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The sad downfall of Westmoreland Manor

This place used to be one of the best homes in the state. I can't believe it still open. My mother had been a resident at Westmoreland Manor for five years. She recently passed away, which is why I'm writing this review. We were in the process of finding a new place for her. Five years ago we absolutely adored the Manor. From top management to the janitorial staff, everyone was kind, conscientious, and caring. But something went horribly wrong along the way, starting with the hiring of a new administrator in 2014. After this, most of the staff made this place so special either quit or retired. As a long time RN, I never saw a medical facility deteriorate so quickly. Those who retired or quit were replaced by some of the most incompetent and uncaring people I have ever encountered. Even the recent hiring of a new administrator has yet to even change even the smallest problem. Elevators don't work and the new administrator thought it would be a great idea shut down and repair another elevator before another one was fixed. I brought this to his attention twice. The first time he gave me the standard lip service. The second time he wouldn't even return my call, even when I told him my elderly aunt got lost looking for an elevator. The nursing staff seems more concerned with gossiping and "writing up" each other than with providing care. Staff are constantly on their cell phones. The nurses even have their cell phones on their medicine carts. I have on overheard very disturbing conversations in the elevators. Staff refer to the dementia units as "crazy town" and openly discuss protected medical information in a public setting. In the course of the two-minute elevator ride, I heard all the gory details resident's recent incontinent episode, including the name of the resident. I also heard staff referring to bariatric residents as "disgusting" and they refer to each other the nastiest way, using lots of profanity. I brought this to the attention of the director of nursing, and it was as if she didn't believe me. I was branded a troublemaker and more often than not, my concerns were met with skepticism, insincerity, and sarcastic eye rolling. The place is filthy. Your feet stick to the floor in resident rooms. Laundry bins are overflowing with smelly, soiled linen. Dead stinkbugs are stuck in the florescent lighting. I've seen pieces of garbage on the floor and when I returned two days later, the trash was still there. I have constantly seen nurse aides wheel residents out of the common bathroom wearing gloves that they have changed the residents with. There is a constant stench of feces. The Manor also permits its employees to smoke. So many times my mother was cared for by people smelling of cigarette smoke and strong cologne used to mask the smell of smoke. It was even very difficult to take my mother to the beauty shop because of the heavy smoke from the employee smoking area near the beauty shop. Staff should not be allowed to smoke within a certain radius of the building. The parking lot is littered with cigarette butts. The activities are absolutely terrible, especially with the new activity director. She has to be one of the most miserable people I've ever encountered. So many times I have taken off work in order to be able to participate in specific activities with my late mother. Since the new activity director over, the activities on the calendar are constantly changing. Residents expect certain things at certain times and are bitterly disappointed when these things, such as bingo, are canceled or changed. Bingo was canceled to accommodate friends of the recreation director so they could earn community service credits because they could not make it on the date it was originally scheduled. The director has even taken it upon herself to decide who the residents can see and and who they can't see, and when they can eat. And when people question her and her tactics, they paid the ultimate price. Furthermore, this lady isn't even qualified for the position. Most of her staff are nasty as well. But since she is best friends with the HR director, she is protected. When these terrible managers are reported, management closes ranks and protects them. There's so much negativity. People there are hateful. No one seems to have the residents best interest in mind. They are more interested in addressing petty incidences and persecuting those who don't fit in. It breaks my heart to have to write a review like this. but the public needs to know what's going on there. My mother passed away in the hospital. I'm glad she didn't have to die the Manor. Several years ago, my father lived out his final years at the Manor. He was treated with the utmost dignity, compassion, and respect. Sadly, those days are long gone. I believe the new administrator is going to be as bad as the one before him. I would strongly discourage anyone from taking their loved ones there. I hope they can find a way to turn around, but with the present administration I doubt that.

Not impressed

My loved one stayed at this community, and we did not have a positive experience. The care wasn't what he was needing, and was very hands off and impersonal. There weren't many activities, and the facility was big enough that he had trouble finding the rooms where they were taking place. He really was not happy here.

Great temporary rehab care

She was here for several months, cleanliness there was good, I don't think my mom or we had any complaints at all. My mother liked it, even though her first experience when she got there was on a floor called a lock down floor and that terrified her, the whole floor was dementia and alzheimers and it wasn't the right place for her but it was the only bed they had. Luckily she was only there a couple of hours and they were able to move people around and they took great care of her there. I wasn't inspecting it as something she would be at long term because we knew it was temporary once she got the rehab she needed.