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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Very nice facility. Larger community. Surrounding neighborhood seems a bit sketchy. A bit outside of our price point.

Not good

Your tour will be skin deep. The staff is not caring at all. My parent, fell they left him on the floor for 40 minutes. They weren't paid to assist him. The dinning experience is a joke. It can take up to an hour to get your order and it most likely will not be right. The rent increase substantially every year. And service decrease. Think twice before putting your loved one here

Care and value

I like this community. The staff is caring and helpful and attentive. I like knowing that the community is clean and maintained. The food is outstanding and enjoyed a lot. They have a lot of nice activities for the residents. I like the environment for a place for care and value.

I toured this community for care for myself. I liked all of the staff who were friendly and answered my questions. I liked the cleanliness of the community. The menu had a lot of good options. I know that the activities were nice. I would recommend this community for others to tour for a nice place to live.

Not good.

Brookdale at Lowry has a lovely outward appearance but don't be deceived. Dining is a disaster. The kitchen is too small, as is the dining room. Tables, chairs, walkers, and wheelchairs are jammed together so it is an obstacle course. Servers pass trays with food on them over our heads. Service is very slow, and orders are frequently incorrect or even fail to arrive at all. Coffee may or may not be served. The able-bodied can walk across the room to get their own coffee. Very poor quality service. Dining at Lowry is not enjoyable. Of course, the rent is increased substantially every year, while service and other amenities are decreased.

Tour for mom

The care at this community would of been good for my mom. The tour was very nice and we liked the nice staff who were able to answer the questions we had on the care that is given. We liked that the community was clean and had a nice atmosphere.The menu looked appealing and they offer a lot of nice activities for the residents who want to participate. We would suggest that families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Not for us...

When we walked into Brookdale Lowry, I knew it was not what we were looking for. I can not explain it, but I did not feel comfortable there. It would not have been a good fit for my mother in law.

Very nice facility!

This was a very nice place! The facility was very clean and the staff were very caring. We also liked the fact that my mother had the option to be escorted to the memory care wing of the facility if she ever wanted to take a bath. We liked this facility very much!

A good visit

This looked like a nice community when we visited. The people we met were nice and they seemed to offer a little more support for assisted living. The community we chose was in a better location for us.

I will consider it!

This facility was great, I liked the tour that they gave me. When my mother gets to the point, I will defiantly consider them.

He Liked This Community Best

So far it has been going good for my brother here. On our tours he liked this place better. It was in a good location that he wanted. He likes the meals they prepare for the residents. They have activities for the people but he has not yet tried anything.

A caring tour

Village at Lowry I toured this community. We liked the staff and they were caring. They had a menu that was appealing, They had activities. We would recommend this community to other families to tour for their loved one.

Good Tour

Good tour. Kind Staff.

Staff have good communication with family members!!

I like that since I do live out of the state the staff at this community make sure to stay in good communication with me about the updates and progress of my loved one. The staff also have been very accommodating to my dads needs and helping him make this transition as easy as possible. He has been participating in the activities and has seemed to really be enjoying the meals they provide him.

Confusing Layout!

We did not like the Village at Lowry because it was dark and confusing. The place is shaped like an X and by the time we made it out of there we were so confused. It was not going to be a good fit for my father so we chose to go with another community.

A tour for mom

I toured this community. I liked that staff here, They did not have the care that we needed for my mom's needs for memory care. The have activities that are wonderful. The menu seemed to have a nice variety. I would recommend this community to other families to see for themselves.

There Is Many Things To Do

My mom has a beautiful living room and she was able to fit all her furniture in there. She is really excited about that ans she has a little kitchen area. She has gotten involved with activities like bingo, happy hour, exercises, and a pianist comes to play. She seems to be doing fine and enjoying the community. She is happy and I am happy too. I would recommend them.

Family Care

This is a great community for my grandmother. The staff is excellent and understanding. This community is clean and enjoyable. There are acvtivities offered. I would recommend this to others for great care.

Very Expensive Pet Deposit

We had a nice tour of this community. The main issue that disappointed us, was the pet deposit. They wanted and additional 1,200 dollars for her cat. My sister loves her cat very much. I thought that was kind of ridiculous for a pet deposit. It was a nice tour, but not the community for my sister and her cat.

Good Impression

When we toured the Village at Lowry we were immediately comfortable with the surroundings, the layout, the professional and friendly staff, and how happy the residents were. Right away felt that this would be an ideal fit for our family member.

Village at Lowry is a clean community and it gets my recommendation!!

Everything is going fine with my grandma at this community. The staff are very friendly and they have done a great job of helping her feel welcomed. They are encouraging her to participate in some of the tons of activities they offer. The food tastes good and they offer a variety of healthy choices.

No Problems

We are very happy with the care this community gives to my dad. The staff are very friendly and helpful, I have no complaints about them. My dad has been doing physical therapy through the facility. My dad must like the food because he has not complainede yet.

A great find for mom

I selected VAL because of its location (10 minutes from home) the amazing welcome we received from staff AND the residents, the variety of activities, their ability to shuttle her to her doctor appointments so she can keep her primary care doctor, their experience with dementia sufferers, the amazing 1/2 price for the first 4 months (!) Incentive, and most importantly the fact that mom reacted positively. She has liked it so far! I am concerned that for such a large facility, there is only one nurse on premises over the weekends. Also, mom gets turned around trying to find her way which is easy for me to do given the layout. Not easy to navigate when your older. But it is clean and welcoming so all in all a good pick for the first (and hopefully the last) such decision.

Good to Bad to Worse

Initially my mother was quite pleased with the meal service here. However, it has gradually and consistently deteriorated to the point now that she dreads going to the dining room. Hot foods are not hot. The kitchen constantly is out of basics, such as fresh fruit. Service is lacking. The dining room floor space is entirely inadequate for the number of wheelchairs. I have become concerned, and we are now looking for alternatives.

A Good Move For My Friend

My friend is doing very well, and I'am satisfied with everything this community has done for us. This was a good move for her. The facility is very well maintained, her room is nice and clean when I visit. They are treating her very well. There are activities offered for the residents. They do serve well balanced meals. I know she is safe and I'am confident about the care she is receiving. I would recommend this facility.

Very Helpful Staff

My mother seems to be doing very well at this community. The community looks great and very clean. The staff is wonderful and very helpful with everything. She is trying some new activities and that is nice to see. The food is good, she enjoys the meals. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this community.

Little Bumpy At First

It was a little bit bumpy at first but things have smoothed over since then. We are very pleased with the services and the community, everybody has been good. The community is very nice looking and very well maintained. The staff I would say 90 % of them is really good and the others not so much. The food is good, but the service is a little slow. I really feel they are taking good care of my mother-in-law here and I would recommend it.

A committed and caring community

About three weeks ago I had to place my wife in the memory care unit at Lowery because of rapidly progressive dementia. To me at this point the most important aspect of her care has been the commitment of the staff to the physical and emotional well being of their patients. As I became acquainted with the staff members during the transition phase as she settled in, it struck me how consistently they seemed happy in their job. I am a retired physician, and I can vouch that I have met all too many employees at other institutions who were not at all happy in their work. Dementia care is difficult and frustrating and certainly not for everyone, and the transition for caregivers like myself is full of uncertainties and worry. The transition for me has been eased considerably in the knowledge that my wife is in good hands in every sense of the word.

need more staff

They need a little more staff for the residents. They're shorthanded.


They are going fine. The staff is great and very attentive. The facility is clean and well maintained. There are plenty of activities for the residents to choose from. Things are perfect here and we are pleased.

Doing What They Can

The Village at Lowry is a good place to stay at for my loved one and I think that they do the best that they can and they are really trying, it is just that they are dealing with a lot of older people there.

They were very dishonest from the beginning. The food is not good. Did not do a good job in caring for my dad. I have him at another location.

She is happy there

I think they have done extremely well with everything. I am there every week and I talk to her everyday. She is happy there. She has fallen a couple of times, but that is not the facility's fault. I had a hard time finding a facility in the beginning, but I am glad I went with this one.

Good property

Care for seniors who very high. They have lots of activities but they don't lend well to people who aren't as mobile.

An Okay Facility

The check-in and sign-up went very, very well. Since that time, things are okay. Their medication is okay and their book keeping is okay. There is just no wow factor there that I can see. But I think my mother is safe and in reasonably in good hands.

Comparatively Superior

In comparison to the other places we looked, this place was much nicer. They have more activities and the people that live there look like they are engaged, which was appealing. They were lacking in following through with what they said they were going to do though. If you bugged them enough, they got it done, but I just expected something quicker.

Nice place reasonable price for service

Most of the staff is delightfully energetic. Rudy from maintenance is very nice and helpful always. Josh at front desk also enjoyable. Nice and professional as are Judy and Cindy. The studio is small but comfortable and clean. Activities could be more diverse but are ok.

A vibrant community

It is a vibrant community with many options available for residents to stay active and engaged in life. My overall rating of this property is 4 stars because it has been very good. It has a nice and friendly atmosphere. They have a lot of different activities to keep the residents busy. I can't rate the care services because it is not applicable. Overall, this is a very nice community and I would recommend it.

It has been a great experience for me and her so far. The take initiated in each and every person. They have a few activities and the food is good. It is kind of on the expensive side but you also pay for what your getting. I dont really have any complaints right now.

Clean Place

Glad we chose this facility.

Nice place, overall

Overall I think things have gone well with Village at Lowry. The facility itself is nice looking, well kept, and clean. The staff have all been friendly, and they do a good job looking after the people who live here. One issue that we have run into is miscommunication regard information, depending on who you ask you will get different answers to the same question. But overall it is a nice place, and worth a look if you're looking into care in the area.

pleasant place

One thing I have noticed about the Village at Lowry is that they seem to be a little understaffed. Other than that everything has been great. Everyone there is just so pleasant, and they are really glad to be there.

Great place, but perhaps understaffed?

we are still evaluating the Village at Lowry. It seems the eating schedule is a little different. I don't think they have a set schedule. My Mom wasn't sure when dinner time was and she happened to walk into the dining room, where everyone was eating already and were almost done and she wasn't able to get any food at all, because she was late... She said she didn't say anything. Perhaps they are a little understaffed. There are some issues that we are resolving that we are working through.

Eating schedules are weird. Disorgani...

Eating schedules are weird. Disorganized. Unerstaffed

activity oriented

It’s very, very activity oriented, there are lots of things to do right outside of the facility, so even if your loved one – there is so many things to do. I have tried the food – it is decent. What’s great about this place – instead of a cafeteria style dining – it’s more restaurant like. The servers have bow ties and everything. There are lots of choices for the residents.

Excellent community

Everything is fantastic! Fives all the way! The only thing is the food. The portion size is a little small. They’ve scaled back on portion size a little bit. I really feel that it is a very caring staff. It’s very clean. We’re very happy with this community.

Out of five I give them ten!

Out of five I give them ten! We are happy, so far so good. The staff is very friendly, the friendliness is really what stands out. The sales staff was good, they didn't over promise and under-deliver. I didn't feel like I was being set up. This place really felt right. They really worked with us with our insurance. They made it easy on us, and that's important. Ryan is particularly good at her job, I didn't get the feeling that they were just trying to get people in either, it seems this is just how they are.

My Dad is happy with it so I'm happy.

My Dad is happy with it so I'm happy.

Nice and Friendly but Understaffed

I have mixed emotions about them right now but I want to be fair. We paid for a lot of services that we found out we weren't getting. I just feel that as an overall, for all communities, that they are constantly understaffed. I think the people there are really friendly. It's a nice place and there are a lot of people there that are happy. They do the best job they can to make sure everyone is taken care of and happy.

If you're paying for showers and things like that, make sure they're getting done and make sure the place is getting cleaned. I think it's a nice place but - I think this is true for everywhere - they always make it sound like they can do everything for you and that's just not a reality. There are lots of people to take care of and some people need more than others.

Ryan was awesome. This is ...

Ryan was awesome. This is a very nice facility, but I need a secure Alzheimer facility for my Dad. I wish I could afford the private pay to place my Dad here. I will certainly recommend this facility.

This is the one! The apt. is perfect....

This is the one! The apt. is perfect....and I know my dad could thrive here. I really liked the Director. She was very easy for me to talk to.

I liked this facility most. I enjoyed...

I liked this facility most. I enjoyed the short tour and information director gave. If I decide that he is ready for a facility. This will be my first choice.

On Alissa's list; piano ok; continuum...

On Alissa's list; piano ok; continuum of care without moving; mind and body fitness program "Livewell" doesn't include phone or cable;

Liked very much---more in price range...

Liked very much---more in price range 2500-4000. Indep units have private outdoor access.

From the Community

Brookdale Lowry is an exclusive senior living community in Denver, Colorado, offering Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Located in one of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Brookdale Lowry features a valued location with convenient access to shopping, restaurants, banking and physicians’ offices.

Our community is part of the newly redeveloped Lowry Air Force Base area of Denver. Our campus is across the street from a public library, close to the VA hospital, and within walking distance of a major grocery store. Our apartment-style community offers all conveniences of home without any of the work. Brookdale features its own café, beauty salon, fitness center, theater, library, chapel and events center.