Amelia Gardens of Marietta - Marietta, GA

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Customer Reviews

Don't Do It!

My father passed away yesterday. He was 85 and resided here for about 4 months. He was bedridden and unable to care for himself properly. The care givers here seem nice but it was very difficult for my father to communicate with them. He could not understand their accents and he was very frustrated. One of my visits was during dinner time. I saw them put a plate of 'salad' with 2 pieces of bread on his hospital table and leave the room. I realized they did not leave utensils for him nor his room mate and had to go get them. When he asked for napkins they would give him a roll of toilet paper. On another visit I found his dentures under his bed on the floor. God knows how long they were there. I would have written this review sooner but didn't want things to get worse for him while he was there. Him going to hospice from Amelia was a God send. Thank goodness he didn't pass away here! It is a shame how our elderly get treated. Please heed this warning as you would be doing a good deed by saving someone else the indignity.

Not a good tour

I was not impressed with this community. It did not seem very clean. They had shared rooms and the restrooms were in the hallway not in the rooms. I would not recommend this community.

Staff Wasn't Welcoming

My tour of the community was decent. Although I didn't feel the staff was very welcoming. Everything went well for the most part. The community looked well-kept, and clean from what I saw. Unfortunately this wasn't the community for my mother, and her needs.

comforting atmosphere

the staff was very friendly and the residents all seemed to be happy. the places were very clean and the layouts were open and easy to navigate. and the food smelled delicious.