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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

We would not recommend, what was "sold" is not what is provided. If you are considering this place definitely get EVERYTHING in writing as literally every "service" is vague (maybe purposely so they can charge more for everything)and what the salesperson tells you is Not what you will get. If your loved one needs extra care hire your own outside caregiver to come in. Huge disconnect here and the "Health and wellness" manager is not only not trustworthy but is disconnected an unaware of the needs of residents, we were not notified of health changes and falls, have to constantly remind them of "services" that are being paid for but not done. Its a big job here to keep an eye on things and remind care-givers etc of what our loved one needs. This is a place for mobile independent elders NOT for those that need a lot extra help. Also the billing is ridiculously difficult and never right,everything is generic and vague as far as "services" and even the billing dept. admits its very hard to understand charges.

We would not recommend, what was "sold" is not at all what is provided. If you are considering this place definitely get EVERYTHING in writing as literally every "service" is vague (maybe purposely so they can charge more for everything)and what the salesperson tells you is Not what you will get. If your loved one needs extra care hire your own outside caregiver to come in. Huge disconnect here and the "Heath and wellness" director is not only dishonest but is completely disconnected an unaware of the needs of residents, we were not notified of health changes and falls, have to constantly remind them of "services" that are being paid for but not done. Its a full time job here to keep an eye on things and remind care-givers etc of what our loved one needs. This is a place for mobile independent elders NOT for those that need extra help. Also the billing is ridiculously difficult and never right,everything is generic and vague as far as "services" and even the billing dept. admits its very hard to understand charges.

The rating is for mgmt and how the place is run not the staff who for the most part are caring and friendly although there is a language barrier with some. This is a place for independent mobile elders,not for those who need extra won't happen. also the "health wellness" woman is very disconnected from care givers etc and her answer to every issue is for resident to pay more. What is "sold" by salesperson is not what you get here, we would not recommend and are in search of another place. A very confusing frustrating experience for us

Building and rooms are very nice. Staff is friendly and helpful. Only complaint is a very steep community fee.

We loved it! My sister and I agreed that this is the place for my honey (my wife).it is new and bright... just the right size... max of 26 residents if all 13 rooms are shared. All the caregivers are women and they have all been trained in caring for Alzheimer’s patients. Rooms are spacious and the bathrooms are the best... comfortable and easy for the caregivers to help the residents take a shower.

I am starting the paperwork tomorrow.
It only took me 15 minutes to to get there from home!

I highly recommend

I highly recommend this facility to other families looking for a location for their loved ones. The staff team held my hand and took the time to go through everything with me. They have an Alzheimer’s support group, plenty of activities, and a nice dining area. From what I have seen they have a variety of choices. For the activities the staff takes their resident’s to random outings like movies and restaurants. They also offer transportation services for those wanting a ride to their doctor’s appointments.

The room is one price, everything else is extra

I took a tour here when I was trying to find a place for my loved one and I felt like maybe we wasted each other’s time. I was told that the room was one price at the beginning of the tour, but then everything else is a la cart almost, like everything is an additional cost. I kind of wish they had been straight forward about that at the very beginning. The person that gave me the tour seemed knowledgeable and nice, so there’s nothing bad to say about them in that aspect. The facility looked a lot nicer than some other places, but there was a big price difference.

Such A Wonderful Place

I am beyond thrilled at how well my husband is doing here. He has surprised me in how well he has adjusted to his new surroundings. He is starting to mingle and interact with the other residents. He is doing some of the activities he is physically able to do he is just enjoying himself there which makes me extremely happy. He loves the food. The staff is amazing they are so nice and kind very accommodating. The community itself is lovely very bright and clean. I may have chosen another community over this one but because at the time they were offering a move in special I couldn't pass it up especially considering this community is much further than I wanted to travel.

The Community We Picked

Everything her is good and I like the for my friend. It is better for her than being home. She is around more people and they make sure she is in the dining room to eat her meals. They are more conveniently located and actually down the street from me.

Although we were looking for more in home care,[Removed] was very helpful in my research. The facility is well maintained. The attentive staff greets everyone when they see them.
I even got an unsolicited recommendation for Brookdale from one of the residents!

My Walk In Visit Here

When I was able to stop by and see the community the staff were able to set up a tour as a walk in. They were accommodating with their time. I thought they were a good community and the staff were good from what I saw. I also noticed the community was located within a busy intersection. There were noises and lights around the community. Even though I was a walk in and the person in charge of tours was not there I got an eye full to decide this was not a good fit.

Mom really like this place. The residents are friendly and seem happy. More affordable. A little older, but clean. One to consider

Beautiful community

We toured this community when looking for my mother and it was great. The staff was friendly and able to answer all of our questions. The community was beautiful and well kept up. The problem was it was a little high and out of our price range. We decided another community but this is definitely a good option for those who can afford it.

Tour for care

We toured this community and was happy with the staff. We were looking for a community with memory care that would be good for my mom. I would recommend this community to others from the tour and found the community to be clean and maintained.

Amazing community!!

I am so over pleased with the experience my parents have had with this community so far. I was in a time pinch when I found out how long I had to find a place for my parents and this facility really came through for me and made life a lot easier. My favorite thing they offer is the great medicine management and organization skills the staff have, It is very vital that my parents stay on top of there medicines and doses are on time and not missed and they have been so officiant with making sure that it is accurately done. My parents are often telling me that they feel like they are on vacation between all of the amenities and the amazing chef as well as the laundry services that are provided for them. Overall amazing place!!

A Good Honest Tour

When we were here for a tour the experience with getting information, pricing, and assessment went well. My father-in-law needed more care and they could not take him.

Very nice place

Overall our experience with Brookdale Garden Grove has been a very good one! My loved one is really enjoying herself! The staff is friendly and professional, the facility is clean, and they do a great job with all of the activities and food. My only complaint is that I've had some issues with the billing department and it hasn't been easy getting those worked out.

Making Happiness Happen

My son is doing well at this community. He likes the community a lot. Every time we pick him he always seems to be happy. There are plenty of activities to keep him busy. He likes the meals very much and chef has got acquainted with him checking on his needs. We work very well with the staff and they are very, very nice. The supervision always seems to be available when needed.

Not a good bang for the buck

My mother was here for 5 years. She moved in when it was owned by [Removed]. It was better then than it is now. The prices for rent and care increase every January by about $200 - $250 no matter what for every tenant. SO after 2 years you will be paying on average $500.00 per month more than when you originally move in. With this increase the tenant does not receive better care or any added amenities.

The staff is fairly nice but they do not clean rooms or do laundry for the tenant very well. In fact they lose laundry items sometimes and just shrug their shoulders and don't care.

Staffing is limited. There are about 6 - 7 care givers on duty Monday - Friday from 6:00 am - 5:00 pm for about 120 residents.

The food is not good. Hot food comes to the table cold or just at room temperature. Not very good quality considering the expensive price of this place.

My mother has been moved to a new facility recently and receives much better food, care, cleanliness for about $275.00 less per month now than previously at Brookdale. Also she is locked in for life at that less price at the new place.

I strongly suggest that you look at many other places and see what you get for the money. This place looks good at first, then you find out what you really receive after your parent signs in.

The residents are very nice here. I only recommend having a loved one stay here if they are fully functional and do not need any assistance from the care givers, and have plenty of money.

Warm Welcome

My father moved to Brookdale Garden Grove very recently. He already is feeling better about having to leave his home. The staff is great. My dad said the food is very good. After being in rehab for a while he was afraid he would never enjoy food again. I would live there myself. Very nice location and beautiful patio with fountain. Studio apartment is very spacious.+

Brookdale Garden Grove Memory Care is awesome!

Brookdale in GG, CA Memory Care facility is absolutely wonderful! The Director Violet has been amazing in helping us and all the residents! Carol Ann who watches over the Memory Care unit has so much patience and compassion along with her staff! Miguel and Joel always go out of their way to help! Thank you for making this new season in our lives and Marilyn's an easy and wonderful transition!

Too far from my home. But, great tour with Libby. Clean, bright, happy feel. Nice, big rooms. Spacious, inviting dining area.

I Highly Recommend Brookdale Garden Grove

My sister and I visited about a dozen different assisted living communities. It was very apparent how happy and welcoming the residents were that we had found the right place for our mom. Libby, and the entire staff were very helpful and friendly. The facility was very cozy and from the smiles and warm hellos from the residents, it really makes you want to smile just being there. The rooms and common resident areas were very nice and we especially like their cheerful, bright dining area. The Grdaen Grove location of Brookdale was one of the last we visited and my mom is very excited to move in very soon. I would highly recommend this location to any other families. We have had my mom in another facility for about 4 years but it had many more residents and it just didn't have the cozy, welcoming feel as Brookdale Garden Grove did. We are very happy with our choice for mom.

Not a Caring Community

So far things are going okay here at Brookdale for my husband. I would like the staff to be more hands-on and more patient with him. I think they need to clean more. Sometimes when we visit him I have to clean his room, and I don't understand why I have to clean when there is housekeeping at the community. I don't feel this is a caring community, and I think the staff needs some type of sensitivity training for working with senior citizens.

We love Brookdale it's great!

We love Brookdale it's great! If five is the best, they get a five.

Seems fair in pricing. Having a bit of a problem with the one time community fee. But the real problem is my mom's poor health.

We chose this one. The main selling point for us was that the available apartment had a separate bedroom and a patio out onto a green area so it feels like going out in the backyard from the living room. Libby and Luz worked with us to make the process as smooth as possible due to an extremely short time frame to move in.

Older facility, higher overall energy. Farther from my parents home. Had good energy. Libby was also very concerned about my parents' well being. Libby+++.

My mother has only been in Brookdale Garden Grove for a couple of days. One area for improvement would be to give us a little more information. We did not know what questions we ought to ask, and because of that getting to know what we need to know has been a challenge.

Other than that it is really a wonderful places. I love the director, and all the people there have been extremely nice. They were very welcoming of my mother.

They are doing fine. I would rate them very highly.

They are doing fine. I would rate them very highly. Everything is good. The food would rate just as highly, the food is good as well.

We Love This Facility

We love the Brookdale Garden Grove. We haven't found any issues with it at all. It has been a great experience. Everything has been going great. This is an excellent community. It is very clean. Everyone is friendly.

Good Facility

Overall it has been a good experience and still is. They are taking care of my loved one really good. they give each elderly attention and help them whenever they need help. I dont have anything to complain about.

Overall A Great Experience

Overall it was a great experience they did help make the transition very easy. The staff is very good and my brother is very happy here.

Great Facility

Everyone was very caring for both me, looking for a facility for my dad, and for my dad as a patient. I liked their philosophy on memory care to join their journey and not to try to correct the patience. The memory care wing is fairly new and very clean. The staff is very kind and patient My dad seems to be flourishing at the Facility.

We moved, it wasn't the best experience I ever had.

We were here for a while. It was pretty and the people were nice, but the care was lacking. She did not get the attention she needed there. We moved, it wasn't the best experience I ever had.

really great job

They did a really great job welcoming us. When we got there to check in they had a board welcoming us by family name. They had a really great Christmas celebration this month. They have been really good helping us get acclimated into the facility.

My only complaint is that grandmother has complained about not getting enough food, and when she brought this to their attention they were not very nice about it.

My mom loves it there and when she is happy we all are happy!!!!

Thanks Emeritus

I love Emeritus... I only wish I would have moved my mom Jean Earixson in earlier!!! Everyone there from the kitchen help to the director treat my mom like she is part of their family. Every day when I talk to my mom she is excited about something going on there whether it is an outing with her friends or just helping do exercise class.

So thanks again for being part of making her life a happy one

Michelle Earixson-Lamothe

Good value for money, close to home, needs ability of patient to communicate with staff

I like that they get my grandmother out of bed every day and bring her to the diningroom for food, and to hang out with other people. She needs alot of help right now; she can't get out of bed by herself, she can't walk; she is confined to a wheelchair; it is alot of work.

What I don't like is that, they don't have any sort of system where she can call them; they just check on her every so often. My mom is more closely involved with her care.

For the money, she is getting pretty good care.

It is good value for the money. I looked at alot of places, and the amount of staff could be more.

My mother lives around the corner from Emeritus at Garden Manor; location was a main reason to keep her there.

Helpful and friendly staff!

We're very pleased with how things have gone with Emeritus at Garden Manor so far! It's a very nice looking community, and the staff have all been very friendly. They made the transition incredibly easy, they really bent over backwards to help us get her moved and settled in. They were happy to stay late and help us get her set up the night she flew in!


Everyone is very caring and friendly here. My Grandma moved in and they all remained caring & friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone who's looking for assisted living to check this place out.

I am incredibly happy with Emeritus. ...

I am incredibly happy with Emeritus. After looking at a few different places, this community impressed me the most and was the best fit for my mother. The location is great: close to family, and there are major hospitals in the area which gives a great peace of mind. It is really affordable for everything they offer. The care services are great, it is very clean, and the staff is exceptional. When we were visiting, they spoke directly to my mother and not primarily to me, which a lot of other places did not do. They took into account her wants, needs, and preferences. It is pet-friendly, there are open courtyards, and big windows, so the atmosphere is very nice. The residents seem genuinely happy, everyone is friendly, and the whole place is inviting. The food is very good as well. My mother is able to have a cup of tea and a snack in the afternoon, just as she likes. The only issue I see is with a lack of parking. Overall, I could not be happier with Emeritus!

I would never recommend this place or anything to do with this corporation.

It's horrible, the food is outrageous. It's all salt and preservatives, processed foods. They don't have anything for a diabetic option, they just give you less. I would never recommend this place or anything to do with this corporation.

Awesome Place

Emeritus has a friendly & warm atmosphere. All the workers are friendly and the people living there. This is what helped me decide on what place to pick. After my Grandma moved in, everyone remains very friendly & warm. There's lots of activities and the food is good. I highly recommend Emeritus to anyone looking for assisted living.

My loved one has only been at this community for a very short time.

My loved one has only been at this community for a very short time. It’s a very clean community. The staff is very friendly. So far, it’s a good value for the money. I think there are enough activities and enough variety to the activities offered.

The staff is very loving and caring.

The staff is very loving and caring. I hear the food is good, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it myself. Parking is limited which is really my only beef with this community. There are a lot of activities which is really good for residents.

Lovely community. Clean, fr...

Lovely community. Clean, friendly environment. Libby and Brian are FABULOUS! They helped me more than I could have hoped for during the time of my tour and information meeting. I'm in the process of selecting 3 communities for my aunt to choose from to be her home. This will definitely be one of them!

Everything is just great! Total 5! I ...

Everything is just great! Total 5! I really can't think of a single thing that needs to be improved. They are doing really good, and it's working out well. The price is comprable to others in the area. We really just loved the staff! They are so warm and welcoming and that was a really good thing for us.

A real Gem

They are amazing. We have been working together to find the right fit for my dad. He started out in assisted living and now is in the memory care unit. Each step has been made easier by caring staff at Garden Manor.

i was well pleased with the cleanline...

i was well pleased with the cleanliness and friendship .
to be honest i feel they could use a llittle more help in the caretaker aspect as because several time s more people needed assistance than was available.
the personnel are great and always willing to help.

Nice Place For My Mom To Live

The meals are pretty good. The housekeeping is good.
The laundry...there are a few issues but overall everything is good. Sometimes they forget to do her laundry or they take it and don't bring it back. Sometimes they bring back other things that are not hers.

The activities seem to be very good. They have games, they do exercising, movies, they go out to the grocery store once a week and the library once a week. They go out to lunch, at least one Friday a month they do a casino trip or something like that. This month they're going up to apple country. There are lots of activities.

My mom has gotten really good care and I think they are doing a really good job except for the laundry. It seems to be a very nice place for my mom to live. It's really light inside the building well kept.


They're wonderful! Everything is wonderful. The people and the care and the cleanliness - all of it is wonderful. They have all kind of activities for the residents. They have painting, they have bingo, yatzee, they go to Wal-Mart, casinos, and other outings- they do a lot of things The meals are wonderful. I liked that it wasn't very big and everyone was friendly and they still are friendly. I like the set up - the courtyard and where the rooms are. I just felt it was safe for my sister. She's doing well there.

Couldn't meet care needs

This one was very nice, peop'e were very helpful and I would have kept her there but the memory care wasn't up and running yet. When we put her there she was in independent living and after two ro three days they wanted to move her to memory care whcih was strange since she had been in independent lviing for years and I knew that eventually she would have to move on but they weren't able to handle her there. Since they didn't have memory care yet we had to take her to another one.

Nice Staff, Good Food

It was nice but it wasn't as nice as the Emeritus we chose. It did not have any one bedrooms available and my mom didn't want a studio. The lady was really nice and we had lunch there and that was really nice too. The food was good.

Wonderful, but beyond our b...

Wonderful, but beyond our budget

Extremely Great Community

The Emeritus is a great community. I was extremely impressed by them and just everyone there. The have a lot of activities and they do not all take place on the property. They actually take the residents off of the property for some activities, they recently took them to the very first lighthouse built in California and had a picnic there. The staff and the residents try to find out information about new residents so that they can make them feel welcomed. We are saddened that my mom will not be able to stay here because she needs a higher level of care. I would highly recommend Emeritus to anyone.

Older facility but renovati...

Older facility but renovation in process. Homey atmosphere...residents appeared very happy---staff has amazing longevity! Lunch smelled great! Had Rudy's salad bar. Libby was super nice, warm & helpful. Consider for future needed respite stay @ $150/day with only one week minimum.

FAVORITE~ On waiting list for one bed...

FAVORITE~ On waiting list for one bedroom as things come together. 515sq feet for 1 bedroom - PERFECT!

visited. nice - possibly affordable

visited. nice - possibly affordable

Nice..Will consider

Nice..Will consider

Certainly a poss. larger rooms more e...

Certainly a poss. larger rooms more expensive. "kitchenette" (sink) V. good followup super nice staff/. No longer a possibility since I found the top four elsewhere. But nice.

Mom like this one and Vista Del Mar.

Mom like this one and Vista Del Mar.

Met with director for tour. We were v...

Met with director for tour. We were very impressed with this community and I believe she would be comfortable here.

Went here yesterday and the room they...

Went here yesterday and the room they have to offer is nice especially the roll in shower, but no pool on property and none close by, and no others in my age group

It was nice, very nice people. Withi...

It was nice, very nice people. Within the budget.

From the Community

Brookdale Garden Grove offers exceptional Memory Care and Assisted Living inGarden Grove, California. We are close to many parks, civic centers, shopping malls, Disneyland and close to leading Orange County hospitals.

At Brookdale Garden Grove we encourage our resident's to stay active. We value our resident's opinions and use their input to plan engaging activates. We provide social, mental, spiritual, physical, cultural and creative activities, including:

Wii games
High tea
Bible study
Guest entertainers

In addition to our onsite activities, we also go on many weekly offsite excursions to places, such as:

The Getty Museum
Pala Gambling Casino
Lunch and movie outings
Local stores and restaurants

Brookdale Garden Grove is a homey two-story building offering both studios and one-bedroom apartments, all of which surround the center courtyard with a fountain and large patio space. Our community also features its own dog park!

We work to nurture personal and individualized relationships with each one of our residents. Our experienced staff is passionate about providing the best care possible, ensuring our residents are cared for like family.