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Customer Reviews

Very good caregiver for my needs now.

I have only had a caregiver twice: to take me to grocery shop & CVS pharmacy assist with changing the bed, & minor housekeeping chores. The first time she saw dishes in the sink & washed & dried them & unloaded the dishwasher. When she saw things that needed to be done she did them without being asked, Presently I am able to shower & shampoo my hair without g help. In the grocery store, she found things quickly, chose vegetables well. I believe if I gave her a list, she could do the shopping without me & probably more quickly. I asked that she come for 4 hours once every 3 weeks. She has a pleasant manner & is polite. If I could have given her 4 1/2 stars (very good) I would have. I have had MS for 28 years & my energy varies from one day to the next.x

Very grateful to have been able to work with this agency

We are not utilizing services at this time but when we did it was great and I wish it would have worked out! Unfortunately my dad wasn't ready to have home care so we had to stop services for the time being. Hopefully with time he will be able to see the up side of having the extra help but for now it just caused more confusion. The agency itself was definitely understanding of our situation and we will be using them again when time permits. The caregivers were great and it was a great help to my mom. I would highly recommend them.

Thank you for your help, Beacon Home Care.

Our experience with Beacon Home Care, Albany, Ca. has been nothing but wonderful. Highly recommend!

Beacon is a total five!

Beacon is a total five! They are extremely friendly! They cared so much for my dad! They were singing with my dad, taking him for walks, the activities were amazing. They were very responsive and adaptive. When we needed another caregiver, they sent one out right away and she was amazing. They are expensive, but worth every penny!

We liked them the best as t...

We liked them the best as they are very familiar with the area and have the most flexibility with cancellations etc. They were my first call and I found them passionate and hands on and involved in the community and organizations. . They are searching for a care giver now for us.

They've been great!

This is our first experience with 24 hour home care, so the price was a bit shocking at first. However, they were the most reasonably priced out of all the other options in the area. The caregivers they provide are all very nice and caring. They seem to be very willing to help in any way they can! They also have been trying to develop a team of 2 caregivers, as well as a back-up, if ever needed! They've been great!

Really Trying to Please Us

I set this up for a great aunt of mind so i have not met all the care givers. With the ones I have met, there's been quite a bit of turnover because of the amount of hours we've used. Some have been outstanding and some were so-so. It's been a mixed bag but that has to do with my aunt's preferences and not necessarily their style. They provide light housekeeping and some personal care for her. I think they've been very good in the fact that they're really trying to please us and get the right combination of caregivers going. I feel their attentive in that way. Anything that has gone wrong hasn't been in their control.

Very pleased with Beacon

We have care for my husband a few hours a week and have been very pleased with Beacon. Our provider, Ed, has been great and very reliable.

We have selected Beacon because they ...

We have selected Beacon because they seem very professional and caring.

From the Provider

Beacon Home Care is a local provider of caregivers offering assistance to individuals and families seeking to maintain independence during their time of need within the San Francisco Bay Area.

We help families in medical transition to ensure that safety, companionship, and quality of life remain at the highest standard of consistency.  We have created a customized kind of home care with the foundation of compassion, communication, and trust. We are designed to respond quickly to our client's ever-changing needs Our caregivers, or Personal Assistance Leaders (PALs), are screened through an extensive background check and are bonded and insured. They are matched to clients based upon their needs, not ours. We welcome families to be involved in the process of interviewing prospective caregivers.

Call us today for a free in home assessment and rate quote. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, questions and resource information.