Brookdale Fairfield - Fairfield, CA

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call

Customer Reviews

I was really impressed by the facilities and staff. This is on my short list.

Nice Tour!!

I have no complaints of how things had went during my tour of this community. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions I had for them in detail. I liked the open floor plan and thought they had a great selection of amenities for the residents. It was just not the right fit for us in the end decision.

This is a very beautiful and upgraded facility. Downside - you are charged separate fees for necessities, such as bathing, dressing, etc. Also, there is a school nearby that could be pleasant
at times, but it could also be a headache . . . . . Staff was great.

Cordial Tour Guide!!

I walked out with a pie the chef had made and some meat seasoning from the community that were given to me. They were so nice, the staff was really attentive and payed attention to the needs that we were looking for my loved one. The community had housekeeping and laundry service available. The atmosphere i felt was nice and friendly. I would recommend a tour of this place.

New happy beginning for Dad at Brookdale.

My Dad, who is 92, decided that after living alone for 11 years since my moms death it was time to make a change. He asked for only 3 things.... to be in Fairfield, be near Travis Air Force Base, & have some of the residents be veterans. Brookdale came up on my search and since I had done a craft show at the VacaVille Brookdale I knew what it was like. As of right now, he does not need the extra assistance from the caregivers but know that they gave great care from what I saw at VacaVille.

I really liked the looks of Brookdale in Fairfield right off. After our initial meeting, he knew that was where he wanted to live and told me to write out the deposit check (it was the first place he looked at). He was very impressed with the staff that we met with, but when he met Heather he was sure that it was the place for him. He thinks she walks on water and so do I. He has been there for a little over 3 weeks and couldn't be happier. Dad got the room he was first shown which pleased him so much. It is a studio apartment and it is so spacious. First floor with his patio (which he uses every day) overlooking the putting green and also near the dining room.

My son, who is a golfer, goes to the putting green with him or dad watches from his patio. Dad says it is sad that he never sees anyone else using it, but it is something dad and Zack can enjoy together. Being dad's oldest child and also POA, I have been the one setting up his entire move in and have also been very impressed with the staff and surroundings. The meals are also amazing and can't say enough about the waitress staff. It didn't take them very long at all to know that he likes his food HOT and what his favorite breakfasts are. They bring him his coffee and then return with his breakfast without him having to order. And friendly like you can't imagine. My dad has a great sense of humor and loves to kid with them and they kid right back. I have gotten to eat quite a few meals with him and have never been disappointed. He usually calls me each day to tell me funny stories that usually happen at meals. He has met some very nice people during meals.

If I had to say one negative thing it would be the lack of automatic doors within the building, bathrooms especially. After eating lunch his first day he used the bathroom and tore off skin on his hand and started to bleed due to the very heavy doors. Being in a walker it is very hard to open the heavy doors. The staff (Heather) was right there to take care of his injury. So many of my Facebook friends have know my dad forever and are always asking about him. They love the fact that he is so happy and are always sending him messages for me to pass on. One friend was so pleased with my posts she asked me to send her all the info I had. They are looking into it for her father in law. Believe it or not after only 3 weeks there he looks better, sleeping better and overall really enjoying life.

Exelent facility!!

Heaven sent!

It's been a little over a moth and my Mom loves it there! She's made quite a few friends and even participating in the activities! The place is by far one of the nicest senior communities and the food is amazing AND salt free. The dessert is to die for! The staff are absolutely wonderful and beyond helpful! This was definitely a God send!

Memory care concerns...

Unfortunately Brookdale's memory care section has been without a director for many months and the lack of care shows. Not unusual for the most important elder care employees, the caregivers who actually put their hands on mom or dad or gramma or grandpa, to be underpaid and over worked, and that is the case currently at Brookdale Fairfield. It's not that the caregivers don't try but they are understaffed and over-worked and it shows. If you plan to visit hold your breath... UPDATE>>> A new memory care director is on site. When we tried to contact him he was in his office on his cell phone with the door closed. I'm sure it was important. We will give him a few weeks to see if conditions improve, otherwise our family member will be relocating. What a messed up facility in a messed up industry...

Proceed with caution

Since Brookdale took over, this place has gone downhill. Many long term staff members are leaving and cleanliness is slipping. It concerns me to see this facility rated so highly when clearly the bottom line is not patient care, but the almighty dollar.


Toured it so can't really rate the value of it. They treated us beautifully. The grounds is fabulous. I don't have much to compare it to but it's in southern California so there is a lot of competition. I'm sure there are fancier places but out of my price range. Seems promising.

Things Are Going Quite well

It is a nice looking, well kept, clean community, and the staff have all been very friendly and professional. They take great care of all their residents here, and we're very pleased with them overall.

Nice place, overall

Overall Brookdale Fairfield seems like a nice place, however as of this review they are currently without a director for their memory care section. The aide staff and the medtechs do a great job taking care of the residents, but the activities have suffered a bit since the director left.

The facility was beautiful, very clean, and bright. The care givers I saw interacting with folks were very caring, concerned, and giving. It is a very large facility, but still friendly and engaging. The pricing is a bit higher than residential care facilities,but that's to be expected. It seems to me that the caregiving could be more concentrated--there are probably more caregivers per resident here than in a residential care facilities--but that's just an impression.

10 out of 5 Stars

The Hallway leading to the outside that the dogs are walked on smell like feces. The rest of the facility is great and clean just this one issue with the pets. Really don't want to give a low rating because overall it is a great place.

My experience with Emeritus at Rancho...

My experience with Emeritus at Rancho Solano has be great. The staff is wonderful, very friendly. They are very attentive to get needs. The food they serve is wonderful as well. They offer lots of activities and a shuttle for transportation to Dr. Appointments, shopping, luncheons, just all kinds of different activities. The luncheons are offered once a week. They have concerts on Tuesdays and Fridays. They offer lots of snacks in between meals. They offer 1-5 levels of care, and we have level 1 care which cost $750 more, but I feel it's worth it because they keep the apartment clean, and do the laundry once a week. I do wish the head nurse would dispense all medications instead of the techs. There was a mix up once with the meds, giving her a double dosage. Also I've asked them to check her blood pressure and weight once a day, but they will not. That's something I wished they would start doing. Also the AC in my loved ones apartment has been down for six weeks. Our move in was post poned 6 days due to a mix up as well. Besides those few things, I'm very satisfied with the facility.

This is a great place to have your lo...

This is a great place to have your loved one. We moved our mother there two years ago from another place in Vallejo. The quality of care, attention to details, and pricing was so much more than what we were getting. There is always something going on and people appear to be happy.

My mom is so happy to be there

My mom is so happy to be there, I am so happy that she is there. The staff are really kind and engaging. They do respond, but I am not clear on what the expectation for response should be. Knowing what their goal response time would be would be nice. A checklist on move in would be nice, such as what to think about, and what some of the challenges are, things like transferring prescriptions, how to get certain things done, where to put in the work order, things like that. It's a lot of information for someone new to all of this, and someone who doesn't really know what to ask. When we first moved in there were a few concerns, and they were all over it, and very willing to work with us. My mom has been delighted with the food. The activities, just looking at the calendar, they know their audience, and my mom is just starting to get out and make friends, and getting involved. I liked that since the community sits aside of a golf course and has rolling hills, she thinks she is in the country, which was very appealing to her.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are pleased to hear that you and your loved one’s experience with us at Rancho Solano is meeting your expectations. Regarding the questions you posed in your review, our response time for call buttons is 15 minutes or less. The resident handbook you should have received when your loved one moved in to our community addresses a majority of your questions. All work orders can be submitted to the concierge, and any questions regarding care needs, medications, or special needs can be directed to our Resident Care Director. In the off chance that our handbook is missing any of this information, our Executive Director is reviewing our initial community orientation process to see if any changes can be made to ease any confusion. Once again, we are excited to hear that you and your loved one are happy with our community, and we thank you for your kind words.

Good condition for older fa...

Good condition for older facility. Staff very friendly. Many indoor activities and field trips. Large facility, may be a problem for elders in getting lost. Studio are larger that normal studio and one bedroom is also available.

Excellent care staff

My dad lived in Emeritus Rancho Solano for many, many years over 10. He recently passed away and until the end the care staff who took care of him were outstanding. They treated my dad like he was family. They were committed in making sure all my dads needs were met on a daly basis. My dad was a picky eater so he was not thrilled about the food but I've eaten there and it wasnt bad. I thank the whole team for the care and for making my dads last days comfortable. From my family to yours, thank you and God bless the whole staff of Emeritus Rancho Solano

Understaffed, Under-Trained

My experience is that hey are as bad as they were portrayed to be on Frontline. My mom never got moved in. They refused to accept her because I was running in to them doing the same thing that Frontline was talking about - violating state laws and trying to get her admitted without even doing an evaluation. They were not truthful as to what the expenses would be. They had no interest in what her care was. They were concerned with having to deal with me. They didn't like the fact that I was questioning what they were and weren't doing. They were understaffed and under-trained. I would not recommend them to anybody.

Serious Issues With Care, Everything Else Is Fine

It's reasonably priced but it's not best quality of service and that's where I'm having an issue. They have a system where you press the pendent and we were told a caregiver would come in 8-10 minutes and it took a half an hour. My mother is on oxygen and if she was having an issue with her oxygen, in a half hour my mother would have been dead. I'm trying to make them understand the seriousness of not answering my mother's call. She doesn't call for things like turning on the TV. When she calls, she needs help. They promised me some thing when I signed a contract and it's not coming through.

I'm giving them an opportunity to clean up their act. I've already told them I'm not sure this is going to work because the issues I'm having are life threating.

I think things should be better. On the outside it's excellent. The food is great. If my mother didn't need assisted living I think it would be fine. I think it could be better is there was a better administrative system and more staff. I would recommend it with out the assisted living. Everything else is fine.

Positive improvement

She's very happy there, its the only one I've seen but the staff all seems up and caring. I don't know much about the activities at this time but it's been positive and I thought they had nice grounds and there certainly were pleasant surroundings. I don't think there's any concerns, they saw 2 or 3 places and may have chose it due to locality. The food was pretty good, there was a good, positive change with our loved one, she gets dressed to go to meals and stuff liek that so that's a good thing, she looked real good when we went up there.

Meal Options

They could use more activities. Most residents just stay in there rooms so the activities are not as good. The food I would rate a 4/5. The rooms are very spacious. I absolutely love the setting; there is lots of trees and outdoor places to sit with rocking chairs. The grounds are immaculate. Of all the places I have seen or heard of this is the best value for comparable communities, unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money. The staff is very helpful. They keep the community clean. They have laundry service and provide 3 meals a day. If you do not like one of the two entrees there is also a side menu that you can choose from. You can substitute different things to suite your needs. They also allow pets, it does cost extra but they allow you to bring them.

Too big for us

Their motto is "Many to Many" but I felt like my loved one needed more one on one personal care. It seems like this community is just too big for the type of care that we were looking for, needed more focused care for our loved one.

Very pleasing community

This community is in a country club type setting. The food is ok, I had previously had the beef stew which was ok but the fish with almonds I had with steamed asparagus was really good. The community is very clean and just really beautiful. It really is pleasing to the eyes. They were able to offer us a private room for a semi-private price. They have had previous activities where they took them to a lake but since haven't really heard of anything like that anymore. I would like to see them keep the residents a little more active and engaged. Overall we are satisfied with them and would recommend Emeritus at Rancho Solano.

Impressive staff and facili...

Impressive staff and facility. Many activities Mother would not use. Would be very interested in pursuing further but cost prohibitive. Mother has been evaluated and needs Memory Care, not assisted living.

I really like this location. The peo...

I really like this location. The people were very nice and very informative. I felt this this would be one of the locations that would best suit my dad's needs.

We really like the place and the dire...

We really like the place and the director was really nice and helpful. The fact that the memory center program is located in the second floor and the residents have minimal access to the outdoors is also a negative to this place.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.