortable. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs are built to embrace, not restrict our residents' desire to wander and to provide a sense of belonging.