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Customer Reviews

Filthy apartment/bad management

This apartment management is appalling. I am a new tenant and was moved into an apartment that is filthy. The carpet has burn marks and stains, the apartment smell. The previous tenant was not clean and at times had trash with maggot's. The other tenants told me he was a heavy smoker. The manager, [name removed] told me that they were not going to replace the carpet. She had the carpet cleaner clean it and he told me this was his 3rd attempt to clean it and that he advised [name removed] to have it replaced as the stain and smell won't come out not to mention the extensive burn holes. The apartment was not painted so the walls are yellow from cigarette smoke. The apartment had cigarette buts in the bedroom window sill and a smoke stain on the screen. The bathroom tub is peeling and has scum in it. I was promised it would be reglazed but in the meantime I can't shower without crouching because I am waiting (2weekd now) for the promised repair. The porch sliding door does not close, I'm still waiting!! WHY DID I NOT GET AN APARTMENT WITH NEW CARPETS, FRESH PAINT AND CLEAN.

Dirty Complex

This is a horrible place to live as the property is always filthy with drunks, illegal drug use and sale and rude [Removed] maintenance personnel, etc.. Recently, a new owner called [removed] that uses the [Removed] officially took over the property from [Removed] on September 15 or September 16, 2016. [Removed] made no improvements and were a terrible management group. William Tell Apartments at [Removed] in Denver Colorado, 80218 has a filthy dirty algae heating/cooling system that is a faulty old system that never works properly. Residents have no control over the heating system that is turned on by the Management in October of every year and not turned off until the middle or end of MAY every year even on 80 degree days. The management adheres to the wishes of 10 residents here that wear overcoats outside in 95 degree weather and want the heat on 365 days a year. There are 81 apartments here and the MAJORITY of us here get overheated with excessive heat up to 89 degrees even with the heat off in our apartments. Even though my heat registers have remained in the OFF POSITION on for the almost 9 and a half years I have lived here my apt registers 89 degrees as the piping in the wall governs the heat in all the apartments. I am a 63 year old lady with severe asthma requiring the use of an inhaler every 4 to 6 hours, arthritis and back pain and cannot be overheated so I had to purchase my own portable AC unit, 3 evaporative coolers and several fans on a limited disabled persons budget. The new [Removed] is no better than [Removed] only putting notices in the elevators and in the common downstairs area refusing to put notices on every tenants door about upcoming maintenance issues, etc. Many disabled people here do not leave their apartments for days and have no way to be aware of posted notices as tenants do not live in the elevators or common downstairs area. Every tenant lives in their own apartment. The [Removed] that came uninvited with no forewarning was extremely mean, hateful and rude although he did knock before I finally let him in. He was so mean-spirited. I have reported the garbage chute on my floor 6 times that now remains permanently opened and will not close as a drunk on this floor broke the lever to no avail as the [Removed] just ignores the situation. The open garbage chute stinks up the entire floor letting in insects. I will say that the young lady who is the temporary William Tell Apartments Manager is a nice professional person who is here on the property from 8a-5p M-F and does properly communicate with residents here in a professional nice manner. I do not blame the current problems on this temporary manager who just follows instructions from the main [Removed] Manager. This property has always been filthy. There was an arson fire in December of 2008 on the 6th floor that was the result of a drug deal gone bad and the tenant whose apartment was targeted as well as 2 other tenants on other floors (all drug dealers and users) were eventually evicted. Many on the 6th floor had to be rescued from balconies and given oxygen. It was horrible as if this had happened late a night instead of 4:40p many could have been killed. However, there are now new drug dealers on our property to take their place. There are no security measures at William Tell Apartments to date as I write this review on Wednesday October 26, 2016. So if you use and sell illegal drugs, destroy property, cause disturbances day and night and like an 89 degree apartment from October to May of every year and rude maintenance and a Management Group and Owners that do not care, please come as the owners and management will welcome you here.