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This doesn't even deserve a 1/2 star. My grandmother went into the rehab after a hospital stay to get strength back~I went to visit daily and she was declining~every day I was telling the staff something is wrong until I got admin involved I got nowhere and then she was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. She hasn't been the same since. DO NOT SEND ANYONE here, it is the WORST decision I ever made.

No stars here

I would not even give this place one star terrible place. Staff is extremely unprofessional and rude the building is nasty and dirty reeks of urine. Food is served late and cold. Never enough staff on duty. Sad sad sad 😢

So Sad!!!

same problems as previous reviews. physical therapist is great! Most nurses and caregivers are friendly and caring but the rude and uncaring out number them. Very dirty !!! never see anyone cleaning anything. Several patients are sitting in same chair,same position, same clothes for the last three days. Strong urine smell thru out the building. meals served late. very difficult to get information from staff. several times when i called no one answered or the direct line to the room had static and never went thru. No activities or stimulating interaction. Mental patients mixed with other patients. Food is ok? ice is in cooler and caregivers do not wear gloves when getting ice for patients. water comes out of faucet that is so old it has build up all over. Extremely Sad!!

My mom is unfortunately in this place and looking for a place where they care. She has gone many times where she hasn't had a bath in weeks. And they don't seem to care. Left in bed til almost lunchtime, going without breakfast. Has had many UTIs because they wait hours to go to the bathroom or being changed. When I her daughter moved changed name and phone number and told many staff. They never put in her file. So when she fell or was dropped I wasn't told. Ended in the hospital I wasn't notified for days, and that was only after she was able to call me herself. This place is disgusting, dirty, understaffed and should be closed..

some concerns

Personal clothes are often missing, resident is left in bed most of the time rather than encouraged to get up, meals are brought to room instead of taking resident to dining room, etc. The therapy department is good. Years of neglect to toenails were not addressed while there, but were discovered by a visiting nurse after release to an assisted living. The family brought supplies of Depends that fit her small frame but staff continues to use oversized adult diapers that are difficult for her to deal with. Phone calls to staff are often not returned. Most of the staff seems friendly when visiting. Even though she is in the temporary rehab portion of the facility it does not seem to be their goal to help her improve quickly and return home. A fall while there caused an even longer stay, even though the same treatment could be accomplished at her assisted living home with Home Health added. It has been a rather frustrating experience, yet wonder if these issues are industry-wide?