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Julia Healthcare Center - Mountain View, CA

Sierra Vista Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043

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Amberwood Gardens - San Jose, CA

1601 Petersen Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Sequoias - Portola Valley, CA

501 Portola Rd, Portola Valley, CA 94028

Washington Center - San Leandro, CA

14766 Washington Ave, San Leandro, CA 94578
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Nursing Home Care in Mountain View, CA

Getting into a situation in which round-the-clock physical therapy or rehabilitation is needed for a senior in the wake of an injury or surgical procedure can be a difficult thing for a golden ager to deal with. This situation can also be equally difficult for the families of golden agers, as they may be faced with some very tough decisions relating to this type of care, particularly if it is brought about by the onset of a sudden health issue such as a stroke. Yet those that live in Mountain View, California can breathe a little easier if faced with these situations, because there is a wide array of nursing care home facilities that are located within the city's borders. These fully accredited facilities are not the stereotypical venues that are filled with elderly types doing nothing more than playing cards and watching TV. Rather, these are dynamic venues that are staffed with highly trained, fully skilled medical professionals that work with golden agers to get them fully rehabilitated in a way that protects their overall health, so that they may be able to get back on their feet and resume their normal day to day living.

A Look at Mountain View

Mountain View is a suburb of the future, and that is not exaggeration. Some of the most vital members of Northern California's famed Silicon Valley are located within the borders of this city of some 74,000 residents. Google's world headquarters can be found here, as can Symantec, Mozilla Foundation, and Intuit. Yet as impressive as this roster of high-tech stars is, being a leader in state-of-the-art technology is far from the lone thing that makes this city so terrific.

For example, Mountain View is a rather gorgeous town. Like the name may suggest, residents here have the chance to indulge in some rather impressive views of the mountains - the Santa Cruz Mountain range, to be precise. The city is also on the San Francisco Bay's southern end, which gives the city a nice bit of maritime-based allure.

The ideal nature of Mountain View's geographic positioning is not only contained to a visual aesthetic, either. The city is located between two of the Golden State's most vital big cities; San Jose is approximately 13 miles away, and San Francisco is about 38 miles away. Plus, both metropolises are relatively easy to get to, since both of them are linked to the city via the area's famed Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART, system.

Mountain View's position along San Francisco Bay has also enabled it to experience a terrific year-round weather pattern that is very similar to what may be found around the Mediterranean Sea. This pattern, which is marked by warm summers and mild winters, could be rather appealing to those that want to find a place that would be an antidote to a city with harsh winter conditions.

Although the high-tech industry is obviously the major player along Mountain View's economic landscape, the city's past incarnation as a key stagecoach depot is still felt. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that the city's entertainment areas are compact and pedestrian friendly, just like it was in the days before cars.

The Importance of Mountain View's Nursing Home Care Scene

Nursing home care represents the highest level of care that a senior can receive without hospitalization. Also called skilled nursing, this service is responsible for administering two different levels of care. The first level is connected to short-term care for seniors that are in need of recovery and rehabilitation from and injury or surgery. Through physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation, these places all strive to bring about a sense of healing to seniors at a pace that safeguards their overall health, so that they may be able to return to their everyday life properly. The second level is to administer long-term care for seniors that have extreme difficulty in completing activities for daily living, such as bathing or dressing. And while these two levels are very different from each other, they are joined by the facilities' desire to provide the best possible environment for seniors, regardless of their situation.

Living Nicely in Mountain View

The process of recovering from an injury or an ailment can be something that's rather tough to do. This is why the nursing home care facilities in Mountain View are as critical as they are. Because they have the ability to guide seniors through the process of recovery and recuperation in a properly paced manner, golden agers can take comfort in knowing that they do not have to embark on the arduous road to recovery on their own.