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Customer Reviews

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Very caring staff

I've never felt compelled to write a review before, but after what I've experienced here lately I had to let everyone know how amazing their staff is. My Mom feels so loved and cared for here. She lived at three other communities and was very unhappy with the level of service. At Brookdale Denver she feels her voice is heard, and most importantly safe. Highly recommended.

Nice home, clean, good people. Pricing better than Lincoln Meadows by a long shot. Base pricing is very important because I can see mom needing extra care on a number of things, if not now, in the near future. Those extra costs will add up very quickly.

We are likely to choose this facility for a number of reasons. It is warm, homey, friendly and our family member will likely enjoy the residents at this facility. It is located in a quiet, peaceful area which he will also appreciate.


This is not a community you want to send anyone to who you love. The community is simply riddled with so many problems that management choses to ignore. These issues include: Months of residents using the backup elevator because the passenger elevator has been out of order for months; The community's ED resigned or was fired 2 months ago leaving a ship sailing without direction; Both kitchens in skilled nursing and the assisted living are infested with roaches for a year; There is no full-time community van. The driver who served the community for years was questionably fired and transportation is sporadic at best; Assisted living laundry services are sporadic as there are only 2 working washing machines, etc. This is a sad place for anyone to call home!

Do Not believe any promises Brookdale makes; it is only to get you in the door and get at your money!

I am an R.N. who has worked in a dozen or so local nursing facilitites over the years. I never worked at Brookdale before their last buy out by another company, but had parents living at Brookdale. All the services promised; ie transportation, engaging activities, timely response to call lights etc, are all empty promises.
Both of my parents have been moved out of Brookdale at Rosylyn. I have spoken with numerous nurses, cna's and other staff, as well many residents and their middle aged children. The great majority of these people have very negative statements regarding chronic understaffing, staff turnover, and simply put: SUBSTANDARD care especially since they are private pay. As soon as you spend your life savings there, Brookdale will kick you out because they do not want to accept the lower medicaid reimbursement.
My father was given the boot after spending close to a million dollars there at the age of 91. Oh yes, this company is going downhill so fast that no one should consider wasting their money for such poor service.

Seemed more nursing home like.
Spread out, more difficult to navigate

The tour was great, I was shown all the main facilities, the different bedrooms and their prices. I was given the cost of most of my husbands requirements. [name removed] and assistant were most helpful. This is the place my husband would like to stay. We are checking out our situation, and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again.

One of the best Skilled Nursing Centers in Denver

This is one of the best if not the best Skilled Nursing Centers in the Denver Area.
They took very good care of our mom, especially [Name removed] the social worker there. They have a beautiful facility and wonderful staff. We highly recommend them and want to thank them for all that did.

Definitely Recommended

I used to live at Brookdale, and I loved it. It's a smaller community, but it is really nice. I was an ambassador here, and I loved meeting the new residents and taking them around to the dining room and the activities. It was just such a friendly, lively community. Definitely recommended.

Friendly Staff

The reason why I chose Brookdale for my aunt is because she would get a chance to be more active compared to where she was living before. Before Brookdale Denver my aunt was not allowed to go on outings because she would require too much help. Here there are many activities provided that she could participate in. They post a flier in their elevators of the activities that are happening daily. They update these fliers monthly. There are physical activities, entertainment, and things like that. The other residents that are there seem friendly. They had a woman who the staff named an ambassador because she lived there for a certain number of years. She came to greet my aunt when she first came in to welcome her. One thing about their administrative staff is that I faced issues with my billing. I found out for my first month they tried to charge me for things that I wasn’t aware of. They did not discuss this to me prior to me signing the papers for my aunt to live there. Majority of their staff team are friendly and I think it has gotten better that they are routinely checking in on my aunt to assist her with things.

New management is fixing things up

My loved one is here currently and we had a few issues at the beginning but things are starting to work out. We finally had to go and make several meetings with the director in order to get it straightened out. My loved one wasn’t placed in the right area or assessed properly at the beginning, but seems to be a bit better now. They’ve told us that they’ve been trying to fix a few things from the previous management. The skilled nursing part of the facility is a lot better than the assisted living section and I think it was mainly a miscommunication issue. They have a lot more nurses and people involved and walking around in the skilled nursing side and they’re helping keep her properly medicated for pain. They have the same things all the time on the menu for dinner and then add on extras if you want it. Overall, if your loved one is properly assessed, then yes I would recommend them.

Not to our standards

Brookdale Denver was an older establishment. The staff was friendly and gave us a lot of information about what they could provide for my loved one. It did not seem as well-kept as some of the other communities that we looked at.

Convient Location For Us

Things are not going as well as we had expected. My friend had been doing great in the assisted living portion of the community she was very active and taking walks outside in the secure courtyard but things to a very rapid change and she is no longer the happy person she once was. Due to lack of judgment from various of people my friend is now in the memory care portion of the community and she hates it. She is no longer able to do things as she was she has become very depressed. The community is doing their best to see if another evaluation can be done about moving her back to where she was.

A bigger community for care

I liked the tour at this community. We were happy with the friendly staff who were able to answer the questions that we had. The community was not as big as we wanted. The menu was nice and the list of activities would have been helpful. We would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a family member.

Lousy, Lousy, LOUSY!!!!!!!!!

I stayed at this facility for 22 days in October 2016. it was understaffed and ill-equipped to handle someone with disabilities such as mine. The gym is a joke there are four pieces of equipment to use. I needed to learn how to walk again and all they had were parallel bars that did not adjust to accommodate my oversized wheelchair. [Removed] the physical therapist is rude and can be [Removed]. Every time I left the room in my wheel chair to go down the hall and get out of my room a CNA, a nurse or someone else would take me back to my room for some BS reason. [Removed] a nurse, I had was a bully. When I refused to take Coumadin she had a fit and repeatedly tried to force me to take the drug which is against the law. One night I had terrible chest pain that went clear through to my back. I was vomiting, had a terrible migraine and I could not urinate. [Removed] put a catheter in to drain my bladder and in doing so she caused my bladder to collapse. I asked [Removed] to get the charge nurse because I thought I might be having a heart attack. She told me the charge nurse was “busy” I waited half and hour still no charge nurse so I called the nurses station on the phone [Removed] answered and I gave her an ultimatum either you call 911 or I will. I went to the hospital and it was found that I had a severe UTI (caused by their not keeping my peri region clean, 2 ulcers in my thorat and one in my stomach, a blockage in my bowel and my bladder had collapsed. I would not recommend this facility to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friendly staff....

My father was at Brookdale Roslyn for a respite stay and it was a pretty good experience. From what I could tell, the staff was friendly and accommodating. When I picked him up, it was around 3 PM and they still had not fed him lunch. Also, they lost a piece of clothing that was not returned.

I like living in this community. They need more assistance in the dining area. I think they need some improvements. The food at times is cold when served. The community is very clean. I am offered activities. I like living here and would recommend this community to other families. I think that a few improvements could be made, but it is a good home and good value

Just Don't...

From 2014 to 2016 I had two family members at Brookdale Roslyn, (originally Emeritus) both in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. One ended in a tragic and suspicious death and another in unnecessary eviction (which, curiously, turned out to be the best thing that has transpired through the ongoing months of turmoil and grief dealing with the facility and the Corporation.).

Beware, and consider that they are a huge, nationwide, for-profit entity and, to truly have your loved one cared for properly, please, look to a different formula than what Brookdale Senior Living offers.

The staff are amazing they communicate very well with my mother. Any concerns that i have they will make sure they fix the problem and make accommodations. They also had a promising look throughout the property. Everything was very well maintained and have been properly taken care of for the residents. I enjoyed my visit to this location and would advise anyone to take a look at this community.

Mother's New Home

I am happy with the care that my mom is getting here. The staff is very caring and helpful with my mother just settling in. The community is very clean and taken care of. The menu is excellent with a good variety of great meals. I would recommend the over all care here and value to families.

Tender Loving Care!!

The staff are amazing they communicate very well with my mother. Any concerns that i have they will make sure they fix the problem and they also do follow up as well. My mother likes listening to music, painting, and has gone on a couple of the lunch out dates that they offer. Overall, i feel like this is a wonderful place for her and would recommend it.

Responsive Staff

My sister was here at this community for a short time, before she fall and broker her hip. We were very impressed with how quick they responded to helping her. They called me right away and informed me of everything. She was still adjusting to the community before her fall. It is a good community. They have a quick responsive staff.

Stear clear of Brookdale Facilities!

This was where we moved both of my parents in October 2014. They needed different levels of care so they were each in their own apartment. First off, we had trouble from the very beginning with things not being fixed in my Mother's place as promised they would be. She had to use a walker at all times and there was a 2 inch lift between bathroom door way. Needless to say, she fell because of it. She fell several times in her room because she would call for assistance to use the restroom and 20 minutes would go by and still no one was there. She would try to make it on her own and ended up in the er a few times with staples having to be put in her head. And only after Mom living there less than 2 months, they now tell me that she has to move to the memory care unit, which is a lock down unit. First she doesn't have dementia, second she's not going to be near my Dad, and third it doubled the cost of her rent. But they said she would get better care there so I agreed. Oh no! What a joke. My mother quit drinking water because she said then I will have to urinate and they won't take me to the bathroom. She also told me that one of the RA'S were very rough with her. After reporting this to the director, and the police coming out nothing was ever resolved. However, two weeks later, come to find out there were 2 employees there that were fired because of abuse. But it was all kept hush hush. After my Mom was in memory care for 2 months, they called me in for a meeting and informed me that they could no longer care for my Mom and we needed to find somewhere else for her to live. I was stunned! This is the place that when I toured seemed so great and they told me that with the different levels of care they offered, we would never have to move my parents out of this facility. Now less than 6 months and I have to find her a new home. As if the first move wasn't hard enough on my parents! But it was a blessing in the long run because I found an amazing facility that has truly taken good care of my Mom and never neglects her. She has been there for 18 months now. And what a blessing they have been!
Now....about my Dad's stay at Brookdale. My goodness! My Dad was very independent and did not need much assistance. He was in charge of his own medications as well. First off though, the food was horrible! He absolutely hated it. So I brought him food all the time or he cooked with his microwave (that we provided because they never got him one as promised). Because he was so independent, he definitely got neglected there. Sometimes he would not see any staff members until dinner time, when they would see if he wanted food. All he really ever ate there was the icecream. But many days, no one would come in and make his bed or empty his trash until we called for them too. He didn't like to make a fuss but I knew we were paying for this service and it ought to be done without having to ask. And for the record, they were supposed to be checking in on him at least every two hours. That never happened the entire time he lived there. Well, to make a long story short, one Monday back in August of 2015, one of the RA'S brought my Dad a bowl of ice cream at 6:30 pm. (My Dad suffered with lung cancer in the past and copd for 12 years.) I got a call at 8:30 the next morning telling me they found my Dad on the floor and that he had passed away. I was in disbelief! I was with him just the day before and he was doing fine. Well aparantly he fell and God knows how long he laid there before his struggle was too much. But the fact that no one had ever bothered to check on him in over 14 hours was amazing to me! But the real kicker was when I received a bill from them for my Dad's rent for the next month. He died on the 25th. I called and spoke to the director, and he informed my that we are responsible for two weeks rent because we did not give a proper notice to vacate....what???? My Daddy died there I said. He still claimed in the lease that it states we owe 2 weeks worth of rent. I told him he was never going to get another dime from me and if he wants to take this court I'd be happy to inform them of all the violations they did according to the lease. Thankfully it ended there.
Now, I do have to say that there are some really good RA's and nurses that work there. And some bad ones too. But there were several that I grew to love. But they were so understaffed it was ridiculous. The resident/caregiver ratio was insanely large. There is no way they can properly care for that many people at the same time. But that is a Brookdale thing. Trust me, they are so corporate and greedy. When you tour a brookdale facility, it may look pretty, and they will feed you with a bunch of bs. Take my advice, and don't learn the hard way. Your loved ones deserve so much better than these corporate thieves!

My Mother Is Doing Well

My mother is doing well here at community. They are caring for her and needs pretty well. It is a very well maintained community. The staff have been very good to work with. They do offer activities for their residents. The food is fair, they do serve well balanced meals. I'am comfortable with the care they provided. I would recommend this facility.

Well my first hand experience was not so good. Communication was slight. We were shown one room and then told new carpet and etc were going to be done by the end of the week. Our friend was 2 1/2 weeks in a temporary room after being promised to be in her own room within a few days. After we were told the room was finished it apparently was not the room that we were showed when selecting this place for our friend.
The staff nurses however have been wonderful.
Transition for any elderly is hard not only for them but for those who must place them there also. Sometimes frustration is high, tempers short, and when needs are not being met as promised it causes undo stress and negative feelings.

Wonderful Rehab

I was at Brookdale Roslyn for over five weeks. I'd had major surgeries and needed a sub-acute rehab. The staff are amazing, the nurses, cna's, the physical and occupational therapists encouraging, while keeping to Medicare rehab standards. I entered on a stretcher and left in a wheelchair - having learned to sit up, stand and begin to walk again. I gained enough strength to move to an acute rehab for three hours of therapy a day.
The only thing I didn't like was the food - too soft, mushy and processed for a raw food type person. The kitchen staff were great, and they tried to accommodate.
I believe Brookdale Roslyn is the platinium standard for rehab and nursing care.

Not at all happy

Set at one price, then raised over [removed] in only 3 days. Also wanted [removed] to hand out medication. Would have been over [removed] a month. Also, they missed giving him 2 days of medication. Told parent needed total care. This was false. Parent walks and can give own medication. I feel they were over pricing and just taking advantage of people, after they move in. Getting anybody to return calls was just a joke. Very unprofessional. I feel we were lied to, and would not recommend this facility for your loved ones.

Very Good Job Overall

Well, I think overall the staff at Brookdale Roslyn has done a very, very good job with my loved one. There really is not anything else to say about the place that I can think of off the top of my head.

very friendly

We have a very high opinion of Brookdale Roslyn. The facility is very clean and well kept. All the staff are very friendly. We have known good staff and bad staff, and we are very impressed with this staff. They are very cooperative and easy to work with. The food is very good as well. It has been an all around positive experience.

I would say their care and communication is excellent. I would say the marketing office probably needs to be more formalized and better communicate with each other. W[e] had a few glitches with that. My father is there on respite, so the value, in terms of how much we are paying and the level of care in terms of physical therapy, has been excellent and he is doing better than he has in several years and we are thrilled to death with that.

I was happy with it

My aunt was only there for like 4 or 5 days and then she passed away. From what I saw it was really good. They were nice and very friendly. They were also very helpful. I was extremely grateful. I was happy with it. The residents seemed to be very happy as well. The facility itself was very clean. There were no odors. The value was also excellent for what you get here. Overall, it was a very good experience.

A Real NIce Community with Good Food

A real nice community. The best choice for us. Better than others. The Food is really Good.

5 Stars

They are treating me very well, things are fine.

Older building, not as nice as some.

This is one of the places I toured as I was looking for options. I felt like the building was a little older and not as nice as some of the other places I was looking at. The people were friendly and it was clean.

My aunt has passed, and she wasn't th...

My aunt has passed, and she wasn't there for very long, but we have nothing but the highest regard for Emeritus. We loved the place. For the time that she was there, I cannot express,.. I love those people. They were caring, considerate, truly compassionate always helping us through difficult times with words of wisdom, All of my brothers agreed.

The activities director is phenomenal, so dedicated and so caring.

The marketing rep there, I almost felt like I've known her for years. We had corresponded since summer.

None of us ever experienced anything negative. It was just wonderful. We were so happy that we picked Emeritus.

My experience with Emeritus at Roslyn...

My experience with Emeritus at Roslyn had been good. The staff is very caring, and attentive to my father; his needs are met. The facility is very clean, and the food is pretty good too.

Friendly Staff

The staff is incredibly friendly and caring, they are what sets Emeritus apart from the other places we saw. I will say that we have had to engage our loved one more in the activities than we had anticipated. The first month that the resident is there, they are not quite as hands on as they typically say in the sales process. We have had to do a lot more of the making sure he is getting signed up for things and getting involved than we thought we would have to.

Communication issues

We were not informed of the need for a medical review and the need for a PPD test until a few days before the move. Unfortunately there was a turn over in personnel between when we toured and when we moved my mother to the facility which may have affected the communication process

We are really happy with the choice t...

We are really happy with the choice to move our loved one to Emeritus! She hasn't really participated in any of the activities, but I see that other people are doing them. We really just picked Emeritus because it was the full package and exactly what we were looking for! Very nice place!

Very friendly, professional...

Very friendly, professional, and clean. Looks to be well run institution with caring attitude. Appreciated the range of care available to residents and their families.

Different levels of care

We chose Emeritus because they offer different levels of care, specifically for our situation we were looking for assisted living and nursing care. They seemed to have a good reputation when looking around we had seen good reviews on them. They were also within our budget. We have been having some issues with them and hope to get them resolved quickly.

From the Community

Located just minutes from major shopping areas, a prestigious golf course and close to four hospitals, Brookdale at Roslyn is not in a major thoroughfare but close enough to a wide selection of amenities such as Whole Foods and the new Target at Tamarac. Our community stands on almost five acres in a quiet area with spectacular mountain views where our residents can sit outside and enjoy the splendor. We pride ourselves in our customer service, our care and our variety of programs that offer choices for our residents. We believe in offering our residents as much independence as they desire but as much support as they need, so we truly respect their dignity. Our community includes assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing all under one roof.

Step into a Brookdale Assisted Living community and you can’t help but feel at home. We stop at nothing to make your experience warm and inviting, from our homelike exterior architecture, to our comfortable community areas and choice of suites to our exceptional outdoor gardens and landscaping. Look around and you’ll notice fresh flowers throughout the residence, and you may even spot our dog or our cat. And of course, there are always the friendly smiling faces of our staff to ensure that each day spent here is a welcome one.