Brookdale Troutdale - Troutdale, OR

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews


Don’t send your relatives to live here!! staff are overworked due to always short staffing, the director is very unprofessional and all about the money. Every little service costs money, hundreds for toileting assistance, like I said its all about the money! Heard too many bad characteristics about the director, do not trust sending your family here, I would never recommend!

It's all about the money

I was very unhappy with this facility as well as the director. They faculty was very short staffed and they had to cook, clean, the whole nine yards. The director actually talked down on me as well. For everything you need, you would have to pay extra. For example, if your loved one is incontinent, you would have to pay an extra 300 as well as pay for supplies and laundry was an extra charge. They just charge too much and everything was about money. My Sister would actually try to run away every night because she didn’t like this place. The facility itself was nice and it was cute how everything was laid out. I would not recommend this facility to other families.

Residents are well cared for

We have received help while looking for a place for my loved one. A Place for Mom has really been a great starting point in assisting us to find a community. Out of their recommendations this location is the best fit for my mother. It’s convenient because she is near a few relatives that could visit her frequently. The facility was very clean and it seemed that the residents were well maintained, especially the patients that in pretty bad shape. It also didn’t have a bad smell in the air. Many people that are there have a really serious case of dementia, but everyone seems to be well cared for. In the short amount of time that my loved one has been here, everything has been going well.

Too far from my home

I toured Brookdale Troutdalelooking for a place for my loved one. It is a wonderful community. The atmosphere was very inviting. The landscaping was beautiful and well-kept. They gave a nice tour and explained what they would provide for my loved one. I ended up choosing another community that was closer in proximity to my home.

Respite Care Stay

My mom was here for respite stay and she did ok. There were some issues that I am a little concerned with but overall from what I was told it was a good stay. The staff was nice and kind. The community seemed to be clean and maintained well. Mom seemed to like the food, however, I don't think they give them very big portions because while my mom was there she had lost some weight. If I were in the position again of needing respite services I would have to think about using them again.

Great Meals!!

My loved one has recently made the move into this community and so far everything has been going well for him. The staff have been wonderful to work with and I like that he feels safe and comfortable in his new living environment. The meals are nutritious and the fun activities keep them busy throughout the week. Overall we are very pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

A Caring Place

I felt the community is very clean and the Staff seems to care about my mother. It is a large community so the staff is very busy so sometimes I do have to go and find them from time to time. But If I can not find someone I can leave a message and they always called me back right away.
I have tried the food and it's fairly plain but this may be due to the residents individual diets.
My mother is totally deaf and her vision is impaired and is confined to a wheelchair but the staff still makes sure that they included her in the activities whenever possible.
Even though this community is larger than the one she came from, they take very good care of her here. I would definitely recommend this facility to others.

Care needed

We toured this community for the care for my mom. We liked the staff were very friendly and were wanting to assist us in the care that is needed. We liked that they had a good menu and a lot of great activities that would have been helpful. We recommend other families to tour this community for the care of a loved one with a good value.

Things are going really good

The staff are excellent and take good care of mom. My only concern is the billing department. There have been some incorrect billing issues. The food is not so good, however the activities are great. They keep the community very clean. We chose this community due to the way it looked and how well the staff interacted with the residents. I would recommend this community.

Very impressed, wonderful tour, lots of staff keeping everyone occupied and engaged. [Removed] was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions without hesitation. Clean, well manicured outside and in. Good security, friendly staff. All around an extremely pleasant experience. I will be using this facility for my MIL for my two week vacation.

A phenomenal staff

The staff have been fabulous about working with us to address some minor issues we had when mom first moved in. She really likes the staff. Mom is eating well. They have entertainers come in they have a morning exercise class and they offer bingo. The community is very clean and I would recommend it.

Not enough outdoor space

I liked thsi community but there wasn't a lot of green space. If it were up to my dad he would be outside all day. I liked that the layout of the community was like a village. They had a general area where you could get your hair cut or shop. They nice western style store fronts.

Took some time but things are improving.

There have been ups and downs. It took a little acclimation time for him to get comfortable. We like the place and so does he. The only reason I didn't score them a 5 is some of the staff are not the most trained. I understand in this industry that is common.It's a difficult job and there is a lot of turnover. I am very comfortable with the care he gets here. The activities director is wonderful.You can tell they treat all the residents so kindly even if family is not visiting.

Offer the care needs mom needs.

I feel that they have adequate staff at Brookdale to meet my mother's care needs.It's a very clean community with a good atmosphere. We chose them because they were able to provide her the care that she needs and they are making sure she is comfortable.

Great workers..Needs to work on difficult residents

My mother has been there for almost a year now.. She goes 3 weeks without showers, weeks with soiled clothes, hair unkempt for weeks and etc, The people who work there are really nice and seem to care. The management when approached, says they can't do anything but ask her to shower or etc, because she isn't far enough gone yet. (Mentally) Like I say the employees who deal with her daily are wonderful, they just need to figure out a way to make her shower and etc. to maintain a healthy body. I have asked numerous times about these items and keep getting told she is not frail enough to force the issue.

My opinion.

This community seemed clean. They offered activities. The staff I met were nice and answered my questions. This community was a little farther away than I was looking to drive.

Not good at all

My father was at Brookdale Troutdale for a short time. The layout of the rooms is not great, the space is quite small, the community room cannot hold all the residents nor is it easy to navigate for those who walk slowly or have a walking impediment. The staff who actually work the floor were adequate and truly care for the residents. The management staff is more than difficult to deal with and actually kept $ which should have been returned to the family. There accounting of the funds never did fully explain their process. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone who loves their family member.

Lots of Activities!!

I am very pleased that my mother in law is engaging in activities. She has participated in music, arts and loves going outside. I really like that the community set up is the same all around. If we had to move her she would be able to adjust very well because it won't be a big change for her. Great community overall.


They keep the residents so busy and happy.

slipshod management

Our parent stayed at Brookdale Troutdale for a period of time. The staff on the floors were more than helpful and did the best they could. The management staff on the other had gave us false info, did not contact us to clarify the info and then billed us for services which were not rendered on behalf of our parent. I did like the floor staff a lot. The main area for the residents was very small and there really was no interaction and activities to keep them busy. They sat in their chairs way too much. Our parent did get out for one ride which I thought was great. As a new resident I felt our parent was left to fend alone. No one really kept a lookout for adjustments and we had to call a lot to get things taken care of. I would not recommend the management at Brookdale/Troutdale.


I would like to see more evening activities.

Overcharged On Medication

They overcharged me on some medications and it took me several months fighting with them to get my money back, it was like pulling teeth. [removed]

good overall, some room for imrpovement

When I had my mother there, there was one lady in particular that really did a great job taking care of mother really well. I was always happy when I knew that she was going to be there as I knew that she would be taken care of.

Whenever she was not there I was sometimes a little concerned if my mother would have the care and attention she needs. My mother did not come out of her room much, so part of the problem is on her, but they did not do as good of a job as I felt they should to check on her, make sure she has plenty of water, make sure all her other needs are met, etc.

very helpful

My dad is really enjoying it there. They are very helpful with him.

I do think they could use a little bit more attentive in some areas, but in general it has been a good experience with Brookdale.

My moms new home

Clare Bridge is a very good fit for my mother. The staff are very friendly and helpful, I am lucky to have my mom so close to me now. The design is much better than Cherry park, it allows residents more freedom to roam. Clare Bridge is really like a big house, with lots of caring people living and working there

Nice place overall, but expensive

Overall things have gone well at Clare Bridge of Troutdale, they're doing a pretty good job overall. It's a nice looking, clean facility, and the staff are all very friendly. I feel like they could do a lot better with the activities they offer for their memory care patients, generally they just seem to have them watch TV or listen to the radio. I've also had issues with not being able to locate a staff member easily in the memory care section. They also have a lot of extra a la carte charges on top of an already high monthly fee, so I would like to see them include some things like transportation or meals with no charge.

It’s a good area to be in,

It’s a good area to be in, I’m sure. When I first took my sister in, I got to try the food and it was great. They keep it up real well. I’ve never had any trouble finding parking. It’s very clean and the staff is very friendly. The cost seems a little high, but I guess it’s about what others cost.

Good Stimulation

I like hat it has a lot of stimulation for the clientele there.
The only thing is difficult is my father is confined to a wheelchair most of the time because he broke a hip and the doors are self shutting. They're pretty good with him but sometimes he may not be able to get into his room independently but I understand the need for doors to close.

Very Satisfied with Clare Bridge

We had my mother-in-law in there for 3 months and the service, the personnel, the staff, everybody was wonderful. We brought her back home because she leveled out on medication and the doctor said she could come back home so now we have home caregivers coming in but we were very satisfied with Clare Bridge. We saw a couple of places and we liked them the best and they had a room available. Rachelle at Clare Bridge went above and beyond and helped us out very much.

Friendly from Top to Bottom

We chose Clare Bridge because everyone on the staff from the laundry staff to the Head Chief Diane is just really friendly, helpful and accommodating. We visited 4 other properties and this was the best value. The staff takes really good care of him he use to be lost and now I know he feels good and is adjusting very well. They do a lot of activities like sing along, dancing and baking events to name a few. One of the staff members actually sent me a picture of him dancing and just having a good time, which made me happy. It’s been a great experience its just like being at home. Once a month they also have a celebration dinner where you invite your family and friends, last one we went to they had a beautiful salmon dinner. We are very pleased and would recommend to anyone.

Odor Free

We chose this community for my parents because it was not like other places, other places there was a smell and seemed like everyone was just kind of sitting around in wheelchairs waiting for their time. This community had no smell to it and just seemed more uplifting; people were walking around and interacting with one another like they were enjoying themselves. The community is very clean and the staff is extremely friendly. When I visited this community it just seemed to be setup to take good care of people with dementia. The only thing I am displeased about is that they charge me $500 a month to administer one aspirin a day to my parents. Overall we are very please with our choice in Clare Bridge.

Took a tour of this one by drop in wa...

Took a tour of this one by drop in was nice and at first liked but after into the conversations not so compfortable not sure why. It sounds like a good place and give good care

Very nice - due to male gender most l...

Very nice - due to male gender most likely will be in private room - right now there is only private room available in the Beaverton location. Would be transferred to Troutdale asap when internal opening is available which probably will be within a one month period. private room is 3972.00 per month with a discount of 397.00 for prior military service for the FIRST YEAR. In addition to this is the cost of care. PRO - excellent facility, great staffing, facility design, activities, NO time frame for medicaid requirement. After 30 days there will be a re-evaluation (care could be discounted less or possibly increased due to needed care originally not factored in).

From the Community

Brookdale Troutdale provides a comfortable, home-like setting with programs and services designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Clare Bridge offers private and companion suites in a comfortable neighborhood environment. Unique building features, such as visual cues and walking paths, help residents stay independent and find their way. Twenty-four hour trained staff works closely with each resident to provide personal assistance that promotes independence, dignity and choice. Our life enrichment program enables residents to participate in activities that can enhance self-esteem and maximize quality of life. Services offered at Clare Bridge include assistance with personal care, three meals and snacks each day, laundry, housekeeping, and life enrichment programs.

Special Features
- Purposefully designed environment, including interior and exterior walking paths, way-finding cues and a home-like setting
- All exterior doors alarmed at all times
- Neighborhoods designed for small groups of residents help to regulate stimulation and create familiarity
- Resident Assistance Center located within each neighborhood enables staff to provide necessary services with privacy and dignity
- Exterior living spaces include enclosed courtyards and patios
- Holistic approach; specific staff are responsible for assisting with all aspects of an individual’s needs
- Training designed to assist staff in managing difficult behaviors and work effectively with the memory impaired
- Life Enrichment and Memory Support Programs. Medicine dispersal and doctor order compliance are supervised. The secure outdoor lawn is ideal for walks and fresh air, and the cozy common areas are perfect for games, crafts, or planned activities. Transportation to medical and other appointments is provided.