Vistamere Retirement Residence - Oakville, ON

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Customer Reviews

This would be my first choice for my loved ones to live in. The suites are bright and spacious. The facility is spotless clean and the core staff has worked there for many years.

I am 95 years young and have lived at Vistamere for 7 yrs. I love the food, so fresh and so much variety. But, my favorite part about living here is the atmosphere. I can have intelligent conversations with other residents and the staff made it feel like home from the day I moved in.

not satisfied

Vistamere is the last place you want to be. Management cares about pay cheques. They don't care about you. Fake niceness. Meals are the same every week, suspend activities if gardens need to be attended to. Not updated on their wiring. GFI outlets are non existence in the kitchenettes, they say we don't need them, never had an accident before in over 20 years. I guess they need an accident in order to update. If you question anything they tell you that you can move out. They say on their website they will help you out of bed if you need it. Not true. Not enough staffing to do that. They don't want to be burdened with you which is why they moved the pool table upstairs to a small room so residents stay in their room and not the common area. TV in common area cannot be played, they only allow a tv in 'basement" to be used for spots/movies. Again keep you out of sight.

John Pennington

Local Representative

At Vistamere, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of healthy meals on a five-week rotation, with additional seasonal adjustments as appropriate. We have a lovely enclosed courtyard with many flowering annuals planted each spring, which sometimes does mean that during planting and pruning periods, resident access is slightly restricted (in the courtyard only), but only for very short periods. Our building is always maintained to all building, electrical, health and fire codes at all times. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure environment for our residents. Regarding your concerns about the location of our pool table and televisions for resident use, we provide a variety of entertainment options which our residents are quite happy and willing to make use of.

We are happy to have your parents as residents. Your comments come as a surprise, because your parents have let our staff and management know that they are happy to be here. In fact, as an example, I’ve seen the video taken in September of your parents dancing and enjoying themselves at our regular monthly resident party.

At Vistamere, we have been in business in Oakville for over 31 years, and we are very proud of the services we offer our residents. We are always happy to meet with you personally to hear any concerns you may have regarding Vistamere and we do our best to address them.