Attiva Lewisville - Lewisville, TX

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Customer Reviews

If I had to do it again, I would NOT move here

I live here currently and I’m already looking for a new place to live. The manager and assistant manager don’t communicate too well and I don’t think they know where their pay is coming from or the objective of their job. It’s not just about telling a bunch of old people what to do. When the new manager took over, she said there would be an open door policy. But anytime anyone goes into her office to talk to her, her head is buried in the computer and she doesn’t even look at you while you’re talking. She doesn’t act like the manager, she just tells you who to talk to. It feels like they think they’re dealing with a bunch of dumb old people. The assistant manager told me when I moved in that I’d be able to look out the window to see my car from my apartment but that’s not the case. She won’t listen to you either, so I’ve already stopped trying to deal with her. There is one lady that works at the facility that seems to be pretty nice and another young girl that takes all of my maintenance requests and I guess she’s okay. When I first moved in, they gave me a list to fill out of any problems that I found so they could take care of them. I gave them the list and 2 weeks later, nothing had been started. I had to call the owners of the actual facility to even get someone to come by. The office staff finally sent out someone from the maintenance team and they might as well have just done it to make me happy because they didn’t start on anything. Nothing got fixed for over 2 weeks. I’ve talked with several other residents and they aren’t satisfied either. I spoke with a lady on the second floor and she said that someone keeps ringing her doorbell at night and she doesn’t answer the door anymore because there’s never anyone there. There are no cameras on any of the floors to monitor what’s going on so she’s unable to prove that someone is doing this. At this point in time I’m not planning on renewing my lease and I do not recommend it here. If I had to do it all again, even if the price was good, I would NOT move here.