Addus Healthcare - Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM

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Customer Reviews

Not Enough Care At Night

When my father went in there we were very happy and the resident seemed well taken care of. But then my loved one couldn't get out of bed anymore and he ended up getting really bad bed sores. We found out that they weren't going in to talk to him or turn him over until way later in the night. It wasn't all the time, the owner was really good, but if she didn't come then no one else did unless we were on them constantly.

Did an alright job

Things were fine with Addus Healthcare for the most part. I found it a little hard to get in touch with them initially, I had to try more than once before I got a call back. The aide they sent provided the care and assistance that we needed, but she was not particularly personable or friendly.

I wasn't impressed.

This was not a dependable or reliable service. The first time they sent the caregiver out, he never showed up. He got lost. The second time he came out, he did a few things and left before my mom came back, and left my dad alone. I wasn't impressed.

I Would Use Them Again

They were very pleasant. I had them for driving me for when I wasn't able to drive and they were fine. I liked them. I haven't needed them because I am driving again but I would call them in the future if I needed to.