Aberdeen Crossings - Highland Heights, OH

Aberdeen Crossings - Highland Heights, OH has yet not published prices.

  • Fine dining service for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 24 hour care
  • Full Schedule of Trips, Events and Activities!
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Medication Reminders

Customer Reviews

Food Is Very Good

Dad is doing great since moving here.He is doing the activities and keeping busy. He likes socializing with the other residents. The community is just the right size not too big and not too small. The staffing seems to be very nice and friendly. They have always been kind and accommodating to me anytime I've been there. Dad loves the food I've eaten there a few times and I must say it is very good.

Very Nice Community

My mother is doing very well with her move to this community. Everything is going well, and I'am very satisfied with all they have done for us. She is very safe, and in great hands. The staff is taking great care of her, and her needs. I know she is receiving good care. The experience is very well, and I have already recommended this community to my friends. It is a very nice facility.

It Was Good

This community was a facility a toured and it went well to see what they have to offer. We decided to choose another community for my mom's needs.

Pleased with this facility!

This is a great facility! It is very clean and staff take great care of my mother! She enjoys the activities that go on throughout the day. We also liked the fact that my mother will not have to change apartments if her Alzheimers progresses, as they don't segregate based on level of alzheimers. We are very pleased with her stay!

Much better than most!

The building is a big circle with a patio/garden in the middle and room on the inside and outside of the circle. Well kept up in all respects.

The place is very clean in the corridors and common areas. They repeatedly don't make the bed and the laundry doesn't get to the rooms and some laundry is temporarily or permanently lost. Be sure to label all clothes and bedding. Things have been taken from the room but if you complain they eventually seem to find them.

At least 90% of the time the activities seem to happen, but not necessarily on-time. Great activities. The family must request each time if the person goes on activities off of the campus. The front door has a number lock so no one wanders out. They don't force people to go to activities, but most do and enjoy them.

They are required to give medicine on time within a few hours of the time. I don't think this always happens, especially on weekends and evenings. in 2015 they had a problem with this, but it may be better now. It seems the quality of the staff has improved a little each year, but I still don't think there is quality oversight on evenings and weekends.

The food is excellent. If the person won't eat any of the two quality choices, then they can get most anything else they want, if they wait. I've seen peanut butter sandwiches and hot dogs and hamburgers requested.

You always get a beverage, meal, and dessert. Always excellent food. You must request ahead of the day if a guest wants to eat with the resident, for an extra charge which they add to your bill.

They have a beauty salon. Residents play bingo and earn Bucks which they can personally use to buy chocolate, tissue, or other small items. Other than that, it is added to your bill.

Each resident has a button around their neck that they can push for assistance, if they remember. They have a key to their room, which they can lock or not.

Some rooms are labeled as having oxygen and no open flame.

Room heating/cooling is excellent with a through the wall heater/air conditioner and a thermostat. The problem is that the staff come in and open / close windows and modify the temperature - and don't put the window or temperature back where it was. Your resident may freeze/over heat unless they call for assistance, which may arrive fast or much later depending on if management is on-site or not at the time, and what else they have to do.

I don't think the residents get enough water/liquid, which can reduce their health. Water intake is not monitored at all. Glasses are half size typically due to their weight and not refilled unless requested.

They will feed you in your room, or they hand feed some residents in the dining room.

They have a doctor that comes on-site periodically and a pharmacy they typically use. I was not impressed with the end result of the doctor. I think the resident got much better care when I took them to their doctor. I don't see Aberdeen monitoring changes, noting changes, or notifying the family enough of changes. It is so much easier to help a resident if you know about things when they first happen, especially if it is a reduction in activities, amount of sleeping, or other changes that can indicate an underlying problem.

Compared to other facilities, I would highly recommend this facility, but you MUST monitor your resident yourself. Come at odd times, each week, to really know what is happening. Frequently I note an issue that I am not happy with.

If your resident isn't being taken care of, be aware that you can only complain to a certain extent. After that point, I would expect them to ask you to leave. They have a waiting list of people trying to get in that can take your resident's place. Since other facilities are not as good, you can only complain so much or do it yourself.

If you want in, get on the list NOW. This is an expensive facility, my guess would be around $5000 per month for most. They base the cost on what amenities you need.

It looked nice, but it was a little more expensive.

We toured here when we were looking. It looked nice, but it was a little more expensive. We weren't able to find any reviews on this place, and we just felt like she wouldn't have taken part in any of the extra amenities.

From the Community

Our Assisted Living Community is ideally located in a quiet, suburban Highland Heights area neighborhood close to where you've always called home. This exceptional location affords easy access to shopping, restaurants, and physicians' offices. Our residential design and compassionate care has been carefully planned to meet the preferences of seniors.