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Customer Reviews

poor medical care

My MIL was in this facility for a month after a hip fracture. The personnel is very nice for the most part, but are overworked and understaffed and do not have the time needed to care for residents appropriately. It is a nice, relatively new, clean facility, with private rooms. From the day we arrived until the day we left, there were lights in the room that did not work and the window shade was broken. The food is horrible. We were told when she checked in that if she didn't like what was on the menu for a meal that she could request something different, but this was never done. No one discussed the menu with her (or us) and whether she wanted to choose something from the alternate menu. There were activities on the schedule but unless family was there to take her she didn't have a way to get there (with the exception of one day when she went to bingo). Worst of all, she had very poor medical care there, with recurring infections in her hip incision and other issues which were neglected by the medical staff. She finally had to be re-admitted to the hospital for a week and is now in a different facility which is as different as day and night from Transitional Care. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Great place to go if you need therapy

I was in Transitional Care for 7 days. I Don't have one complaint. The caretakers were wonderful and right there when I needed them. So grateful for their care.

West Tennessee Transitional Care

My Mother was a inmate in 2016. I can attest to the negative reviews! The only bright spot was the physical therapy. She had very dry eyes and I provided the drops her eye doctor recommended yet they always had an excuse for not using them. She ended up with a scratched cornea and lost the sight in her left eye.


To the individual with headline, "I wouldn't feed food to my dog." When a nurse states, "I have to ask the doctor, that is not a cop-out. A nurse cannot give medical diagnosis without a doctor validation and cannot prescribe any type of medication without doctor approval either... I take it you have never worked in the medical field, but when a nurse makes the statement, "I have to ask the doctor." We really do have to ask the doctor.

Wouldn't send my dog here

My relative was just released from this facility. When this place opened, I gave it five stars. Today, I would give it zero, but one is the lowest. Staff has been cut from its initial opening and the food, which was once stellar, is atrocious. I wouldn't feed it to a dog and most dogs wouldn't eat it. NEVER any fresh fruit.

Evidently, there has been a major change of staff from the top down. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. There is a constant mix-up, or lack of medications, for the patient. If the nurses are questioned, their stock answer is "we have to ask the doctor." Nobody claims responsibility or can make a decision "without asking a doctor." That is a cop-out answer.

When my relative went home, the staff was supposed to call in or give a written prescription to the pharmacy for an antibiotic. That never happened. Imagine that. What incompetency. Now there is still an infection going without medication management. They also gave one medication that the relative was not supposed to be taking.

This facility is a Medicare and Tricare Money Machine and it shows. Only plus side is the Physical Therapy Department. They seem to genuinely care about the patients, but sometimes they don't show up for your treatment after promising to be back in 30 minutes or an hour. Generally, they are all good folks and are working as contractors for a different unrelated company and not under the umbrella of West TN Transitional.

5 stars in Health care.

My mother in law was there and the staff was great, she got wonderful therapy above what she gets now in a nursing and rehab center. Unfortunately, her progression did not meet what her insurance was willing to continue paying and she had to be transferred to a long term care facility. She was very happy with her stay there and enjoyed the meals, the caring staff and her physical therapy. We never had any issues that arose to give us negative feelings about this facility, we wish her insurance would have continued to pay to keep her there.

Avoid West TN Transitional Care if At All Possible

Poor care. Lack of compassion. Lazy Staff. Inaccurate records. Bad attitudes. When doctors were paged by staff, calls were never returned. They consistently improperly dressed a severe wound caused by staff at Jackson Madison County General Hospital. Not properly stocked, no cups, no tissues, no coban. Food looked completely unappetizing and was luke warm at best. We finally brought in meals to ensure my dad was getting proper nutrution. It took 1-3 hours to get anything extra requested such as cough medicine. Waste cans weren't emptied for at least 2 days. Nice sheets on the bed the day you arrived to give you a great impression. By day two, there were typical hospital sheets. Didn't follow their own rules such as weighing patient 3 times per week. He was weighed once upon entry and once 10 days later. Records were inaccurate including no blood pressure recorded the first 4 days and having inaccurate insurance info recorded. After 8 days of problems (shouldn't have waited that long), I went to the Director of Nursing to complain. While she appeared compassionate, things she told me she would do such as personally check my dad's arm wound, she never did. She admitted that she had staffing problems including poor attitudes. The one area that was good was the physical therapy. We experienced good staff in PT and they appeared to be knowledgable and spent time with us when we had questions. A few of the aides were also personable and helpful. On a scale of 1-10. I would give this place a 2 and I would take my loved one to another facility (probably not in Jackson) before going back to WTTC. I always felt that I was infringing on their time when I asked a question or presented a need. I felt that we were a burden (for which we were paying for). The new facility is very deceiving. I have more but will stop at this point.