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Very Unprofessional


I was moving my Love one closer to my other relatives so that they could get a chance to see her I was interested in the Life Care Center but they sent me out to the Westchester House. On [date removed]. the Admission accept my love one show me her room had me talk with the Business Officer I was informed how much I had to pay on that day I was moving my Love one in.
I went to pack up my love ones items since they would be picking her up at 3:30pm from the Nursing Home she had been staying in. I received a call from the Westchester Sdmission Representative staying. I was informed that it was brought to our Medical Director that you always report the Nursing Home to their Cotporate office and State. Exactly was is it that you looking for we not perfect out here. We talked and she finally calmed down and lastly she informed me that I would need to bring the payment before they pick up my Love one from the Nirsonh home she was leaving. We were on the highway and the Sdmissiom Tepresentative called again and stated unfortunately with the new update informed until further notice we have to put transportation on hold. I asked what are you hearing that’s upsetting you and making you change your mind She told me she couldn’t disclose the information and for me to ask the Socialworker at the place my love one was leaving and she hung up the phone.

I got a call later from the Socialworker staying that The Westchester Administrator called her asking why I report to Cotporste all the time and I told her to ask you.

At the end the Admission Teptesentative informed me that they couldn’t take in my love one.

Now if this isn’t the most trifling way of taking care of business, very unprofessional appeared that maybe you have something to hide. I later looked and saw the person hasn’t had any inspection since 2016 and the staff and medical care was a (3)?

This was horrible I was upset that my love one was turned down after getting accepted because they didn’t want to take any chances of getting reported but I look at it I was about to make the best mistake ever.

My advice to you is don’t go taking your love one to the Westchester House they not what they claim to be.

This is a facility that works with Medicaid.

This is a facility that works with Medicaid. It's a little more like a nursing home, and isn't as homey as the community we are coming from. The staff are pleasant, we see them socializing with the residents. It's very clean, but not as beautiful as some. It is very well organized. The memory care is not as separated and secured as some of them are.