Villa Maria Care Center - Tucson, AZ

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Customer Reviews

Everything was falling apart

When I first toured this facility the first thing you notice is that it’s really old and it’s in the process of being upgraded. They upgrade the rooms as the residents leave. It seemed as if everything was falling apart though. The AC wasn’t the best and could have used a big upgrade. The sliding doors that allow you to go into the courtyard from your room never locked at all and posed as a big safety risk. The facility had a large turnover rate. The staff was nice and I know they tried. But, there were also a few bad apples. The staff never came in and checked in on my mom unless I told them to or for medication time. That’s the other big problem I had. They would bring my mom her meds in a small plastic cup, set them down next to her, and walk away. I would come in 2 hours later and they would still be there. My mom is on a medication that is a strict 12 hour medication. It’s very [Removed] if it isn’t administered on time. This played a big factor on why I wanted to move her. When it came to cleaning, they cleaned her shower 1 time a week and they never changed her bed linen. I had to do her laundry myself! It was a mess there and very depressing. The food was awful and my mom never ate any of it. I had to buy her groceries so she could at least eat something. I mean, it could have been worse but it was just so depressing and I could see my mom slowly shutting off. The other residents there were mostly checked out as well. I even got depressed going there. It was decent in the beginning but, I couldn’t leave her there. I would not recommend this facility.