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Customer Reviews

Reliability Needs to Improve

We've used this company's services since 2008. In general, they try to match personnel with the consumer's needs. High turnover seems to be an ongoing plague in the caregiver industry and First Name Basis has suffered from it. My biggest complaint is that they have a terrible time finding substitute caregivers when someone who is scheduled calls in the day before or the day of their scheduled service. About once a month, my elderly parents are stranded for a day (or two!) without help. When one person is 90 and the other is in their eighties, with Alzheimer's, lost days matter. The company is sincerely apologetic, but the issue remains.

We have had no issues with them.

We have had no issues with them. The information they sent us has been helpful. I would give them a four at this point.

The service was good.

The service was good. The people were well qualified. They were reliable, and the billing went smoothly. Even in the event of a very uncooperative person, they were wonderful.

Quality Above The Rest

The workers for A First Name Basis were very accommodating to my always changing needs and I also found that the aides were at a quality above of what I had already experienced previously with another similar organization


They have been exceptional. Any time there has been any issues with them being on time they are very good at communicating it. They have done an excellent job providing great service. I'd highly recommend A First Name Basis.

My elderly mother broke her knee cap in half and required surgery. Afterward, she had to use a wheelchair and walker to get around while supervised by me. I didn't have any help and after nine days of this I needed a break so I called "A First Name Basis" and hired a sitter.

That sitter was over an hour late. AN HOUR! Meanwhile, I had an appointment and had to leave the house. So I was making frantic phone calls and all anyone would say was "there was a miscommunication." That's it. They never got any more specific than that when I demanded an explanation.

When I called after my appointment and asked the sitter why she was late, SHE GAVE ME ATTITUDE! She said the company misinformed her of the address or didn't inform her of the address at all. And she said, "Why? Is there a problem here?" in a very confrontational tone. Unbelievable!

"The trusted face of in-home care?" I think not.

They have done pretty good, and are pretty reliable.

Some of the caregivers were real good, but one was not. I asked not to send her again, they were very accommodating about that. She was more of a babysitter, than a caregiver. It's usually someone different which works for me, I use them just for a break, from time to time, so our needs our not consistent. They are pretty reliable about providing someone when I need someone, though they can be late on occasion, but I am okay with that too, it's never very late, maybe fifteen minutes.


They are very friendly and very helpful. They are invaluable, they responded and responded very quickly. They seem to have a large number of people available and they have a wide service area as well.

The food is fine.

The food is fine. There is a pool. There is a patio. There is a gym that’s close. The staff are dependable and friendly. I live here and I’m pretty happy with it. The community is clean and I think it’s a good value.

Caregivers don't have memory care experience

We have two different people so I feel like I have to seperate them. We have one person who seems to be absolutely perfect and interested in helping my father, the other person seems to just be putting in the hours, they're not doing anything wrong, they just not trying to get my father to open up.
I would say we were misled a little bit by them saying their people have experience working with alzheimers/dementia patients but that does not seem to be the case. One of the caregivers told me he's never had any experience. I don't think it's affecting the care in a negative way, we were just told that they had experience.
One caregiver tries to keep my father engaged and tries to correct some of his problems, the other one is just in the general vicinity of my father but they both drive him and look out for him.
They have told us that they don't have any other caregivers right now which I find a little strange, like, why wouldn't they have more people?

From the Provider

If your home-care company does not guarantee your satisfaction, why are you settling? When you call us, you speak to our owner. Who do you get when you call those "other" companies?

A First Name Basis

Maintaining your quality of life is important to you, so why not partner with Louisiana's finest and friendliest provider? A First Name Basis is re-creating how we approach in-home, non-medical assistance and is working to ensure you remain independent in your home. In addition, we ensure your satisfaction with our “Live Smart” Guarantee!

We are the only provider in Louisiana who understands the complete needs of our clients. Why work with a company who answers to someone half a world away? You know us, and we know your needs.