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Customer Reviews

Very Pleased with the care at Addington

My Mother [name removed] was a short term resident of Addington and we were very pleased with the staff and facilities. They were very good about ongoing contact with us concerning her health and showed true caring for her.

The Director was most helpful and staff were open to what they were capable of doing and suggestions for more intensive care.

Our experience as a family is very positive with regards to Addington Place in Prairie Village and do recommend the facility.

Hit or Miss

Hit or miss! During the two years my father has lived here, there have been multiple management turnovers. The ownership changed. The name changed from Benton House to Addington Place (about the same time a new Benton House opened across town, advertising to residents and their families), and there have been at least five different managers in charge, with similar turnover in the nursing and activities staff. Each new manager brings in ideas and changes, but nothing seems to last. Overall, things have worked out fine and my father is comfortable, but the nature of the community and the quality of care is dependent on the management and staff, and with the constant turnover and change the experience and be very inconsistent.

Lauren Robb

Local Representative

Cal Gal, we truly appreciate your honest feedback. We are happy to hear that your dad is comfortable and happy at Prairie Village! Nonetheless, it is still disappointing to hear that your experience was anything less than great. Unfortunately, when we first took over turnover did occur, however our Executive Director, Kent Mcgeeney, has been with us almost a year and our Director of Nursing, Kelly Nolan, has been with us over a year. Both playing an essential role in leading the community as we strive to provide the highest quality care and standards for our residents and their families. We hope you will give us an opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please reach out to us at [removed] at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can turn your experience into a positive one.

Addington Place has found an Awesome Staff

Hi, My mother-in-law has lived in assisted living here for 2 years. Things have improved significantly over the last 6 months. There is a steady staff in place who are friendly and competent, particularly the healthcare staff. The food is consistent, the building clean and cheery and the people very nice. I would suggest that you stop by and not just see the rooms but ask to speak to the long term residents. It’s a pretty place and very homey but at the end of the day, it’s about the staff. I’m glad to say that AP has a steady wonderful staff in place that gives me more peace of mind.

We really that this community that offers great care The staff is caring and attentive. The menu is appealing and the community is clean and maintained inside and out. The activities are offered for the residents who are able to participate. We do recommend this community for the good care and value for others.

Caring for mom

This is a good community for good care. The staff is very caring. The menu of the meals seems appealing with healthy choices that are offered. They do offer my mom to participate in the activities. I like that the staff try and keep her involved. We would recommend this community for the good care and value for other families.

Love this place!!

I had a tour of this community for my loved one and I have no complaints of how things went. The staff where on time to our tour and made sure to answer any questions that we had for them in detail. They had a nice floor plan with great amenities available to all of the residents. Overall I am pleased with how it went and would recommend it to anyone.

Highly recommended!!

I have been very impressed with the care that my husband is receiving since he moved into Addington Place. I eat there 4 times a week and the food is very good. I have already recommended this community to others because I am can't say enough good things about the place.


Place was great when my grandmother moved thier but has gradually declined point of she not getting the care she is paying for. We were promised certain things and it didn't take very long to see and hear it wasn't happening. If my grandmother never pushed her call button, and she has only pushed it a few x she would never be checke on. She could be laying thier unconshence and they would never know cuz they never check her.
I have walked in to see staff just standing around either chatting or all texting, some I have seen even taking selfies. Many of the staff aren't truly staff cuz many my grandmother and me seen we've never seen before and never see them again.

Perfect Staff at this Community

Everything is working out pretty well for my mother since her move to this community. My mother is being cared for very well, they have a perfect staff. The care they are providing her with is outstanding. She has gotten involved in the community, with some of the church activities they have available. She is eating well, they serve good meals. The layout of the community is great. I know she is safe and being cared for well. I would recommend this community, it is a nice place.

My tour!

I liked this community when I toured it. The people I met were nice and the community was clean. They seem to offer some activities.

A good place!

Mom enjoys living at Benton House. The staff seem pretty friendly and they encourage her to participate in some of the daily activities. She likes to participate in the exercise class. Mom seems to like most of the food. They do a good job of keeping things cleaned up. I would recommend this community.

A Wonderful Experience

My mom was doing great during her step down program. Everybody was very nice to her. The community is a very nice place. It was hard to leave, she had made some good friends. It was a nice transition at the community.

Did not contact family in critical situatuon

Today my mother received a phone call from an employee around 5pm who said my grandfather had been found "unresponsive and aspirating on the floor of his room around breakfast time." NO ONE called her or my sister when this event happened. He was taken to the hospital and they were not notified until the evening. He's been there all day without family!!! I called Benton House to ask details and was told a completely different story that the report there stated he had "gone in for breakfast and not acted himself they called the ambulance." I was also told that it was documented that they'd tried without success to reach my mother and sister at the time it happened. Their phone records show no calls received from Benton House or other 913 area codes except my sister's friend. He is now at the hospital, not doing well, confused, and still aspirating. We are obtaining medical records and phone records to compare to their report. They have one main job, to care for our family members. They are supposed to notify us when anything happens. I'd give them ZERO stars after today, but 1 is the lowest.

A beautiful, comfortable place.

This was a great place for a month long respite care for my mother in law. She had suffered a compression fracture in her back and needed a place to recover and gain some strength back. The accommodations were lovely and the staff couldn't have been nicer. She also received some physical therapy that was set up by Benton House and that was very beneficial and enjoyable for her.

Lovely property but bad experience. Staff was rude or ignored us as we toured. I noted they sitting down and on their cell phones in resident areas. Facility did not know we were coming and had to scramble to find someone to talk with us. I did not feel they would accommodate the needs of my mother.

Needs Improvement With Their Care

This is a nice community with friendly people, but there area's in their care that needs improvement. My parents are doing well.The community for the most part is well maintained, but they do not clean my parents room weekly, like their suppose to. The staff is friendly, but the care needs improvement. There are many activities offered. They really love the food. Overall they are satisfied with the community. So I would recommend it.

So far so good!

My dad has just been there a week, after moving from another assisted living facility 100 miles away. Benton House is clean and well-maintained, and the staff members are very friendly and approachable. I get a sense that most of them really enjoy working with older folks and work to establish friendships with the residents. There are several activities each day, and the daily activities are posted on the tables at meals, to serve as a reminder to residents. Most of the residents seem happy and interactive -- much better than other places we visited. I like the smallish size, the fact that it is all on one level, and the location in a residential neighborhood. It seems very homey. Larger facilities might offer more amenities (like an onsite RN 24/7), but might be a little overwhelming for my dad. This is just right.

Benton House

Local Representative

Benton House of Prairie Village is so happy to hear about your family’s positive experience at our senior living community! It’s wonderful to hear your dad is one of our new residents! Please know our team is here to do all we can to help your dad feel welcome and to help introduce him to his new neighbors! Please know our community does have a team of resident assistants on staff 24/7 and Benton House does require continuing education classes for families and residents’ peace of mind. Please know we are happy to help if you have any additional questions. Thank you so much for your time and for being part of our Benton House family!
- Benton House

activities could be improved

Benton House of Prairie Village is overall a very friendly and professional community. Dad is in memory care and is higher functioning so activities could be improved to accommodate that. Me and my sister take him out every day since there is not much going on that he is interested in. The facility is a pretty good place. It is convenient for us to visit. They are also pet friendly which I really appreciate. It is very healing for dad.

really liked them

I really like the 30 day program that they have at Benton House of Prairie Village where my mother could stay there just short term for less than what the normal cost per month would be. This was the only place in town that offered a one month stay.

One area where they could improve is with the food. They served a lot of hot dogs while she was there. I hear they got a new chef just as my mother was leaving, so hopefully that is better or soon will be.

Overall the experience was really really good.

It has exceeded my expectations..

It has exceeded my expectations as far as a place to move my mom into. We are very pleased. The facility is very clean. The staff is friendly. I would recommend the Benton House of Prairie Village.

New Residents

There was no "orientation" for my parents and they feel like they don't know what is going on or who or how to contact the necessary people. Coordination of services with the VA has been awkward. They have only been there going on 4 weeks and adjustment to assisted living in general is difficult.

The food is fair and making a different choice ahead of time seems hard for my parents. Choice at meal times would be a good idea.

The staff is very friendly and approachable. The housekeeping/laundry staff is not so much so.

My parents have some memory issues so I take some of their complaints with a grain of salt since they may have been told and have forgotten.

The facility is beautiful and clean. We hope they will settle in soon.

A wonderful place

The Benton House of Prairie Village is a wonderful place. One of my parents is in memory care and the other is in assisted living. Overall the community is very nice and positive. Joan Fashbach is the person who turned me on to the Benton House of Prairie Village. She is great! I couldn't praise her enough. She is very helpful and positive. My overall rating of this property is 4 stars. This is a nice community.

Very close. (Somerset, just west of Lee Blvd.) 2 memory care units, each self-standing with residents only seeing others in that unit. Nice outdoor courtyards, especially the newest section. Very hotel-like (envision an interstate hotel with free breakfast). Rooms hotel-like, with bath just inside the door & then space for a bed & tv. Bring your own furnishing. Shower only. For best space, rent a companion room, but use the whole space alone; makes room for couch. Big window; ok to curtain/block light. Under 2 yrs old. Clean residential neighborhood, smaller houses. Surrounded by unfenced green space. Somerset, out front, is pretty busy. Memory care unit is locked down, but free access to courtyard. Refundable $100 deposit if interested, 2 space available day of tour. $2500 move-in fee seems steep.

Family review

I am so appreciative of the people that work there. Stephanie is wonderful. I love the fact that you have people who truly love older people and can deal with Alzheimer's.

Extremely nice new facility. Great feel the minute I walked in the door. Memory care was better the any other I looked at. Patients freindly. Staff friendly. Very expensive.

They have been great. The staff is especially fantastic.

They have been great. The staff is especially fantastic. It's clean, the food is good. We don't have any complaints so far, they do a wonderful job. They are very good.

all VERY good

The check-in, welcoming, friendliness of the staff, quality of the food, professionalism of the people that work there, are all VERY good. We have had a couple of hiccups getting my mom the the right perscriptions, but we got that all worked out and we are happy.

It's great.

It's more of an independent place, but they do have care on site. Anything I have ever asked from them they have done it. If I call or email, they get back to me right away. They welcome feedback, they want to hear from families. It's never been a negative scenario, it's very pleasant and new and clean, and the rooms are beautiful. I have just popped in and it's never a problem, she is always clean and dressed, with her hair done. It's great.

I would not recommend this facility

My family member spent 16 months in memory care. There were errors on medication administration. Poor activities-one activity is suppose to cover all levels of dementia and all of the residents; there is no small group breakout when activities do happen and there are a lot of times they don't happen. If you don't like the activity, there are no other choices.
If residents don't eat what is served, they are not offered anything else. Residents who act out are isolated-either put in their rooms or sit by themselves. They don't always follow the care plan for the resident. Communication is not very good. CNAs have approach issues and don't always preserve the dignity of the resident. There is very little compassionate care in memory care. CNAs spent most of their time setting up for meals, meal delivery, meal cleanup, facility cleanup and laundry. CNAs do not assist with activities.
There is preferential treatment of some of the residents by the activity coordinator and if some are constantly moving around during an activity, they are removed or seated.
Problems are not resolved even when you meet with management.

Benton House

Local Representative

Benton House of Prairie Village values your time and all your comments listed in your review. Our corporate office takes your feedback very seriously and we do encourage you to contact us directly so we can learn more about your experience. Our team of senior care professionals are trained to provide all residents with enriching daily experiences. Benton House is passionate about offering all residents lots of choices and quality personal care if needed throughout the day. Benton House always strives to serve our residents with dignity and we thank you for sharing these important concerns. Please know our family and resident satisfaction surveys for 2014 were distributed this week. We welcome opportunities to learn how the Benton House of Prairie Village community can be enjoyable for every resident.

-Benton House

Not to happy with the Benton place

My parents have been at the Bentom house for over a month, they are in the memory care in the beacon neiborhood. I can't give a good review right now because I am not real happy with the way things are. It is still kind of early to be making a true review. One thing I am sure of is I don't think they have that many activities, the ones they have my Mom says is for the birds! It is pretty boring there.
I wish they had more activites and ones that are fun for the residents. I fell they need more stimulation and more fun!
The Beacon neiborhood has about14 residents, with only 14 people I fell they could be doing a lot more for the residents.
I had to move my parents from homestead of Olathe kansas to the Benton house because it was too far for me to visit all the time. Homestead have about 60 residents and they always kept the residents busy with all kinds of parties and activities. The enployees were always doing things with the residents, it was great! I thought that the Benton house would be the same and somewhat better because they had a lot less residents.

Benton House

Local Representative

Dear Ms. Bassg:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this post and we encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our Prairie Village team so we can learn more about your mom’s favorite activities! Please know Benton House is passionate about keeping our senior living residents engaged body, mind and spirit. At Benton House we have a Beacon Coordinator who specializes in customizing an activities calendar specific to Memory Care. Benton House is excited to share with you that National Assisted Living Week is September 7th-13th and the Benton House senior living community will be hosting a ton of Cruise Week Themed events! Families and friends are also welcome to attend any of these special Cruise Week celebrations and we hope this will be a wonderful opportunity for your mom to have fun with us! Benton House thanks you again for your time and we hope to see you during our exciting Cruise Week events!

Benton House

Local Representative

Dear Ms. Bassg:

Thank you so much for taking the time to sharing this post and we encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our Prairie Village team so we can learn more about your mom’s favorite activities! Please know Benton House is passionate about keeping our senior living residents engaged body, mind and spirit. At Benton House we have a Beacon Coordinator who specializes in customizing an activities calendar specific to Memory Care. Benton House is excited to share with you that National Assisted Living Week is September 7th-13th and the Benton House senior living community will be hosting a ton of Cruise Week Themed events! Families and friends are also welcome to attend any of these special Cruise Week celebrations and we hope this will be a wonderful opportunity for your mom to have fun with us! Benton House thanks you again for your time and we hope to see you during our exciting Cruise Week events!

Did not have a good experience here

This place made a very good first impression, but they were not able to make good on everything that they promised. The facility itself is very nice looking, it is brand new and fancy looking. I almost feel like it was too nice, my loved one felt like she had to get dressed up to go to the dining room. They were very friendly and helpful during the search process, and the rooms and care they showed us were very impressive. After she moved in and they got the first check a lot of that helpful attitude evaporated. The room she was placed in was at the end of a long hallway, and very difficult for her to get to a from with her walker. They really talked up their attentive 24 hour nursing care, so I was shocked and disappointed when my loved one became so dehydrated that she suffered a bad fall. They would also take her word for things, such as being able to put in her own glaucoma eyedrops, knowing that she had dementia. As a result she didn't receive those eyedrops for over a month.
After her fall she had to return to rehab, and when I called the facility to let them know we didn't know when or if she'd be returning due to her injuries they jumped right into talking about fees and 30 day notices, no hint of compassion or asking if she was doing alright.
We really did not have a good experience here. They were so friendly initially and that just did not end up being the case once we moved in, so be very aware of that if you're looking into this place for your loved one.

Benton House

Local Representative

Benton House Senior Living Community truly cares about your concerns and we would like to hear more about your experience. Please call our Home Office at: [removed] so we can talk more in detail about this occurrence. Our senior living community team values your time and feedback. We truly strive for our residents to enjoy living at the community. Thank you for your time.

There were some issues with medication management, we could never get it straight.

There were some issues with medication management, we could never get it straight. The way the pharmacy is set up, the system is messed up in my opinion. If they couldn't fill one medication, they wouldn't fill any, and we weren't allowed to bring the medication on our own. They went without medication because they couldn't get that part straightened out. Our loved one wasn't necessarily blown away over the food, it was cold sometimes and buns would come still frozen, those kinds of things. We chose them because of their 30 day step down program. Which was a nice interim option for us.

The facility is nice, but the staff is what makes it a home.

I cannot say enough about the Benton House staff. They are kind, patient, fun and professional. My mother stayed in the homey "Beacon Neighborhood" memory ward, and I never worried about her there for a minute. It was such a relief. More than that, I knew that she was being treated like a queen, for which I was pleased and grateful.

Small yet good.

We have only been at the Benton House for a week but so far we are happy. Everyone seems friendly and caring, especially the upper level management. Some of the young wait staff could use a smile. Other than some meals that seem rather strange for the residents, the food is okay. Sometimes it is good and other times it is inedible. We haven't gone to any activities so we can't judge on those. We like how small the place is and how management knows everyone's name.

Don't Do Problem Memory Care

They were nice, but they don't really do the more problem memory care. They were farther out of town. I was really surprised that they wouldn't work out. I had put them in ranking, but they weren't available for my cousin's situation since she has escaped before.

From the Community

Beautiful Addington Place of Prairie Village is located in Prairie Village, Kansas and can be a wonderful resting home for your elderly parent. We truly understand how difficult it can be for you to find the right spot for your parent to live if they can no longer live on their own. When choosing Addington Place of Prairie Village, you can feel good knowing that your parent will get the independence that they want while being around nursing staff at all times. This helps to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is being taken care of when you cannot be there to help them out. We pride ourselves in keeping all of our residents happy so that they are able to socialize with others and keep themselves active every single day. We have activities and events on a regular basis that residents can take part in if they want. This helps them to feel as though they are being more social and are able to enjoy living in the Addington Place of Prairie Village. We have trained and highly knowledgeable staff available at all hours of the day and night, from nurses who provide healthcare to chefs who cook nutritious meals. When you make the choice to have your elderly parent live in Addington Place of Prairie Village, you are making a decision that is going to be more beneficial than you think and will help your loved one have the security that they need.