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In-Home Care near New Orleans, LA

Studies have shown that the fastest growing chunk of the United States population is the 70 and older age bracket. While this metric is a cause for celebration, since it means that the average person is living longer, it also means that the demand for individuals to receive home care will also experience an increase. Currently, the concept of home care is a pretty rock solid one in its own right. Some 12 million individuals are receiving some form of home care for reasons varying from long-term conditions to terminal illnesses. And as this particular number increases, so will the need for families to find high-quality, fully accredited care to be on hand to provide aid and assistance for their golden aged love ones. Fortunately, there are a lot of such home care services in New Orleans, Louisiana, readily able to meet the needs of golden agers even as their numbers increase.

A Look Around New Orleans

To a lot of people, the name New Orleans is synonymous with American revelry, and rightfully so. After all, the Big Easy does throw the biggest Mardi Gras party in the country, and the good-time fun that derives from that event permeates through the rest of the year. However, New Orleans is also a name that is synonymous with communal resiliency. This city of about 343,000 has made a recovery from the horrors of Hurricane Katrina and has resumed its rightful place as a thriving cosmopolitan city; a cultural melting pot whose ambiance and aesthetic simply cannot be duplicated.

Of course, New Orleans' economic backbone has long been the travel and tourism industry, as people descend upon the town throughout the year to indulge in Mardis Gras and other decadent delights that the city has to offer. But the reason why New Orleans is such a premier tourist spot is not just found at the bottom of a glass. The city has one of the most intriguing patchworks of culture in the country, and its blend of Spanish, Creole, French, and Caribbean influences has wielded its influence on some of the city's most fascinating cultural, artistic, and historic points of interest. That being said, the fact that New Orleans is situated on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River makes the city one of the country's most vital ports, which in turn makes it a crucial commercial hub.

Other aspects of NOLA's geography and topography play into the city's overall appeal. Perhaps the most unique geographic element behind the city is that half of it is technically below sea level. This results in the city being roughly one to two feet below sea level, essentially because the city is built on thousands of feet of silt. The need to compensate for this quirk has resulted in some of the more unique sights within the city, such as the abundance of above-ground cemeteries that are found throughout the city.

And while New Orleans' party scene tends to steal most of the headlines, it should be noted that the good chunk of the city's non-tourist-based economy is driven by the health and health services industry. This could be considered tremendous news for the families of golden agers, as this means that moving here will come with the assurance any health-related care that they will receive will be top notch.

New Orleans Home Care at a Glance

Home care, also known as home health care or in-home care, is basically defined as care provided to a senior by a professional caregiver within the golden ager's own home. There are essentially two components to the role of the caregiver. The first part is to give aid to the senior for various activities of daily living. These activities include getting dressed, taking a bath, eating, or walking. The second part is to provide aid regarding several tasks that aren't physical in nature, but are needed for day to day living. Some of these functions include housecleaning, buying groceries, and cooking meals. These two components ultimately combine to give golden agers with a means to retain a certain measure of independent living; one that may not be as readily achieved within a senior living community.

Living a Nice Life in New Orleans

It is never an easy decision to decide on home care for a golden aged loved one. Yet for family members that must make the decision, they can take comfort in knowing that there are plenty of home care options in New Orleans to consider. And while these options go about their business differently, they all strive to provide the best kind in-home care that they possibly can.