BrightStar of Charleston - Charleston, SC

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Customer Reviews

I thin it's too early to tell

We've been using BrightStar for about three weeks now and so far things are going great. Mom has really adjusted to having her aid here and it gives me a break! Mom and her aid are really developing a great relationship and she has got Mom to do things I could never get her to do. One thing that was a bit concerning is after signing the papers and confirming that we're ready to start services I never heard from the agency. I had to contact them to figure out what's next. They did do a great job finding the perfect match for Mom and I'm hoping that with time it continues to go well!

Very Positive Experience

I would say that overall the experience has been very positive. I was hoping that they would have more experience with Alzheimer's, but there has not been a lot of success. I realize that might not be entirely their fault, but I just had the impression they would be a little more experienced.