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Customer Reviews

5 star experience

Great staff, great care and I really enjoy the facility. Huge positive changes in the last 6 months

Great experience

Great facility with great caregivers

Short Term Rehab for our mom.

We had heard mixed review, but he building has been under new management since the middle of 2017 and the care my mother got was great. The staff were very friendly and nice. Outstanding therapy staff that did a great job motivating my mom to be able to go home earlier than planned.

The building was clean, freshly painted and the rooms were huge compared to the tiny rooms we found when we toured other facilities.

They even took care of mom after she left bringing her meals once a day for the month after her discharge.

Recent Review

My Sister's care here has been much above we expected when she was moved here. The Staff and entire Nursing and Therapy Dept's are very good and the people are very compassionate and caring..from the first day I walked into this place, I have had a good feeling about it and after nearly 4 months, we can say that we are happy with her care. The food does not have a lot of variety but includes mostly healthful items, protein, fruits and veggies and once in awhile even Pizza !. There are activities which my sister does not participate in but that is her choice..the option is there. There are many very nice, very dedicated people working there..perhaps it has changed since the previous reviews were written. It is MUCH better than her previous Nursing Home/Rehab center.

Don't subject your loved one to this nightmare

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Meals are terrible. Lacking staff due to call offs or no call / no shows. Wait time to be taken to the toilet can exceed an hour. I called the head social worker and left a voicemail for her to call me and 2 days later I'm still waiting for her to call. They get the nurse practitioner to ease off of standard treatments for conditions to make it easier for their staff. My father has congestive heart failure, which requires daily weights to catch if he's retaining fluids so they can increase the meds and maybe keep him out of the hospital, but they don't weigh him daily anymore. They will eventually [Removed] lack of standard care.


A nasty dump. There starving residents with cheap trash meals. Worst place on earth.

Please Don't. No Living being deserves this.

Please do NOT put another living being in this filthy, unsafe, uncaring, unsavory employee [Removed] hole. This place causes suffering of so many. Laying in urine and feces. Soiled bed linens. Not being kept clean. Filthy floors. Safety precautions especially those on feeding tubes to prevent aspiration are is non-exitent. Bed sores. It is cruel. I am horrified that it is allowed to operate. I found a bed elsewhere where she survived nicely for 6 more years. She was in Absolut for about 4 weeks. I went 7 days a week, I stayed from 10-6 daily. I had to, I am certain she would not have survived had I not. Please I beg you don't go there.

The hill where nightmares begin

RUN! Do not put your loved ones in here! My father sat on a bedside toilet for over an hour! I showed up to helped him off it myself. He had the toilet imprint on his rear end till I had to leave 2 hours later. He went in with NO bed soars only for me to sign him out of course against there approval due to 2 bed soars I had found while helping him. He said he would ring the help bell to get help but no one would help they would just come and shut it off. Then one night they actually unplugged it!! When I arrived in the morning it was left on his bedside unplugged. Not to mention the filth, smells and poorly working heating equipment. There is not individualized care at all. To say they even care is a joke!! DO NOT PUT YOUR FAMILY IN HERE! This place is a nightmare!!

Absolutely NOT

My parents are in the facility and I deeply regret my decision to place them there. There have been papers on the floor for weeks, so clearly the cleaning staff doesn't do much. Also there is often a smell of urine in the facility. I found a pill laying on my mom's night stand and reported it, but it was still there on my next visit. Their heating system is poor at best. During the day the hallway provides sufficient room heat, but at night with the door closed there are issues. My parents can either choose to leave the heat on, and it heats up to the high 80's, or they have to get up on and off throughout the night to keep turning the heat on and off. I've tried to have them fix this at the home, but after weeks of frustrating conversations with the director nothing has changed. They obviously think that it's okay for the elderly to have to keep getting out of bed to turn the heat on and off. This place is all about profits. They do have some good staff, but the place is so poorly managed that it's just unacceptable.Save yourselves the heartache and look elsewhere for nursing home care. Look at the reports from their state inspections as they tell the whole story.

Absolut-ley NOT.

Your loved one would be better off at a local animal shelter. The care is horrifically lacking and call bell response time is at least 30-45 minutes. They don't listen to the valuable information provided by family. Their skin/bed sore/wound care is nonexistent and they are anything but clean when changing wound dressings. They stick just about everyone in an adult diaper. There's no respect or dignity for your loved ones. Please save your loved ones life and run as fast as you can from this black hole. Unfortunately my loved one did not make it out alive. I regret our choice to send them to absolut every second of every day.

Overwhelmed with shock

I suppose it's always an initial shock to visit a nursing home. My visit was no exception. Absolut air quality was terrible. I wanted to hold my breath down the entire length of the hallway. I realize that people are in there that have bladder control problems. It was 80 plus degrees outside so I didn't understand why the windows weren't all flung open. The night crew was depressing to add to my misery. I had just placed my mom from a hospital stay. I wanted to load her in my car and take her home or back to the hospital. There must be a better place nearby. =(

From the Community

Absolut Care of Endicott sits on a hill on the Northwest edge of the Village of Endicott. Located just west of Binghamton, NY, Endicott is a picturesque village, originally home of IBM.

Absolut Care of Endicott houses 160 people needing a variety of care services. The facility has four distinct units, each catering to a specialty service.

There is a short-stay rehabilitation unit, which works with the patients to provide quality, restorative services to help them after an acute episode. These patients have goals established at the time they are admitted and our therapy staff, restorative Nursing, and certified nurses and aides work with that goal in mind. Often the goal is to regain functioning sufficient to return to home.

The facility also boasts a safe, secured unit for those who need an environment where they can be safely managed. This unit provides customized care and activities for patients who may have some dementia or other memory impairments.

The other two units provide long-term care, with one providing more independence and the other providing extensive assistance.

The facility was constructed in 1971 and had a major addition and upgrade in 1991. The facility is fully heated and air-conditioned and provides the most up-to-date care in an attractive, modern setting. All rooms are either private or with only 2 persons per room.

The Village of Endicott is located in the southern portion of central New York state. This quaint town is home to over 13,000 residents and boasts a strong sense of community that brings everyone together. Summers are warm and humid, and the temperature frequently drops below freezing during the winter. Despite the cold in those months, residents still find plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy themselves. Here's what you need to know about life in this town.

City Info

Endicott is a town that welcomes people from all walks of life to enjoy spending their days in a calm, idyllic setting.

- Walkability: Endicott has a walkability score of 79, which means that most errands can be completed on foot if you so desire.

- Age Demographics: In Endicott, 26.1 percent of the population is aged between 45 and 64, and 15.9 percent are 65 and older. There are about 9 men for every 10 women in the town.

- Senior Housing Facilities: There are several senior housing facilities in the area, including assisted and independent living, as well as memory care.

- Average Weather: Temperatures in the summer reach an average high of 81 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and an average low of 57 degrees at night. In the winter, high temperatures average about 32 degrees, with lows around 14 degrees.

- Veteran's Facilities: The nearest veteran's facilities are located in the neighboring town of Binghampton, about 20 minutes away.


Getting around Endicott is relatively easy. Seniors have a variety of transportation options to choose from.

- Buses: There are a range of public buses that service Endicott and the rest of Broome County. Reduced fares are available for seniors, with each ride costing just $1.
- Trains: The nearest Amtrak train station is in Binghampton.
- Taxis: There are several taxi companies that service the area.
- Air Travel: The Tri-Cities Airport is located just outside of town for easy access for regional flights.
- Ride-Sharing: As of June 2017, the ride-sharing service, Uber, is available throughout New York state. The mobile app is intuitive and easy for seniors to use.

Health and Safety

Although Endicott is a beautiful place to live, seniors must take care when walking alone, especially at night, to protect themselves from possible crime.

- Hospitals: The nearest full-service hospital is in Binghampton, but there is a primary care facility in Endicott itself, called Lourdes Primary Care.

- Crime Rate: Endicott's crime rate is 6 (out of 100), meaning that Endicott is safer than 6 percent of cities in the United States.

Sports and Leisure

Seniors will find plenty of opportunities to get out of the house for some exercise.

- Golf Courses: The Binghampton Country Club is located on the eastern edge of town.
- Senior-Friendly Fitness Centers: There are several indoor and outdoor sports facilities throughout the community where seniors can participate in physical fitness activities.

Shopping and Entertainment

There is lots to do in the area, so seniors will never be short on shopping, dining and entertainment options.

- Clothing Stores: There are numerous clothing stores throughout the area with varying price points and styles.
- Grocery Stores: Multiple grocery stores stock all of the fresh, healthy foods seniors need, as well as pre-prepared meals.
- Restaurants: There are plenty of restaurants in the area serving up all types of cuisine from around the world.
- Movie Theaters: The Cinema Saver - Endicott offers senior rates at just $3 per ticket.
- Libraries: The George F. Johnson Memorial Library is located right in the center of town for easy access.


- Demographics: Just over half of the people in Endicott consider themselves to be religious. Christianity is the most popular religion, claiming about 40 percent of Endicott's population. Other religions include Judaism and Islam, although these each represent less than 1 percent of the local residents.

- Religious Facilities: There are many churches in the area, serving a variety of denominations of Christianity.