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Customer Reviews

Be very Aware...don't get Bamboozled by Introduction and Leaflet!

The original founder of Abbeyfield certainly had magnanimous prospects when he started this organization; however, I suspect his mission and vision have become so diluted and off track over the years and this location in Victoria, serves as a warning!

The Victoria St. Peter's Abbeyfield goes to great length to give the impression that they are caring, loving and thoughtful: nothing could be further from the truth.

The atmosphere in the Victoria location is wrought with suspicion and invasiveness by the housing coordinator and the cook.
The residents are constantly scrutinized and hovered over (not in a good way) and there is just an overall nasty atmosphere in this location.

The housing coordinator has no boundaries and freely enters your private suite (she has no business entering to 'check' on things). These suites are governed by a landlord/tenant relationship and the 'landlord' far oversteps their authority.
Further, the cook is extremely bossy and un-nerving with her demeanour. She has no problem lashing out at residents. After checking her online profile, I was sickened to see that she had a suspicious history (and her husband) of scamming people.

Within the house itself, there are several snotty notes posted telling you what to do and not to do...just plain nasty.

The staff and board of this Victoria Abbeyfield far exceed their authority which is also evidenced by their 'welcome booklet' is essentially a booklet of rules and there are several of them...however, the rules implemented by the board contravene human rights legislation, the Canadian Charter of Rights, the Housing Act and probably other legislation.

The positives of this Abbeyfield relatively good food and clean premises and a good location within Victoria.

However, there are far too many negatives to consider this independent living a home.