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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Friendly, clean and caring environment. Quiet setting.

I thought it was a very nice place!

Things are working out well for my father here at Brookdale Olney. The staff is friendly, helpful and attentive and I feel my dad is safe in the memory unit. My dad did have some issues when he first moved in and they are being addressed for the most part.
They have plenty of activities for the residents to choose. My dad likes going to the dining area and said the food is okay.
I like the fact that they do have a resident doctor who sees my dad and monitors his meds.
I would recommend Brookdale Olney to family and friends.

Best of the best!

My loved one's stay at Brookdale is going great! This is
one of the best facilities I have ever seen! The building is well maintained. The staff is sure to cater to my loved one's needs and requests. They offer a good selection of food, and my loved one has plenty of opportunities to participate in activities. This Brookdale location is the best!

No complaints about this property!!

I had taken a tour of this property for my mother and really liked what I had seen during my visit. They did a good job on maintaining the building and keeping all of the bedrooms nice and clean. They had a great meal plan and a list of activities available to the residents throughout the week to keep them busy. They just did not have an immediate opening and was a little more expensive then the other place we had looked at.

We liked this facility but did not Find anything that would really make us choose this over another facility. We were not able to see the interaction between the staff and the patients due to a GI virus (everyone was confined to their rooms)

Beautiful community!

The tour went great and the staff was wonderful. This is a very nice community and they have 3 levels so it is pretty big. They answered all of our questions and showed us around most of the building. I just felt that as mom progressed that there prices would change. We wanted to have a set price.

Definitely Recommend

I am nothing but pleased with the care my mom is receiving at Brookdale Olney. Her care needs have increased significantly over the time that she has lived there, and the staff have changed things to meet those needs. I am always contacted about changes with my mom by the nurses and I feel that they know her very well. My family has made some wonderful memories here and the staff always invite us to special events and activities. The rehab department has some great staff as well. Everyone we have come across has been caring and compassionate. This place has been a blessing for mom.

A Great Community, My Father Is Doing Well Here

Everything is working out very well for my father here at this community. The community is very well maintained. When I visit his room and the facility is nice and clean. They have a wonderful staff, they are very helpful and attentive. They have plenty activities for the residents to choose. The meals are all made from scratch, so the food is very good. You really get a good feeling at this community. I would highly recommend this community.

Unable To Provide The Level Of Care My Wife Needed

We had a very bad experience here at this community. They were not able to provide the level of care my wife needed. During the week she was well, but during the weekend they are understaffed. She had many falls during the weekend. It is a big community, and I don't think they are able to care for that many residents. The staff was nice, and they did try their best, but they just couldn't care for her.

Brookdale Olney was a beautiful community!

They had a beautiful outdoor courtyard. The community was impeccably clean and updated. They had many amenities to offer for the residents. The staff were pleasant and were able to answer all of my questions. This would be a great choice for someone who is able to take advantage of all the extras.

I would recommend this community with caution!

Mom is settling in very well at Brookdale Olney. The staff are nice and they seem to take good care of the community. The only issue we had was when something came up missing from her apartment but the staff are working on dealing with this situation. The food is delicious and she has started to participate in some of the outings and activities offered.

Poor management

Often demand that families hire outside help because staff can't handle problems. In competent accounting procedures. Bills often incorrect.

Poor management

Often demand that families hire outside help because staff can't handle problems.

Great facility

There's always room for improvement. I do think what I'm most pleased with is how clean everything is and how much they take care of the residents. They do have a lot of activities going on during the day like music and animals.

Very pleaseed

My mother has been in the Claire Bridge memory care community for almost two years after living at another facility close by for almost three. The difference in my mother is night and day. Having her in the right facility with the wonderful care she is receiving has made a huge difference in her mental and physical health. The staff is attentive, professional and compassionate. The facility itself is clean, warm, inviting and homey. They go out of their way to make my mom feel it is HER home, not that she is a resident in THEIR facility. Family is welcome and there are many activities. Medical issues are handled well and her doctors see her there. Billing is clear and there have been no surprises. We are very pleased with our experience at The Solana Olney and are so thankful we moved mom there!

Happy with the Solana!

I have been very happy with my mother's stay here over the past two years. Every single staff member is friendly and is genuinely interested in my mother's wellbeing. I looked at many places before moving mom and Solana is the most beautiful and well appointed of the other options. They also offer many more food choices than other places. The other places I went only offered two items for lunch or dinner. They always have special events for holidays and very good entertainers. The care staff are always nice to mom and she likes them very much. I always say that people post these reviews when they are extremely happy or dissatisfied and to take it with a grain of salt. You can never please everyone, but I feel that the staff at Solana try their best. I read some of the other reviews and I completely disagree and find some of the comments to be inaccurate. We are one of the many happy families and plan to be for years to come!


I am pleased with The Solana Olney's direct communication. Activities there go from morning till dinner. After dinner there is not much going on. The medical services have something missing though. I would like to see a full time physicians assistant there. There have residents routinely going out on an ambulance. They have a full time RN which is good but they oversee a lot of other centers. The food stinks according to my mother. I don't see a lot of vegetables served. I would like to see them have more of a variety of healthy food. The getting through the door process was very smooth. They also told us they would help us with paper work. The staff even helped get the room set up. That part of the process at this facility was top notch.

Would never recommend Solona

Untrained staff, Unable to care for people who cause them difficulties. My 94 year old mother who is in a wheel chair was asked to leave unless I hired a full time aide because she caused them trouble when they bathed her. I'm not clear as to why I was paying them to care for her if I also needed to hire a private aide at over $4,000 per month to care for her. When I refused they said she had to leave.

many mistakes with his medication

The Solana Olney was a wonderful place to stay. There were many mistakes with his medication. He was charged for extra medicine. Also they ordered 30 pills for $100.42 when he gets 90 pills of that through Blue Cross for $30. The food was good and the activities were good. There were just too many mistakes being made.

Beautiful facility that is unable to competently care for persons with dementia. When my mother who is in a wheel chair an unable to even wheel herself from place to place they claimed she was a threat to other residents and I needed to hire an aid 8 hrs per day to assist her. What was I paying them for? There other solution was I remove her within 30 days. I was given this information over the phone. Not even the courtesy of a meeting.

On several occasions when I visited my mom, she was LOCKED in her room. [removed]

Nice looking place

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. We ended up selecting another community, but this is somewhere I would have considered as an option for my loved one.

Absolutely beautiful facility. A little farther than we hoped but it's #1 on the list so far. I was particularly impressed with the dementia care. They seem to be much more proactive at meeting the residents where they are. The rooms were beautiful and sun lit and the location in the woods quite calming. Will schedule a trip back for another tour.

Solana Olney review

Nursing staff excellent, food very good, activities great. My brother was there for respite care post hospital stay for one month. Loved the movie and day time activities. He will miss it. BUT the oxygen was a chore. I had to call and get more porables delivered. Solana never seemed to get thru.Also medicine was given by hospital via prescription for 30 days his lenght of sstay. Then the Dr Dwan who saw him Aug 4 re ordered more meds. and Aug 13 - Sept 5 2015 salaya sent a fax to heather at omnicare taht he was on leave of absence MORE meds wee ordered and no med. canbe returned.So I called the pharmacy and reported that he never went on leave and one month supply of med is all he needed. They knew all along that he was leaving Aug 29 or 30th2015. What a mess more for me to handle. He needs help to handle these things.
So so reference. Too young for medicare .
This facility is all self pay no insurance taken for stays.

They have been pretty good.

They have been pretty good. The place is pretty clean and nice. The staff is pretty friendly. The foods okay. I would give them a four out of five, from my experience so far.

The management and the workers are friendly.

The management and the workers are friendly. The food is good. The inside of the facility is always clean when I visit. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. There is a variety of activities. I would recommend The Solana Olney. It's a really nice community with nice people. We haven't had any issues or concerns. It has been great overall. I can't rate the value or the care services. They are not applicable.

This place is more like a hotel. Not set up for medical needs.

Great place. Billing was slow and they could use more on site staff, but a wonderful home that brought some happiness to my mom's last days.

Good choice

My mother has been there since the beginning of February. It was a very difficult transition, as she did not know she had to go until a few days before. The staff at Solana is very welcoming, very personable and very helpful. They greet each resident by name, every time they see them. They are always watching to see who needs attention. I am very confident that my mother will be well taken care of. Is it perfect? No. But neither was the care that I was able to provide in my own home. While it has been difficult, it was absolutely the right thing to do for her and for us. I would and have recommended Solana to friends and family.

Hidden Charges Not Disclosed

One of the worst things is they have a base fee that is very attractive, but there is extras not included that will cost alot more and you don't really need them, whether there extra or not you have no input into the charge, they just charge you. Large facility makes it difficult for staff to cover all residents at all times.

Vast Improvement

Although The Solana had some challenges in the past, I've been nothing but happy with the new management. The community has been more cheerful in recent months. The staff care a great deal for the residents and truly know them. Nothing is perfect but I am glad to see change for the good.

Nice facility, but not the ...

Nice facility, but not the right place for Grandma for several reasons: 1) Grandma is a high fall risk and their policy is to send residents to ER after every single fall (even if injury is minor), 2) memory care unit is too large and it might be difficult for Grandma to get help when she needs it (she is unable to push buttons or pull cords for help), and 3) specific visiting hours that are enforced (cannot come during night to visit her).

Excited for the future!

My Aunt and I toured and stayed for lunch and we both really enjoyed our meal. Rolando was one of the servers who sang to the residents and they all chimed in. She really loved the common area decor and the staff; probably everything about the place. I like how many options they have for floor plans. I'm sure my Aunt will find a home here.

Greatest Addition to Olney!

My grandmother has been there about a year now and has nothing but good things to say. Although this was a difficult decision, it has been the best decision for her wellbeing; both physically and emotionally. She now has regular companionship and has made friends. The staff and residents have exceeded my expectations in making her feel welcomed and "one of the family".

As soon as you walk into The Solana Olney it just feels like home. We have found the staff to be the key to a warm, caring, healthy environment. They really answered all my questions and went out of their way to help with the transition from home to assisted living for my grandmother, and even for us kids.

My grandmother’s current state of health gives her the opportunity to be with some people who still have mobility like her. The facility constantly offers projects and events for the residents.

I am very pleased with all aspects of my grandmother’s care and have recommended the community to many of my friends with elderly family needing assisted living.


I am currently in the process of moving my 98 year-old mother into a new community from Solana Olney. Overall, I was not satisfied with the Solana Olney community. I found that the staff was very incompetent. First, my mother was placed on a floor with many residents that suffered from Alzheimer's and memory loss, when she herself suffers from nothing like this. When I inquired as to why she was placed on this floor, one staff member said it was because she had failed some of the memory tests over things like remembering the date and time, and by living on this floor, she would not be an "annoyance" to any other residents. I took major offense to this, as all my mother really needed was basic care as a resident. Many of the staff do not speak English very well. The language barrier made it difficult to communicate my mother’s true needs. At one point, a staff member called me very early in the morning to inform me of a blister on my mother’s foot, but this was hard to understand because of a language barrier. There is no variety of activities at the community, and any that are available do not necessarily seem appropriate for elderly residents (nail painting, playing with dolls, etc.). There was no variety of religious services or any basic schedule of activities. The food was also awful. In my opinion, the prices were much too high for the quality of care and living. I am moving her to the Emeritus at Sterling in Virginia.

We have had some issues since we moved in, but I think they may be specific to our situation.

It's a beautiful facility. It's pretty clean, and the staff is pretty friendly. The food is not very good, and there isn't a lot of variety. There are problems with the laundry, both with getting it mixed up as well as damage to the clothes. Certain times of the day there could be more staff, and at other times of the day it seems like there is too much. We have had some issues since we moved in, but I think they may be specific to our situation.

Run, don't walk to the next assisted living

My father was a resident at The Solana Olney for almost a year. It is a lovely building but has horrific construction issues such as during the time my father was at The Solana Olney, he had no hear or air conditioning. They have been working on this lack of heat for 2 years and still don't have it fixed. They offered us a $500 credit for "inconvience" but that didn't pay for the hospital bill when dad caught pheumonia last winter (2013/2014).
They boast a 4 start dining experience but I have seen fried catfish with cabbage slaw on a bun or hot dogs on their menu several times. That's not 4 star to me. When they have a good meal it is little more than institutional at best.
They care is nonexistant. Ask to see their last licensing survey, it's public knowlege and tells you everything you want to know about any community you are looking at. So many huge care issues in this community.
Their head nurse is never available to speak with. She never returns calls and if you should happen to catch her (she visably tries to dodge family members) she doesn't take your concerns seriously. Her staff say they can't talk to you or go to her with problems they see with the residents.
A huge concern with several families is we never knew what our monthly bill was going to be. When you first sign up at the Solana, you are given 2 prices, one for the room and the other is care fees that the head nurse determines by meeting your family member. You sign an agreement based on those numbers. Unfortunately, upon receiving your first bill (some 60-90 days later) the care fees have increased significantly. Some families said their care costs had doubled without any notice or reason for the increase. When you contact the head nurse, you get no response. I called the main office in TN only to be told to call the community. The ED can't do the assessment and the head nurse won't call you back or be available for a meeting. So you pay that bill and move on. The next month the same thing happens and increase in care costs with no explanation!
The Solna Olney is beautiful but my recommendation is to keep looking. You will regret moving your loved on into this community until they can get it fixed.

Run like a used car lot.

Very dishonest sales pitch. They sell units with the lush venue. All pertinent detrimental information is concealed. Do not reveal that residents are locked in with little personal freedom. If they want any interaction there is an additional charge. Many serious injuries do to insufficient care. The only improvements made are to further restrict residents freedom.

Brookdale Corp has recently...

Brookdale Corp has recently made a very arbitrary and capricious decision not to accept anyone under the age of 62. [Removed] acknowledged the selection of 62 was 'arbitrary'. The rationale is specious: a) a younger person with dementia may not be able to relate socially to the average age resident in their 80s because of difference is music, cultural factorsm and physical abilities and b) There is safety concerns that staff and other residents could not manage the behavioral /ambulatory issues of a more active resident. This was very disappointing to learn, after one of their marketing personnel was so aggressive in encouraging a visit, but alas was not aware of the corporate policy of non-admittance to those <62.

Do your research for your loved one

Read the recent county/state survey. The place is new and shiny but everything that glitters is not gold. Compared to other facilities, the price is attractive but you get what you pay for in the end. Overall, okay place but if you are concerned about nursing skills, dig deep and do your research (those surveys). Not sure that memory care floor is beneficial for more mild or moderate residents in regards to restoring independence and confidence. Very quiet atmosphere with little interaction and participation in activities. Many of the scheduled activities never happen and the caregivers do not actively round up residents. If the residents show up, fine, but people with dementia need prodding and cues. Activites on the assisted living floors are more lively even though some of those residents appear to have some cognitive issues more so than the residents on the memory care unit. Some of the AL residents probably need to moved upstairs and some of the memory care residents probably should be in AL. Thorough assesments by the nursing staff would determine that but that is another issue. You will need to advocate for your loved one and not rely on the "professionals" or simply look elsewhere.

Very nice, modern impressiv...

Very nice, modern impressive place. Appears too early to be rated. Any information that can be provided to help with that would be helpful.

I liked this facility alot....

I liked this facility alot. It is new and the studios are spacious (competition here is the 1 bedroom at Aspenwood). There are some great public spaces. One concern it is alittle on the upscale for my mother but some of the residents I saw looked like she could relate to. This is certainly in the running.

lovely place for assisted l...

lovely place for assisted living but do not like it for people with memory problems. All of their rooms,residents have their own keys. Too quiet.