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Home Care in Summerville, SC

According to studies, the fastest growing demographic in the United States is associated with the 70 and older age range. This is cause for celebration, of course, since this indicates that people are living longer these days. Yet it is also a metric that underscores just how important the concept of home care will become in the upcoming years. Currently, it's a somewhat common practice; studies show that approximately 12 million individuals across the country are receiving some form of home care. And with the rise in the population's age, it stands to reason that the number of families that need to decide on seeking some sort of daily aid for their senior-aged loved one will also likely increase. It also stands to reason to assume there will be a rise in the number of well-meaning families that might feel compelled to try to administer this care themselves, only to find out that doing so ends up being a huge stressor that can take its toll both mentally and physically. However, there is a silver lining to all this, as there is a wide array of home care options that are found within Summerville, South Carolina and they are fully capable of lessening this burden through their services.

Summerville in Brief

The Charleston suburb of Summerville is a place where people go to get healed, and that is not in the figurative sense. This city of some 43,000 residents began cultivating a reputation for being a place of healing shortly after it was settled in 1785 under the moniker Pineland Village. One of the main reasons it was developed in the first place was because Charleston residents needed a summertime retreat from seasonal insects as well as seasonal ailments such as swamp fever.

It is certainly a prime location for people to be healed. The city's topography is a dry and sandy locale; when its large proliferation of pine trees is taken into consideration, it creates a landscape where it is easier to breathe. And trees have always been a big part of Summerville's personality, to the point where you could make a case that the city was environmentally conscious before the concept of environmental consciousness existed. When the city incorporated in 1847, it passed a law that prohibited people from cutting down trees of specific sizes.

Today, there are still an abundance of trees to be enjoyed by Summerville residents, which of course provides the city with a lovely aesthetic. There is also a lot of cost-effectiveness to be had here, as well. The city boasts a cost of living that is considered substantially lower when compared to the national average. This could be particularly noteworthy to those that are looking for a city that will allow them to enjoy more bang for their buck compared to other cities.

Home Care in Summerville

In a nutshell, home care, also known as in-home care or home health care, is best described as care that is provided to a senior by a professional caregiver within the confines of a golden ager's own residence. This level of aid is typically linked to helping seniors with ADLs, also known as activities of daily living. Some of these vital functions include getting dressed, helping them eat, helping them walk, or taking a bath. They also include aiding in tasks that aren't as physical, but are essential for proper daily independent living. These tasks could include house cleaning, picking up groceries, paying bills, or cooking meals. Ultimately, these functions serve to allow golden agers to receive the type of special care that would otherwise be provided in a senior living community. However, because the services are administered within the confines of the senior's own home, the senior living community would not be part of the caregiving equation.

Safe Living in Summerville

It is completely understandable that a senior that needs assistance in day-to-day living would want to remain as independent he or she possibly could, even if this form of independence simply means that he or she can remain at home to receive the care. This is exactly why the home care services in Summerville are so important. Because all of the care that is administered happens to take place in the golden ager's home instead of at a group facility, the care that is given can ultimately be accompanied by a level of comfort. It can also give their loved ones a special kind of peace; one that is equally vital to these types of situations.