Ashley Manor - Parkview - Twin Falls, ID

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Viewpoint from Out of State.

My situation is based on my experiences - as someone from out of town, and out of state. Due to a family emergency, my father was placed in Ashley Manor-Twin Falls under Respite Care. When we arrived, a bit unexpectedly, to take my father home, he was actually happy and engaging - not anxious or irritated. The place was clean, the staff friendly and supportive. time passed and ss the emergent situation stabilized, a major holiday approached, and the need for me to return home arrived - the Staff at Ashley Manor-Twin Falls were incredibly supportive, encouraging, informative and helpful.
Before I left, we placed my father back in Ashley Manor-Twin Falls. It was one of the most heart and gut wrenching things I've ever done. However, every week since, I've been able to call and either chat with my father, or a member of the Staff. In talking with Dad - he's, well, I can tell he's calm, not agitated or angry and thinks 'the food is pretty good.' In talking with Staff, they share with me 'history' of the week or what he's talking about today.
Going forward, as my step-mother heals, we'll be investigating the differing financial options available to her in paying for continued care for my father. I'm not sure what that will mean for my father.
In the meantime, I am incredibly appreciative and grateful for what the stability - of the personnel working there and the routine they have, the cleanliness of the facility, and the compassion, kindness and understanding the Ashley Manor-Twin Falls Staff provide my father. Each are included in my nightly Prayer List.

great staff