Brookdale Vestal West - Vestal, NY

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  • Nurses on Staff
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

Keeping the Future In Mind

My loved one is doing well since moving into the community. However, the family wants to move her to a medicaid accepted facility. In the future she will have to move once she can not provide private pay. At this point the service has been wonderful.

Brookdale Vestal West gets my recommendation

So far things are going pretty well at this community. Mom seems to like the staff and they know who I am when I call or visit. They helped make her transition into the community easier and they work well with her. The food is excellent and they keep the community well maintained. They have outings as well as daily activities.

love the place

They are very helpful in placing your loved one. She has been there for a month and I am able to talk with them when necessary. It is a beautiful place.

Excellent,cost analysis to see if I can manage it. Liked the idea of ability of staying in one place when more care is needed. Will have my daughter in mid March re visit

We feel Dad { John Lyles} does not fit this facility. He is still very much still active, computer literate and does not need the level of care this facility provides.

Outstanding care for mom

I like that care that mom is g3tting here. The many activities that she is doing are wonderful for her. They offer bingo, music and games that she seems to enjoy with others. All of the staff shows one on one attention that they care. The food is outstanding. I am feeling so much better know that she is in a clean and caring community. I highly recommend this community for outstanding care.

Really pleased with what I saw. Hoping this is the right fit for mom~

My Mother Is Well Here, and I'am Satisfied

My mother is doing better now here at this community, but there was a bit of an adjustment period for her. It has been a good experience for us so far. They do a good job with the cleanliness, everything appears to be well maintained. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I've seen the menu's and they have a nice selection of food. I know she being cared for well, she in good hands. This is a community I would recommend, it has worked out well for us.

Helpful, communicative staff

My loved one has only been here a short time, but so far our experience has been a positive one! The staff here is friendly and professional, and I really appreciate the high degree of communication. They helped us through the whole sign-up and move-in process, and they always contact me immediately if anything comes up with my loved one.

Overwhelming Mismanagement

Had a family member there for 6 months until March 2016. Since they merged companies in 2014, the facility has been on a troubling downward spiral. They have had significant staff turnover in the past 12 months and the aides are not trained properly. We never witnessed any management overseeing the staff. There is quite a bit wrong here that needs to be addressed. Specifically, lost items, overcharges, the food, but even worse is what I witnessed on my last visit. During mealtime, 4-5 people were struggling to get a piece of lettuce in their mouths that should have been cut into 4 smaller pieces. I saw 2 aides sitting at a separate table chatting and no one did anything, I felt so bad that I went to help them cut their food myself.

They are understaffed, and the ratio is approx 1 aide to at least 20+ residents. When I arrived, I saw my aunt on the couch with wet pants and a big wet stain. I ran around to find someone and I asked someone to help her, she said she was not assigned to her that day. Then when I went to take her back to her room to change her myself, she had no clean clothes in her room (she has 10 pairs of pants), I quickly left (hoping my aunt would stay put) to find a manager and they said there wasn't one available. No one knew anything about her laundry. Then I saw a man sitting on the same couch in the wet spot. Completely awful experience. We moved my aunt out within 48 hours.

I wish I could give this a negative star rating.... TOXIC and SHOCKING!

PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND AVOID THIS FACILITY!! Our parent has been here for over 6 months and they have had 2 new Administrators within 3 months. They were bought out 2 years ago - used to be Emeritus at Woodland Place (and it was a good facility according to the professionals I work with) but many issues have been caused by the corporate buyout, but most importantly, the staff and aides that work here do not care about the residents AT ALL. We have had several family members visit each week on a regular basis and have seen too many atrocities to mention to us and others. Residents are left on their own to eat, not engaged, are not attended to when they have "accidents" and the aides are not trained at all no matter what Brookdale may tell you. They are incompetent. We are in the process of looking for another facility for our parent and unfortunately can't have them live with us as we work long hours and have no one else to assist. I cannot think of one good thing to say about Vestal West... they overcharge for everything and "borrow" items from one resident to another (without replacing), claim to launder each residents clothes separately (but they do not) they lose clothes or they wind up with others. The food is consistently very poor quality and never the correct temperature. It seems they open cans and pour it on the plates. Generally people with dementia need assistance or encouraging with eating. I personally watched 4 or 5 residents during dinner trying to fit a piece of food into their mouths that should have been cut for them. Even worse was there were two aides sitting in the same room at their own table chatting and laughing. I asked if they could help, but they said they were not "assigned" to any of them. It was so pathetic that I got up to help them. When I went to find management, no one was around. Utterly impossible to believe - or even witness, but all true. I saw a woman sitting on the couch with a big wet stain around her and her pants completely wet. Her friend went to find someone to assist, and again passed an aide who said she wasn't assigned to the woman. The receptionist just looked at her with a blank stare. There was no one to help this poor woman except for her friend! When she took her back to her room, a few minutes later a man walked over and sat on the same couch with the wet spot! No one did a thing. I went looking for any one of authority and to no avail. It was 5pm on a weekend and there wasn't a manager on duty. I could not believe some of these stories months ago, but now witnessing firsthand there should be someone from the state stepping in. This facility demonstrates the worst in class. We are so worried about our parent that we hired companions to come in to cover times we can't be there. If I could rate Brookdale with a negative number, I would. Please do not be fooled by their sales pitch. It's the only time you will see someone watching over things, during a tour -- and when the Administrator is the one cleaning something, who is doing her job? Corporate needs to come here in a big way and wipe the slate and replace everyone here (again). Not sure even that will help since they have attempted to improve this place since they took over. They do not know what they are doing and it is very scary. Please save a life and do not subject anyone you care about to this toxic environment.

Very nice place

Although my loved one has only been here a short time our experience has been a very good one, so far! The facility is clean and well kept, and the place just has a warm homey feel. The food is good, and the dining room is well decorated and pleasant. I also like that they'll take the residents out on field trips and seasonal events!

Friendly, attentive staff

Overall I think they do a good job at Emeritus at Woodland Place. The staff here are friendly and professional, and they keep a very watchful eye on the residents.They really go out of their way to make sure everyone who lives here, and who visits, feels welcome.

positive experience

My experience with Emeritus at Woodland Place has been a very positive one.

I do have a bit of a unique situation where there is some mail that arrives there that they have to get to me, and sometimes it takes little longer than I think it should, but I always do get it, and that is really the only area I can even think of where I am not 100% satisfied. It has been a very pleasant experience at a wonderful facility with very nice friendly caring staff.

A Place for Mom - Emeritus at Woodland Place

My father has only been at Woodland Place for a little more than a week. So far, he seems to really like it. The care givers, and all employees have been very nice. The transition to this new facility was virtually painless. He was a little confused the first day, but after that, he seemed to fit right in.

Molly Bronsberg from A Place for Mom was a great help. We knew our dad was ready for the next step, but weren't sure where to start. Within two hours of speaking to her, I received several phone calls and emails from different memory care facilities (some called too many times). She is perfect for her job - and always answered my questions, and accepted my feedback, both good and bad from facilities that we visited.

We thought the facility was...

We thought the facility was very expensive and didn't care for the living quarters. None of the residents interacted with us and although we understood the focus was Alzheimer care, the locked doors seemed confining for Mom's current awareness.

Visited on 7/11. Extremely ...

Visited on 7/11. Extremely well managed, clean and organized facility. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Welcoming environment with many amenities. Met with Diane R, very informative with extensive community involvement and outreach programs. Like the 8:1 resident to staff ratio. Pet friendly is a big plus. Expect to visit again with potential resident this weekend or next week.

From the Community

At Brookdale at Woodland Place, we offer a unique type of community living for those who live with
memory loss – it’s called “Assisted Living Specializing in Memory Care.”

Each person experiences the symptoms and progression of memory loss differently. And, there are several “stages” of memory loss that need to be taken into special consideration when exploring
senior living options. The earlier these stages are identified and addressed, the better.

We understand memory loss, and our community offers the expertise to address it. Through our
unique Join Their Journey® memory care program, we design programming and activities to
address these stages of memory loss, allowing us to meet the right needs at the right time.

Our premier community features:
• 36 new apartments, from private studios to shared Friendship Suites – an option that allows
two residents the opportunity to share an apartment and enjoy cost savings, while forming
new friendships. All apartments include a private bathroom.
• Charming, single story property makes for easy access, with spacious, inviting
common areas.
• A secured outdoor courtyard, for gardening, strolling and enjoying the fresh air.
• Maintenance-free apartments are available on a month-to-month rental basis.
• All meals and utilities except phone and cable are included.
• RN and three LPN nurses on staff to support the needs of our residents.